The lesson of Journolist*.

    Ace of AoSHQ notes something that I’ve noticed myself: You know, for the left’s constant blather about “The Other” (an idea with merit, I think), they sure the hell are oblivious to their constant Otherizing of others, aren’t they? You’d think that people who never shut the f[*]ck up about Otherizing the Otherish Others would once in a while realize, “Hey, you know what? I | Read More »

    Vilsack heading for the bus?

    While Ag Secretary Tom Vilsack starts up the job of pretending that it was all his fault that Shirley Sherrod got fired, the administration that actually canned the woman is beginning its own process.  This is how it starts, you know: There’s an arc to these things.  Next you hear about ‘every confidence in [X],’ then it’s ‘the President stands behind [X] 100%,’ then it’s | Read More »

    Meet Patrick Murray (R CAND, VA-08)

    Col. Murray is running against the infamous Jim Moran in VA-08, and he took a moment to speak with us today. He’s won his primary, so he’s the official Republican candidate in this district. He also didn’t try to get in my face once during the interview when I asked him a question… something that Moran hadn’t mastered as of this April. Patrick’s site is | Read More »

    Georgia Results open thread.

    Results here.


    Nobody loves Phil Hare (D, IL-17).

    I’d like to note for the record that RedState, like Jim Geraghty, was making encouraging sounds about the Bobby Schilling / Phil Hare race well before the recent (commissioned) poll that shows Schilling leading the incumbent 45/32.  Phil Hare, of course, is yet another Democrat who feels entitled to his seat, despite his lack of a knowledge of even the basics of American constitutional theory: | Read More »

    Unpacking the Berwick Surprise.

    [UPDATE]: Ben Domenech over at the New Ledger calls this a “formality.” Roll Call reports: President Barack Obama sent the Senate his nomination of Donald Berwick as administrator of the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services on Monday — a move that comes two weeks after Obama bypassed Congress to put his stalled nominee in the post until the end of 2011. Via Senatus: background | Read More »

    Meet Mike Griffing.

    So, remember this guy? As you recall, this guy was slapping at cameramen at a California Nurses Association (CNA) anti-Meg Whitman rally the other day.  At least, this guy was until he came to the belated realization that he was getting filmed by two different people. Well, it turns out that he’s not a nurse.  Or, at least, not just a nurse.  Say hi to | Read More »

    Stimulus not even filling potholes.

    If you’re like me and Ed Driscoll, you’re the sort who would think that if we were going to spend almost a trillion dollars that we don’t actually have on a ‘stimulus program’ then we’d at least spend it on infrastructure.  Well, more accurately, you’re sort who hopes that we’d spend it on infrastructure, because if you’re like me and Ed Driscoll you’d be well | Read More »

    SIGTARP auto report out.

    The short version?  Having the government do your restructuring for you isn’t necessarily the brightest thing in the world.  Particularly when there’s a variety of conflicting objectives.  At least, if what you’re trying to do is actually create a better version of your company; if your goal is to use government fiat to streamline the operations of your newly government-owned automobile manufacturer it apparently works | Read More »

    CNA goon assaults cameramen at anti-Whitman rally.

    Do you know me? I’m a member of the California Nurses’ Association.  Which is to say, a Brown supporter. I’m a member of the National Nurses Organizing Committee, too. And I like to hit people.  But it’s OK: I only like to hit Meg Whitman supporters.  You see, she’s a woman and a Republican, so she and they aren’t really human beings to me. H/T: | Read More »

    WH: Individual mandate now a tax.

    Democrats, administration apologists hardest hit. (H/T: Hot Air Headlines) If you are surprised at this… [deep breath] well. You should not be. When Congress required most Americans to obtain health insurance or pay a penalty, Democrats denied that they were creating a new tax. But in court, the Obama administration and its allies now defend the requirement as an exercise of the government’s “power to | Read More »

    Tell me again of this administration’s awesome message discipline.

    Joe Biden opens his mouth: “I don’t believe, the president doesn’t believe that the Tea Party is — is a racist organization.  I don’t believe that,” Biden said.  “Very conservative.  Very different views on government and a whole lot of things.  But it is not a racist organization.” (Via Outside the Beltway; H/t: Instapundit)  If this seems surprising, it shouldn’t be.  The NAACP has a | Read More »

    Speaking Truth to Power: Cedra Crenshaw vs. the Illinois Combine.

    Quick background: Cedra Crenshaw (website here) is a conservative Tea Party activist – and, not incidentally, one that NAACP President Ben Jealous would happily call a ‘race traitor,’ if it weren’t for the minor fact that not even the media would ignore that kind of hypocrisy – who is trying to stay on the ballot for Illinois state senator. Emphasis on ‘trying:’ she’s fighting having | Read More »

    Sen. Barbara Mikulski (D, MD) and the imaginary Berwick confirmation hearings.

    I may need to walk back on my scorn of Rep. Jackson-Lee’s praise of the non-existent relationship between the non-existent nations of North and South Vietnam. If this video below is any indication, then there’s a fairly nasty virus going around Capitol Hill that turns Democratic legislators into memory-impaired, babbling zombies. Yes, even worse than usual. Yes, you remember correctly: in point of fact Donald | Read More »

    Rasmussen: road to 51 no longer runs through CA/CT.

    People are paying a lot of attention to the House right now, but there’s something interesting going on in the Senate.  And in some ways it should worry the Democrats more. Let’s start by taking a look at Rasmussen’s state of the Senate races right now: U.S. Senate Snapshot: Held/Solid Democratic 48 Leans Democratic 1 Toss-Up 9 Leans Republican 3 Held/Solid Republican 39