What to do with one day to go.

    So.  The election’s tomorrow.  You’re going to vote, if you haven’t already; and you’ve helped out in your local state/district/county.  But you’ve maybe got a spare $20 or a couple of hours… and, honestly, nobody in your regular slate of candidates needs it.  Yes, of course, every little bit helps – but, honestly, they’re all fine.  Really.  You’d think that you can maybe splurge a | Read More »


    Your feel-good election post of the weekend.

    What a title: “Grim Democrats await huge House losses.”  Not nearly as much as we are, of course: but they’re frantically counting up their likely losses, and forecasting fifty to seventy (which means, obviously, that we need to increase that to seventy to ninety).  At this point, the consensus seems to be among a variety of remaining-nameless professional Democrats that everyone in the House within | Read More »


    Please watch this video.

    It’s from Americans for Prosperity, and it shows some of the signs at the Stewart/Colbert thing on Saturday. Please remember three things about these people: Not even close to all Democrats are twerps, but every single twerp in this video is a Democrat. Said twerps hate you, and want you to die in a fire. If you vote on Tuesday, they’ll hate you even | Read More »

    Boxer’s Indian casino ties.

    Oddly, the original story about Senator Barbara Boxer (D, CA), Boxer’s son, a regenerated Native American tribe, and a rapidly-looming San Franciscan casino seems to have disappeared from The Hill’s site, but a copy can be found here. It’s fascinating reading. The short version: back in the 1990s, Rep Lynn Woolsey introduced legislation that would reinstate an officially defunct Native American tribe (the Miwoks), with | Read More »


    A 30-second version of it, at least? The race is MN-04, Betty McCollum versus Teresa Collett, and Hot Air reports that the national committees have already pushed all of their chips into the center on other bets. No reserves left, because they were too starved of cash to have reserves in the first place. All of you know my opinion about that, but we’ll | Read More »

    Phil Hare (D, IL-17) lies about corn growers’ endorsement.

    You know, in some ways I’m going to miss this miserable ignoramus, once he’s gone: Phil Hare’s such a marvelous chew toy, and the ones that I had expected to be savaging this season were unexpectedly unsatisfying. Alan Grayson? Too slimy; I wanted to take a shower every time I saw him in the news. Carol Shea-Porter? The room-temperature IQ problem made it kind of | Read More »

    Cook’s DOOMList: 10/28/2010 edition.

    This may be the penultimate DOOMList from Cook with regard to the House: it’s the Friday before the election and there’s just not much time left for tracking the ongoing Democratic party’s synchronized mass career implosion.  Which is not to say that more extinction events won’t occur, but there’s a limit to how fast Cook can write them down. Candidate District Ranking Challenger Costa CA-20 | Read More »

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    New Alaska election write-in rules eliminate ‘Lisa M.’ gambit.

    The above quote comes from a colleague, upon hearing the news that a fairly successful ‘get your name on the write-in list’ registration drive was formed in response to the Alaskan Supreme Court’s decision to suddenly make write-in candidate lists available for voters.  You see, if you look at the old list you’ll see that there’s already a “Lisa M.” on there (Lisa M. Lackey); | Read More »

    Clinton tried to get Meek out of FL-SEN race.

    So, let’s sum up the White House’s thinking on how to salvage the Florida Senate race, five days before the election. They had a choice between: The guy who is a former state trooper, former state Democratic legislator, four-term Democratic Congressman, and the duly-chosen Democratic nominee for FL-SEN black; and The guy who is a long-term Republican legislator and current governor of Florida who has | Read More »

    Remember November: The Final Act.

    The last video in this series from the RGA, and it ends strong: Remember November: The Final Act from Republican Governors Association on Vimeo. …but there’s one thing that I want to push back on. I hear a lot of people talking about ‘taking America back;’ and that’s just plain wrong. I understand the sentiment, but it’s wrong. IT WAS NEVER THE DEMOCRATS’ TO TAKE | Read More »

    Chris Christie kills ARC Train project. Again.

    Hey, remember the ARC Train project? For those who don’t keep track of arcane New Jersey political footballs, the project was a long-proposed, long-delayed plan to build an underground light rail tunnel between Newark and NYC.  This project got rushed ahead by former Governor Jon Corzine – Excuse me for a moment: former Governor Jon Corzine.  That’s still a pleasure to type out. ..who needed | Read More »

    CNN calls Alex Sink (D CAND, FL-GOV) a liar.

    And no, it wasn’t Erick who did that. It was John King. Background: there was a debate on Monday night between Alex Sink and Republican Rick Scott. There had been an agreement beforehand that there would be no notes or outside help… and Sink promptly ignored said agreement by taking advice from a campaign staffer via cell phone.  The staffer has since been fired; and | Read More »

    MN Democratic party attacks Catholics to get to Protestant.

    The Protestant being Dan Hall, who is a candidate for Minnesota State Senate – and as far as I can tell, an Evangelical pastor.  Which is not the same as a Roman Catholic priest.  This is kind of important, as the Democratic-Farmer-Labor Party of Minnesota apparently thinks that all Christian clergy look alike to them.  The short version is that the below ad was mailed | Read More »

    Cook’s DOOMList: 10/26/2010.

    This week’s adjustment by Cook is not that extensive, but it’s a doozy: Incumbent Republican MA-06 John Tierney Bill Hudak NJ-06 Frank Pallone Anna Little NC-04 David Price BJ Lawson OH-10 Dennis Kuchinich Peter Corrigan OR-04 Peter DeFazio Art Robinson TN-05 Jim Cooper David Hall TX-25 Lloyd Doggett Donna Campbell Those are all formerly-safe races that are now abruptly… not-safe. They’ve all gone from Safe | Read More »

    New York Times: DOOM.

    The actual title isn’t that, of course.  The actual title is “Democrats Counting on Strength of Obama’s Get-Out-the-Vote Network”… which is merely semantically equivalent to the word/phrase/meme “DOOM.”  If you’re “counting on” getting enough voters out there to erase your own, admitted failure to be the perceived front-runner, then you’ve already lost and you’re just trying to avoid a rout*.  Thus it was for the | Read More »