Funny, funny lines from the Senate’s budget follies.

    Pick which one you like best! I can’t decide. Senate Democrats say they will soon pass their first budget in four years, but it is proving a test. You can tell, right from the start, that the Hill itself will believe that Senate Democrats will pass a budget when the Hill actually sees one. Senate Democrats are tired of the GOP taunts over their failure | Read More »

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    Dianne Feinstein slanders PTSD sufferers.

    And why is she dumber than soup? It is not entirely because of this errant nonsense: At a Senate Judiciary Committee meeting on Thursday, Senator Dianne Feinstein (D-California) opposed an amendment to her Assault Weapons Ban legislation that would allow military veterans to continue to buy the firearms that would be banned. Feinstein says a veteran may be mentally ill and should be prevented from | Read More »

    Barack Obama v. Disappointed Iowan Sixth Graders.

    Mr. President? I’d like to introduce you to some of the American people that you are harming with your petulant closing of the White House to tours. (video link here) “The White House is our house! Please let us visit!”

    Barack Obama’s basic filibuster mistake.

    And it’s a mistake that has little if anything to do with the nomination of John Brennan as CIA Director (although having House Minority Leader Mitch McConnell somewhat surprisingly announce that he was opposing cloture on the eventual vote is not going to help Barack Obama any). It’s also a mistake that has less than you think to do with the question of drone strikes | Read More »

    A very contrarian view of Aaron Swartz that will do me no favors.

    Sorry for that. But I read this New Yorker piece about Aaron Swartz (short version: was being prosecuted by the government for illegally downloading JSTOR archives; recently committed suicide), and this is the narrative that I take from it: Once upon a time there was a very bright, but easily bored boy who spent his entire life not having to do anything that he didn’t | Read More »

    Democratic Colorado senator Evie Hudak to rape survivor: “Statistics are not on your side.”

    Quick background here: essentially, Colorado Democrats have decided to respond to recent criminal mass murders by legislating bans on high-capacity magazines, banning concealed carry, taxing legitimate gun purchases, and requiring background checks before private transferal of firearms. And, oh, yes, Colorado Democrats also want to make gun manufacturers liable for crimes committed with those guns, but that’s scheduled for later… what’s that? How would any | Read More »

    Let us kill the Medicare ‘doc fix.’

    Background: the ‘doc fix’ is one of those things that happens in Dizzy City with alarming regularity. Basically, it was set up in order to control Medicare costs by linking Medicare subsidies to doctors to annual growth; if costs rose too high, Medicare payments to doctors would shrink. Nice feedback loop – only thing is, the first year it was supposed to come into effect | Read More »

    Magpul ready to flee Colorado gun-grabbing laws.

    I’m pretty sure that Magpul is not bluffing, here: Colorado’s largest and most profitable manufacturer of high-capacity ammunition magazines has vowed to leave the state if lawmakers pass a measure banning the devices — a move officials with the company say could cost hundreds of jobs and upward of $85 million in potential spending this year. Magpul’s threat has Democratic lawmakers scrambling to strike a | Read More »

    State Department: sorry, Mr. President. The Keystone Pipeline can go ahead.

    The Obama administration is rapidly running out of wiggle room on the Keystone pipeline: The State Department’s long-awaited environmental report on the Keystone XL pipeline leaves President Barack Obama with no real scientific reason to reject the nation’s most fiercely debated energy project. The sprawling 2,000-page report, released late Friday afternoon, doesn’t issue a clear yea or nay on a sprawling section of pipeline that | Read More »

    Fallout from Seattle’s killer plastic bag ban policy.

    Quick background: Seattle last year instituted a ban on plastic bags and mandated a charge for paper bags, on the grounds that doing so would force consumers to use recyclable bags. This is all ostensibly for improving the quality of life in Seattle: “I think we’ve gotten to a place where it’s really going to work for the environment, businesses and the community in general,” | Read More »

    Blast from the past: Michael Barone predicted the Obama Thugocracy in ’08.

    The more things change… ‘I need you to go out and talk to your friends and talk to your neighbors,” Barack Obama told a crowd in Elko, Nev. “I want you to talk to them whether they are independent or whether they are Republican. I want you to argue with them and get in their face.” Actually, Obama supporters are doing a lot more than | Read More »

    RS Interview: Craig Stowell.

    This was an interesting interview: Craig Stowell, for those who are not familiar with New Hampshire politics, is one of the Republican activists involved who in 2012 successfully fought HB 437, which would have repealed New Hampshire’s same-sex marriage (SSM) law. He was also recently featured in an ad cut by the pro-SSM group Respect for Marriage; a group that has recently come under fire | Read More »

    Progress Kentucky: inbred, racist, xenophobic hicks.

    Let me start by noting something: yes, many people have at least a small problem with Mitch McConnell. Including myself, sometimes. But that does not mean that the Vast Right-Wing Conspiracy will simply tolerate anybody calling his wife a traitorous double agent for the ChiComs. Which is what the rabidly liberal Super PAC (the Democrats still have those? Hypocrites) Progress Kentucky just did. Recently, the | Read More »

    Louis Farrakhan endorses Chuck Hagel for Secretary of Defense.

    :leaning forward: We win. After arguing that the media is controlled by Jewish interests, [Louis Farrakhan] applauded Hagel’s nomination. “Senator Hagel is in trouble,” Farrakhan said. “But America needs a man in Congress like that, who’s not a rubber stamp for others. You need a man like Senator Hagel as your secretary of defense because a man with a mind like that will keep you | Read More »

    Center for American Progress’s silly Social Security sequester small-ball.

    With sequester coming in less than a week, there’s a certain amount of sudden nervousness about it… among the DC/Beltway demographic (it’s never a real crisis until it affects the Imperial District, you see). So you can expect to see a few rhetorical Hail Mary plays being thrown, in the hope that one of them will resonate with the voting public… but, still. Is this | Read More »