VT-GOV Democratic recount finally resolved…

    …after two weeks. It’s hard to tell whether the general lack of energy involved was from civility or ennui: Republican Lt. Governor Brian Dubie was polling at over 50% for most of the candidates, and polls at 55%/36% against eventual nominee Peter Shumlin.  Don’t expect a lot more polling of this race, by the way: as near as I can tell, its Toss-Up status among | Read More »

    Meet Daniel Webster (R CAND, FL-08).

    Daniel Webster is the candidate that finally got chosen to be the instrument by which we propel Alan Grayson to a fun new career as a bitter MSNBC analyst. We talked this afternoon, and I manfully avoided referencing either Stephen Vincent Benet or Charlie Daniels: Daniel’s site is here. Moe Lane Crossposted to Moe Lane.

    Meet Paul LePage (R CAND, ME-GOV).

    Paul is the Republican candidate for Maine’s gubernatorial race – and the one holding onto a honest-to-God lead there right now. We had a talk on why he’s running, and what he wants to do as Governor: Paul’s website is here. Moe Lane Crossposted to Moe Lane.

    Diane Denish (D CAND, NM-GOV) smeared by own attack ad?

    The very short version: the NEA put up an attack ad for Denish and against frontrunner Susana Martinez that featured a teacher who proceeded to badmouth Martinez’s education strategy. The only problem? Martinez happens to have been the prosecutor who put said teacher’s husband away for 23 years for kidnapping – something that was not exactly brought up in the first campaign ad, and which | Read More »

    Elizabeth Warren will rise from the sea to destroy us all!

    Last month I implied that one of the signs of DOOM in November would be an increased number of convoluted theories about how to ensure Democratic dominance. Ben Domenech over at The New Ledger has links to the latest one, which is apparently resting on the core assumption that two years of Democratic disillusionment with an administration that is excellent at betrayal, yet incompetent at | Read More »

    The “You had to have been there” Thursday Open Thread.

    Hey, remember this? I still want this in black velvet: Although, these days, I figure that I could probably get the original cheap. Very, very cheap. Open thread.

    Boxer pot aide should have gone with different drug.

    You have probably read or heard by now that one of Senator Barbara Boxer’s used-to-be-senior-aides got busted for trying to bring pot into Capitol Hill.  I say ‘used-to-be’ because they fired him, of course: aside from the bad image generally, as the Politico article notes Sen. Boxer is currently being a War on Some Drugs warrior when it comes to pot legalization.  Now, I will | Read More »

    America and the Two Tables.

    I think that Marco Rubio will forgive me if I quote extensively from his testimonial to his late father. I realize everyday, and today more than ever, that every opportunity I have had is the result of the selfless decisions he made, even before I was born. We, his four children, were the purpose of his life. And our accomplishments were not just a source | Read More »

    Meet Eric Wargotz (R CAND, MD-SEN).

    Eric is one of the candidates running in next week’s primary: he’s the one who did the (accurate) Barbara Mikulski as ‘Political Insidersaurus’ campaign ad recently. We interviewed him yesterday on the primary and the race: Eric’s site is here, and his Political Insidersaurus site is here. Moe Lane Crossposted to Moe Lane.

    Democratic hypocrisy on Fannie Mae/Freddie Mac.

    This is a copy of a letter from 2004 House Democrats and sent to then-President George W Bush. In it, the signatories complained that the administration had taken a hard line with ‘housing-related government sponsored enterprises’ (GSEs) such as Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac by insisting on emphasizing fiscal prudence and responsible lending over increased affordable housing access. The relevant section? We have been concerned | Read More »

    I made a mistake in yesterday’s post on House races.

    When I went along with calling what the Democrats are doing in the House ‘triage.’ Triage implies a situation where an overwhelming number of people have been injured and absolutely must be sorted out by severity of injury, in order to save as many as possible.  What we have here instead is a situation where “sick” individuals are being sorted out not by the severity | Read More »

    Welcome to the 2010 Election campaign cycle!

    Yes, everything that has happened up to this point has been the overture, prologue, or whatever other metaphor is most suitable for the reader. This is the time when the rest of the people who will be voting in the midterms will start looking around and paying attention to everything that’s going around them. Which is, of course, their privilege; besides, there’s probably less of | Read More »

    Introducing Concord Project.

    It’s a website dedicated to promoting grassroots GOTV for the Right, on a practical level: how to do it, how not to do it (particularly if you’re an employer), advice on why you need to do unglamorous, tedious and non-sexy tasks like walking the district to recruit voters and donors… things like that. Of particular interest to conservatives is the emphasis on precinct committeemen (which | Read More »

    The ‘Democrats ready for 2010′ myth, exploded.

    This New York Times article was probably not meant to give the game away, but many things are done these days that have had results that were not actually meant.  It was probably not the author’s intent to subvert the obligatory optimism of the article with such a stark headline, either.  Here’s the mistake, in a nutshell: while the title (“Democrats Plan Political Triage to | Read More »


    John Spratt (D, SC-05) and his American Taliban.

    It sounds like that book will get at least one South Carolinian purchaser: Spratt’s campaign manager Wayne Wingate, who is completely behind the idea that Osama bin Laden would receive widespread support from Republicans in SC-05.  An opinion that Spratt apparently shares, given that he didn’t immediately turn on Wingate and lay him out on the ground for saying filthy trash like that about Spratt’s | Read More »