NC Lawmakers Reach Agreement On Bathroom Bill Repeal, Until They Don’t

Susan Wright

Conservatives never stop hearing about how little they care for America’s poor. In the eyes of leftist betters, those on the right sit around twirling canes and puffing on cigars, plotting the next wave of massive benefit cuts designed to take away people’s healthcare (simply for a cheap chuckle of course). Because conservatives don’t want to pay for everyone’s food, shelter, education and healthcare via | Read More »


On Monday, the United States Senate voted 97-2 to approve admitting Montenegro into NATO, making them another nation the U.S. is responsible for protecting. Only two Republicans voted against the bill: Mike Lee of Utah and Rand Paul of Kentucky. Paul delivered a blistering 16-minute speech on the Senate floor just before the vote to express the blow-back associated with adding Montenegro to NATO. Paul began his | Read More »

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