Harry Reid, pederasty, and the sudden defense of Rick Santorum.

    [UPDATE: Random politeness requests that I note that Ethics Alarms has splutteringly responded to me.  Random professional pride suggests that I note that my “let’s add an ‘as-near-as-I-can-tell’ to that one” impulse did what it had to do: which is to say, handily avoid the need for a potentially embarrassing correction.  Random schadenfreude more or less demands that I cheerfully note that my larger message | Read More »

    “Whose side are you on?”

    I laughed like a loon when I finally figured out what was tickling me about this – quite good – RNC print ad (H/T Jim Geraghty): I knew that they had gotten a line in that from somewhere, but I couldn’t remember where. And then it hit me: Pete Seeger.

    Texas Runoff Elections Open Thread.

    Sorry, got caught up in something. Results here: I understand that at this point that’s mostly early voting.  Might be a long night. [UPDATE] That would be ‘long’ by ‘Scott Walker recall election’ standards, of course: AP called it for Ted Cruz.  Hey, you know that the next Senator from the great state of Texas is going to be at the RedState Gathering, right?

    Brilliant, Ohio coal plant mine[*] closes: guess why?

    Well, your ability to guess why the Murray Energy Corporation today announced that it is closing a mine in Brilliant, Ohio will be largely dependent on whether you rely on local news or not.  If you’re just paying attention to local news… you won’t be told at all why a coal mine that employed 239 people at its peak laid off 24 of its remaining 56 | Read More »

    Romney calls Jerusalem capital of Israel.

    Which it is, of course.  Although possibly the more important event from Romney’s Israel remarks was that “Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said before the speech that “all the sanctions and diplomacy so far have not set back the Iranian program by one iota.””  Which they haven’t, of course. Back at home?  Well, the Democrats haven’t been exactly covering themselves in glory on this one.  | Read More »

    How much longer can Claire McCaskill last in Missouri?

    If you’re a Democrat, then the latest poll from Mason-Dixon should not be combined with alcohol and/or used in conjunction with heavy machinery: she’s not just losing.  John Brunner beats her 52/41; Sarah Steelman, 49/42; and Todd Akin 49/44.  And that’s registered voters.  These are the kinds of numbers that you’d expect to see from a challenger; an incumbent that far underwater needs an exit | Read More »

    Going to California: a look at the CA House races.

    Below is the general consensus of the competitive races in California’s House delegation. Said races are – to put it mildly – the result of one of the most comprehensive shakeups in state-level redistricting that we’ve seen in a while. Combined with a new jungle primary rule (basically: the top two vote getters in the primary advance to the general, regardless of party affiliation), the | Read More »

    ALEC protesters show off their education, empathy, and ability to function without keepers.

    ALEC, for those wondering, is the American Legislative Exchange Council, which is one of the current hate objects of the Left because… well, because some very smart people told the Activist Left to pick up their signs (which the Activist Left made themselves!) and go over and protest them!  And never mind why: only dirty little wreckers in the service of the One Percent argue | Read More »

    The latest Obamagaffe: “It worked.”

    Permit me to spell this out: this comment of President Obama’s? Just like we’ve tried their plan, we’ve tried our plan, and it worked. That’s the difference. That’s the choice in this election; that’s why I’m running for a second term.

    Gallup: (nervously looking around) …DOOM?

    Gallup did a voter enthusiasm poll, and the results are either gorgeous or hideous, depending on how you look at them. Essentially, it goes like this: In 2004, Democratic voter enthusiasm was at 68% and Republican voter enthusiasm was at 51%. The GOP happened to win that election, sort-of kind of in a squeaker; then again, this poll is of adults, so you can expect | Read More »

    Romney to use Feinstein as a natsec club with which to beat Obama at the VFW convention.

    It’s funny. Squint, and you can see where the Obama administration has messed up its national security leak problem to the point where Democratic Senator Dianne Feinstein (up for re-election, by the way) feels the need to criticize said administration for its feckless, juvenile, and callous disregard for proper security and the need to put the country above petty partisan advantage*. Background: Sen. Feinstein was | Read More »

    RS Interview: Mark Oxner (R CAND, FL-09 PRI).

    FL-09 is, of course, the district that Alan Grayson is currently hoping to carpetbag – apparently the poor fellow has discovered that he has precisely zero reason to exist, outside of Congress.  It’s very sad – and the GOP is equally hopeful that they can stop him. I talked to one of the candidates last week: Mark Oxner, businessman.  We discussed the race, and a | Read More »

    So, we’re going to topple the Syrian government.

    At least, according to the New York Times: “The Obama administration has for now abandoned efforts for a diplomatic settlement to the conflict in Syria, and instead it is increasing aid to the rebels and redoubling efforts to rally a coalition of like-minded countries to forcibly bring down the government of President Bashar al-Assad, American officials say.” Which is all very… nice. The Assad regime | Read More »

    The June Presidential fundraising situation.

    On July 20th USA Today reported how the two Presidential campaigns are doing in the fundraising wars. The results were sufficiently interesting that I thought that it might be worthwhile to break them down: below is a chart of how the Democrats (Obama for America, the Democratic National Committee, and the Obama Victory Fund) matched up against the Republicans (Romney for President, the Republican National | Read More »

    Mitt Romney’s Bow, NH speech.

    Via DaTechGuy, the right note from Mitt Romney. Romney’s remarks in Bow, NH, July 20, 2012:! (Transcript here) DaTechGuy reported that Romney, Senator Kelly Ayotte, and the priest brought in to offer a prayer for the Colorado dead then formed a line to greet each person who had come to what was originally supposed to be a campaign event. Which was appropriate. Moe Lane | Read More »