Ambassador Susan Rice’s grim, vaguely bigoted, Libyan point-defense.

    The reason why ‘spontaneous demonstration’ is so appealing an answer for the Obama administration is because that answer absolves them of having to take most of the responsibility for letting the attacks succeed. A genuinely spontaneous reaction to something that the administration didn’t actually do would be legitimately impossible to predict and hard to defend against, and people do know that. On the other hand, if the attack was premeditated, then the questions become Why didn’t the Obama administration catch this ahead of time? and Why wasn’t the Obama administration prepared for trouble? And the reasons why those questions are problematical is because they’re the same questions that Democrats asked the Bush administration, in the aftermath of 9/11. And the Democrats were notably contemptuous of the Bush administration’s answers, back then.

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    Sal Pace (D CAND, CO-03) refuses to admit that he’s voting for Obama (VIDEO).

    Sal Pace (D CAND, CO-03) refuses to admit that he's voting for Obama (VIDEO).

    Tell me again how… puissant… Barack Obama’s name is in Colorado. For those without video, the person on the left is CO-03′s freshman Rep. Scott Tipton (R); the person on the right is state representative Sal Pace, the Democrat trying to replace him (the person on the middle is largely irrelevant*).  In the video, presumably of a debate, Rep. Tipton is perfectly happy to state | Read More »

    Why Barack Obama will not fire Hillary Clinton.

    Following the President’s lead blindly so far caused the Democrats to get eviscerated in 2009 and 2010: forget Congress, their loss of state legislatures across the country – just in time for redistricting! – quietly blighted many a promising career. Surely the Democrats recognize that there must be a limit to how much damage an endangered, embattled, and execrable President may be allowed to do to his own party organization.

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    Obama vs. Obama on whether Egypt is an ally.

    Barack Obama, 2012: Egypt is neither an ally nor an enemy of the United States, President Barack Obama said Wednesday in the wake of a violent protest at the US embassy in Cairo. “I don’t think that we would consider them an ally, but we don’t consider them an enemy,” Obama said in excerpts of an interview with Telemundo aired by MSNBC. Barack Obama, 2011: | Read More »

    Mitt Romney’s remarks (link to video, including questions).

    I personally would have been a good deal more cutting, but then I personally would never make it past the tryouts for the auditions for the contest to be President of the United States. The man understands the problem, which is not “Free speech is provocative,” and never mind what those racists in the progressive antiwar movement think.

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    Barack Obama’s cowardly statement on the Libyan embassy assault.

    I don’t need the President to tell me that we feel bad about Americans being targeted and murdered. I do need him to tell me how he plans to make sure that nobody sane ever, ever, EVER thinks to do it again. That’s Barack Obama’s job; and right now, he’s flunking it.

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    Barack Obama does the Mother Of All Punchings Down.

    The President went after 2016: Obama’s America. Perhaps the president was hoping 2016: Obama’s America would come and go unnoticed like so many other political documentaries. But seven weeks after its opening, the film is still going strong, prompting Barack Obama to finally respond, which he has done through a lengthy entry at his campaign’s website that calls the movie “a deliberate distortion” of his | Read More »

    Why Nate Silver’s cozy insider status with Obama for America in 2008 matters in 2012.

    Nate Silver is playing the part of the independent blogger with a system. Putting aside for the moment where ‘insider access’ is a legitimate system, such a pose allowed Silver to write things like this attack on Scott Rasmussen’s professional ethics because Rasmussen openly did some work for the Republican party during the 2004 election cycle. The impact of that particular post – which the Online Left has run with ever since – would have been much different if it had been disclosed that Nate Silver had had a formal special relationship with the Democratic party.

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    Sen Dianne Feinstein (D, CA) vaguely wanders off from awkward debate question.

    For those without video: local California media – including that notoriously right-wing rag known as the LA Times – has noticed that Senator Feinstein refuses to debate Republican challenger Elizabeth Emken. When ABC reporter Mark Matthews called out the Senator on this, Feinstein tried to get up and walk out on the reporter* rather than answer the question. Which, of course, does not have an answer that would be favorable to Senator Feinstein: judging from the Senator’s performance in the interview, participating in a debate would quite possibly wreck her chances for re-election.

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    Actually, ‘Made in the USA’ is *four* words, Mr. President.

    Also: what’s with the hunchback?

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    The “Big Lie” – as Calfornia Democrat Chair John Burton so helpfully reminded us earlier this week, when he explicitly referenced that term to call Republicans Nazis – is a term coined by Adolf Hitler to help justify his systematic demonization and degradation of the Jews. It is, bluntly, a term that was used to justify genocide. Given that Josh Mandel happens to be Jewish himself, this is appalling – and no, Brown has no excuse here; agents of the Democratic party have spent the entire week calling Republicans Nazis. And, again, in at least one case the use of the phrase was done explicitly and specifically – which means that it was part of the record, and certainly in the news. Sherrod Brown should get no benefit of the doubt, here. None. At. All.

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    The downticket implications of Obama losing the suburbs.

    You probably have heard already that the McMahon/Murphy Connecticut Senate race is getting interesting: Rasmussen and Quinnipac both came out with McMahon ahead in the polling at this point. Even the Democratic-controlled PPP couldn’t get more than a 48/44 lead for Murphy… and if you look at the trend there you’ll see that this is a steady erosion of Murphy’s lead over the course of the election season. When a candidate is getting at or above 50 and then steadily loses it – which is what happened in PPP & Quinnipac – that candidate is not in a good position. Meanwhile, over in New Jersey: the Menendez/Kyrillos Senate race is not showing the same drift. It’s in fact pretty static (if you look at the 2006 polling, Menendez is in a much better place now than he was then). Menendez is not consistently hitting 50%, but that happens a lot in NJ polling.

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    QotD, The Kinetic Bombardment From Orbit May Now Commence edition.

    QotD, The Kinetic Bombardment From Orbit May Now Commence edition.

    A Mitt Romney staffer, explaining why you’re about to see campaign ads everywhere: “Time is short,” said one campaign aide. “We have $100 million we’ve just raised.  If you look at our burn rate to date and our cash on hand, there’s not much more we can spend on infrastructure. So we’ve got to start spending our general election funds in a big way, because | Read More »

    Looks like a Democratic Convention Narrative FAIL over on Memeorandum.

    There are a bunch of ways to judge how a particular narrative is going in the media, and one of them is fairly simple: go take a look at Memeorandum. For those who don’t know it, it’s a cross-spectrum political news aggregation site: useful for finding what’s being talked about, and usually good for finding the original story that kicked over any particular anthill. It’s | Read More »

    The uber-delusion of the Democrats: “The government is the only thing that we all belong to.”

    … it shows various Democratic convention attendees’ reactions to the DNC’s infamous statement “The government is the only thing that we all belong to.” As you might suspect (or even fear), the attendees featured largely showed support for a political philosophy that wishes to essentially beat to death one of the basic operating principles of the American Republic, then urinate on its corpse.

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