Kate Marshall’s (D CAND, NV-02) scripted support of Israel.

    Readers of RedState are, of course, aware that several days ago Hamas terrorists used their occupation of the Gaza Strip as a base from which to launch brutal attacks on Israel. This unprovoked and obscene attack was of course condemned by anybody with a lick of moral sense… including, superficially, Kate Marshall, who is the Democratic candidate in the NV-02 special election next month. Alas, | Read More »

    George Will and the Wisconsin Progressive Waterloo.

    George Will visits the wreckage-strewn battlefield where Wisconsin progressives launched their desperate counter-attack against the forces of reform, and finds a certain grim satisfaction there. To refresh people’s memories: Wisconsin progressives’ refusal to accept the widespread repudiation of the Democratic party in Wisconsin in 2010 (loss of the state legislature, two Congressional seats lost, progressive icon US Senator Russ Feingold handily if not contemptuously defeated | Read More »

    Barack Obama and the *second* YouTube election.

    First off, let’s peruse this video very quickly: via Hot Air, it shows Senator Barack Obama claiming that it was ‘unpatriotic’ for President George Bush to oversee an increase in the debt of four trillion dollars over eight years… …because apparently it’s much more patriotic to increase the debt by four trillion in two years, seven months.  Which is how much Barack Obama has used… | Read More »

    Rubio. Birthers.

    The Daily Caller has the details*: Here’s how the logic works (according to World Net Daily’s Joe Kovacs): “While the Constitution does not define ‘natural-born citizen,’ there is strong evidence that the Founding Fathers understood it to mean someone born of two American citizens.” Kovacs (and he is not alone) goes on to reason that Rubio’s “eligibility is in doubt” because — though his parents | Read More »

    RS Gathering 2011: Don Stenberg (R CAND, NE-SEN PRIMARY).

    This is, unfortunately, a bit late: there were some problems with this and another video, which have seen been resolved.  At any rate, Don was one of our speakers at the Gathering – he’s hoping to defeat the other pseudo-moderate Democratic Senator named Nelson in the US Senate – and Don took a few moments to talk with us the night before: Don’s site is | Read More »

    The New York Times’ Everyday Americans?

    If you saw this “If I were President” article in the NYT that purported to offer up helpful suggestions from non-pundits and political/media types on how to fix the country, you probably rolled your eyes. Certainly FrankJ and Jon Henke did on Twitter (H/T), and for good reason: as ideas go, said ideas were… ah, largely lacking. And kind of provincial. Gimmicky, even. Certainly mostly | Read More »

    AP: Facebook can’t tell anti-fracking fanatics from spambots.

    Just thought that I’d rewrite this title (“Facebook’s spam program catches innocent users“) into something a bit more accurate. Executive summary: anti-fracking* activists – and more general environmental… types… – have been discovering that their regular posting and commenting patterns on Facebook has been winning them two week spam-bans from Facebook. Now, Facebook obviously doesn’t particularly want to give out its anti-spambot protocols, but you | Read More »

    Hey, I have a request for the USFWS.

    That being the US Fish and Wildlife Service. Anyway, I have a request: can you let us know the name of the idiot who decided to fine an 11 year old Virginia girl $535 for saving a baby woodpecker? Particularly since said idiot decided that she couldn’t bear to confront such a potentially violent criminal without a Virginia state trooper in tow*? And after you | Read More »

    NYT – trusted?/ripped off?/betrayed by? – ThinkProgress over Darrell Issa?

    Let me just executive summary this ThinkProgress/New York Times trainwreck, because Powerline has a very good detailed takedown of it already: ThinkProgress wrote some sloppy, badly researched hit pieces on House Oversight Chair Darrell Issa (R); Eric Litchblau of the New York Times apparently turned them – without attribution – into a extremely sloppy, badly researched hit article on House Oversight Chair Darrell Issa (R); | Read More »

    Obama to farmer: ‘Call the USDA.’

    So, Wednesday – while campaigning in Illinois, although I understand that we’re supposed to pretend that Obama isn’t actually campaigning, for some bizarre reason – the President of the United States faced with a technical question (the effects of new EPA’s soil and dust regulations on Illinois farmers) by a technical expert (an Illinois farmer). Despite the fact that the technical question is in fact | Read More »

    Russ Feingold (D, NOTHING) cuts and runs.

    (Via Hot Air) Russ Feingold’s not running for Senate in 2012. He’s not running for Governor in a hypothetical (and futile) 2012 recall election. He’s not running for Governor in the 2014 general election[*]. Russ Feingold’s just running away: “After twenty-eight continuous years as an elected official … I have found the past eight months to be an opportunity to look at things from a | Read More »

    Rick Perry Insensitive to Barack Obama’s Feelings!

    Governor and new Presidential candidate Rick Perry (R, TX), on his priority levels: …if I hurt the president’s feelings, well, with all due respect, I love my country and I love future generations more than I care about his feelings. To give the context: the White House has been taking the opportunity offered by Perry’s entrance to the race to take slaps at the candidate.  | Read More »

    RS Interview: Elizabeth Schultz (Fairfax Cty, VA School Board)

    My general rule of thumb is that any position in a democratic system that is filled via election is pretty much by definition important: if there wasn’t some benefit to holding it then it would just be filled via appointment by an elected official.  In this particular case: the Fairfax County school district is one of the largest in the country, has quite a lot | Read More »

    Wisconsin Recall Elections, Take Two.

    Jim Holperin against Kim Simac (R) in the 12th district; Bob Wertz against Jonathan Steitz (R) in the 22nd.  Of the two, Holperin is considered to be more vulnerable; but the Democrats’ failure to win back the Senate last week has put this election – and the Wisconsin Democratic long-term agenda generally – on the back burner*.  Which is entertaining enough, in its way – | Read More »

    QotD, Going After The Race Traitor edition.

    Quick background: Philly mayor Mike Nutter (Democrat, but nobody’s perfect) has had enough of young African-American mostly-male idiots organizing flash mobs that run through his city and steal things; and he’s being as forthright about it as only an African-American mayor probably could be, in these circumstances.  Which is to say, he’s calling said idiots idiots, and making it clear that they need to start | Read More »