“Groundhog Day: Debt Limit.” #noblankcheck

    Our own Ben Howe did this one for Heritage’s If you don’t have time to watch it, the message is very simple: politicians keep lying about the debt ceiling. This is admittedly a bipartisan kind of exercise, but Democrats in particular were remarkably brazen about screaming about how Oceania was always at war with Eurasia we shouldn’t raise the debt ceiling right up | Read More »

    The obligatory “Anti Voter ID marchers require Photo ID to march” post.

    The heck of it is: these are all good rules for marchers. #MoralMarch will protest NC’s new “racist” #VoterID, but you’re req’d to bring photo ID to the march. #ncpol — Stacey-SisterToldjah (@sistertoldjah) February 8, 2014   Sensible advice all around. Especially the part where you use photo ID to make sure that everyone and everything is on the up-and-up. Moe Lane (crosspost) PS: | Read More »

    Two-Fisted Second World Adventure Tales! #Merica #murica #sochi #olympics

    Via USA Today: I was taking a shower and the door got locked/jammed….— Johnny Quinn (@JohnnyQuinnUSA) February 8, 2014 …With no phone to call for help, I used my bobsled push training to break out. #SochiJailBreak— Johnny Quinn (@JohnnyQuinnUSA) February 8, 2014 Bring home the gold, Johnny. Just… have it assayed first, OK? Moe Lane

    At-Risk Senate Seats, 02/07/2014 edition.

    As always, this is going to be a highly subjective take: my thoughts on each race after the fold. Bottom line: some shifts up, some shifts down, I took out Massachusetts and New Jersey because, really, well, some states are more likely than others. Alaska Mark Begich Serious Risk Arkansas Mark Pryor Serious Risk Colorado Mark Udall Some Risk Iowa Open Some Risk Louisiana Mary | Read More »

    PETA caught giving nasty agitprop to kids, and then lies about it.

    (Via Hot Air) PETA being nasty: Parents say they are considering taking PETA to court over an innocent-looking comic handed out to children at Calabash Elementary School in Woodland Hills that contained graphic images of mutilated cows, CBS Los Angeles reports. [snip] The pamphlet appeared to be a cartoon comic and was titled “A Cow’s Life,” but the images inside were horrifying, parents said. PETA | Read More »

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    *Trust* David Plouffe, Democrats. He is all-knowing, and always right.

    *Trust* David Plouffe, Democrats. He is all-knowing, and always right.

    And he has some excellent advice for Democrats worried about the 2014 elections: If GOP challengers want to run ads criticizing the recovery act as wasteful, Democratic candidates should lift up the police officers, teachers and construction workers in their state or district, those who are protecting our communities, teaching our children and repairing our roads thanks to the Democrats’ leadership. Highlight the small-business owners | Read More »

    The score: Trader Joe’s 0, Portland Community Organizers -1.

    I saw this yesterday, but forgot to write something about it until Glenn Reynolds reminded me. Short version: Trader Joe’s wanted to put up a store on some vacant lots in Northeast Portland. The people who lived there were largely happy about this; the Portland African-American Leadership Forum (whose membership apparently mostly does not live there) was not. The PAALF hassled Trader Joe’s about this | Read More »

    Rob Andrews (D, New Jersey-01) cuts and runs. While still under an House Ethics investigation.

    Gee. I wonder why. Rep. Robert E. Andrews, D-N.J., will resign from Congress this month to take a job with a Philadelphia Law Firm, according to a report from the Philadelphia Inquirer. Andrews, a Pelosi ally, is scheduled to host an 11:30 a.m. press conference in his southern New Jersey district, the newspaper also reported. The 12-term Democrat is currently under investigation by the House | Read More »

    Please watch Ben Howe’s “Bankrupt” documentary. #detroit

    Please watch Ben Howe's "Bankrupt" documentary. #detroit

    Here.  Clear forty minutes out of your schedule and watch it. It is about Detroit, and how it went down the tubes, and it will tell you things about how it went down the tubes that you probably have not actually heard told before. There’s a bit in the middle about the way that the city eminent-domained Poletown for pretty much no good reason* | Read More »

    Nasty South Carolinian bigot Dick Harpootlian visited White House.

    Way to bury the lead there, Wall Street Journal. Forget various Democrats whining about where that sweet, sweet campaign contribution money is going: this is a bit more pressing. [Dick] Harpootlian said he visited Joe Biden, the other most prominent potential 2016 contestant, in the White House about a month ago and told the vice president he would support him if he decides to run.

    Update on Martha Robertson’s (D CAND, New York-23 PRI) cyber-attack accusations.

    Meet Martha Robertson. Democrat, hoping to run in NY-23. Made an interesting accusation and promise, back in October of 2013: Republicans have been pressuring Robertson to provide proof that GOP operatives attempted to hack her campaign website. Robertson made that claim in a Sept. 30 fundraising email. “We’re working to hire a cyber-security firm to take a serious look at that and investigate everything that | Read More »

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    Labor unions utterly betrayed by #obamacare.

    Try to restrain your evil laughter. Labor leaders who have spent months lobbying unsuccessfully for special protections under the Affordable Care Act warned this week that the White House’s continued refusal to help is dampening union support for Democratic candidates in this year’s midterm elections. Leaders of two major unions, including the first to endorse Obama in 2008, said they have been betrayed by an | Read More »

    #Obamacare refuses to pay for sick kids’ care in Seattle, Washington. Like it does.

    Back when Obamacare was all shiny and new, I was in the habit of calling it ‘health care rationing.’ I did this because I knew that you can’t have ‘less people uninsured’ AND ‘lower prices’ AND ‘improved services’ – and I assumed that the government would choose the first two and let the third go away on the wind. I got out of the habit | Read More »

    RS Interview: Rep. Tom Cotton (R CAND, Arkansas Senate).

    RS Interview: Rep. Tom Cotton (R CAND, Arkansas Senate).

    Arkansas, of course, is prime pickup territory for the GOP these days: incumbent Democrat Mark Pryor is considered to be in serious trouble by… well, pretty much everybody and it’s just not a good cycle for Democrats in general. We talked to increasingly-likely Republican candidate Rep. Tom Cotton earlier today about the race, and what he plans to do to win it: Rep. Cotton’s | Read More »

    So, @MarkUdall! You going to have @barackobama campaign with you in Colorado?

    I SAID… Senator Udall? Will President Obama be campaigning with you in Colorado? (Transcript below via RCP link) DANA BASH, CNN: Is he a liability for you, the president back home? SEN. MARK UDALL (D-CO): When the president comes to Colorado and talks about our all-the-above energy approach — we’ve got lots of natural gas and solar power — that resonates with Coloradoans. When | Read More »