EPA confesses to handing out farmers’ personal information to activist-lawyers.

    Executive summary (H/T: AoSHQ): the EPA just admitted that, yeah, it gave out a bunch of personal information about farmers and ranchers – including phone numbers, email addresses, regular addresses, and whatnot – to various environmental groups. The EPA also is kind of admitting that, yeah, maybe it shouldn’t have given out that information, which is why they’ve asked those groups to give that information | Read More »

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    Democrats to try 2010 Obamacare strategy in 2014.

    Well, it’s not like they have many options left at this point: Scarred by years of Republican attacks over Obamacare, with more in store next year, Democrats have settled on an unlikely strategy for the 2014 midterms: Bring it on. Party strategists believe that embracing the polarizing law — especially its more popular elements — is smarter politics than fleeing from it in the House | Read More »

    Frank Lautenberg has passed.

    He apparently has passed “due to complications from viral pneumonia.”  He was 89 years old, and the last remaining World War II veteran in the Senate. Our condolences to his family and loved ones. RT @seanagnew: RIP, Technician Fifth Grade, Frank Lautenberg. 3185th Signal Service Battalion — Erick Erickson (@EWErickson) June 3, 2013 Moe Lane (crosspost)

    White House: Will no Democrat ask us to fire this meddlesome AG?

    This is what we in the business call a hint . Over the course of four and a half years, no other member of President Obama’s cabinet has been at the center of so many polarizing episodes or the target of so much criticism. While the White House publicly backed Mr. Holder as he tried to smooth over the latest uproar amid new speculation about | Read More »

    Helpful reminder: Communism kills, capitalism saves.

    Remember, in the 20th century: One man’s individual drive and industry saved about a billion people*; The impersonal forces of market-based capitalism redeemed about one billion people; And international Communism? …Well, at least we kept them from killing more than one hundred million people. Sorry to repeat the point, but it never hurts to remind folks that there was a right side, and a wrong | Read More »

    Mitt Romney: don’t waste your time. Just give *me* $50 million to work with.

    Come, I will conceal nothing from you. I only read this: Romney Planning to Rejoin National Dialogue Months After Election Loss, He Will Host Event in Utah for 200 Friends and Campaign Supporters …the rest is behind a paywall. Still: you want to rejoin the National Dialogue, Mr. Romney? This is how you do it: you give me fifty million dollars and then you tell | Read More »

    The Eric Holder Off The Record Media Avaliability Scorecard.

    Background: Eric Holder wants to have an off-the-record meeting with various and sundry media groups to address their concerns about why the Justice Department is spying on reporters.  So far, a lot of Media organizations are telling Eric Holder that they have no intention of doing anything of the sort unless the proceedings are on the record.  It’s getting confusing, so I thought that I’d | Read More »

    Barack Obama tells DCCC that he fixed Washington, DC.

    Indirectly, to be sure: but nobody sensible to expect plain talking from Barack Obama anyway. At the heart of this stunning revelation is this bit from the Hill: “Do not buy into this notion somehow that, oh, these problems are too big or Washington is broken,” Obama said. “Washington is not broken. It’s broken right now for a particular reason, but it’s not permanently broken. | Read More »

    The IRS, Obamacare, and other pains in Barack Obama’s tuchis.

    There’s something that I am quite happy to point out about the Obamacare jam (H/T: Hot Air) that Democrats are finding themselves in right now… Conservative groups are preparing to use the deepening public distrust of the Internal Revenue Service to discredit the Affordable Care Act, and the Democrats who support it, in the 2014 election cycle. Now that the IRS has admitted to unfairly | Read More »

    Oh, noes: Barack Obama planning another charm offensive on #obamacare.

    Guess the GOP’s doomed, then. President Obama often tells audiences that he has waged his last campaign. But that’s not exactly true. The White House is gearing up for a massive campaign this summer that will cover all 50 states, plus Washington, D.C. And the president’s legacy may hinge on whether it succeeds or fails. The Affordable Care Act, or “Obamacare,” has been through more | Read More »

    Democrats choose European Union over Great Britain.

    And the Democrats don’t even have the common decency to do it in public. The Obama administration has warned British officials that if the UK leaves Europe it will exclude itself from a US-EU trade and investment partnership potentially worth hundreds of billions of pounds a year, and that it was very unlikely that Washington would make a separate deal with Britain. The warning comes | Read More »

    The IRS’s rank and file may not be understanding their problem. Yet.

    Maybe I am just being too idealistic, but I have a real problem with this Tim Carney theory about why IRS targeted conservative groups: There’s a fairly innocent — and fairly probable — explanation for what the IRS did, and it boils down to the natural suspicion people have of those with opposing views. The public servants figuring out which groups qualified for 501(c)4 “social | Read More »

    Reuters: Eric Holder signed off on the raid of reporter James Rosen’s email account.

    Such a bald statement from Reuters about the Department of Justice’s targeting of Fox News reporter James Rosen: “The Justice Department said on Friday that officials up to Attorney General Eric Holder vetted a decision to search an email account belonging to a Fox News reporter whose report on North Korea prompted a leak investigation” (Bolding mine). But there are three things that we can | Read More »

    The decline and fall of the Obama-media industrial complex.

    I read this piece by Ed Morrissey… Remember when the Obama administration had a relaxed and fruitful relationship with the media? [snip] Less than a month later, the party is over. It’s been raided by the Department of Justice, and the media suddenly seems a lot less interested in making the president the celebrity-in-chief, and a lot more focused on demanding accountability — now that | Read More »

    Barack Obama finally cops to ordering a drone strike on an American citizen…

    The New York Times baldly says why (bolding mine): “One day before President Obama is due to deliver a major speech on national security, his administration on Wednesday formally acknowledged that the United States had killed four American citizens in drone strikes in Yemen and Pakistan.” Best to have that finally on the record before said speech, eh? – Particularly since the administration needs to tread | Read More »