PATHETIC. Fox News Further Clown Themselves Into Irrelevancy

Fair and balanced? Nah.

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Why Did Hillary Clinton NOT Notify State Department Of Hacking Attempts On Her Server?

One of the most interesting facets of Hillary Clinton’s ongoing email scandal is the way each and every claim she has made has proven false. The State Department IG report, read the whole thing, paints a very ugly picture of a bitter, embattled old crone who was more concerned about evading the laws concerning disclosure of government correspondence than in safeguarding the nation’s diplomatic and | Read More »

GOOD. LA Governor Edwards Approves Bill That Lists Attacks on Police as “Hate Crime”

This should happen everywhere.

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Water Cooler 5/27/16 OPEN THREAD – Flags and crosses, torching tickets, Sessions open to VP nod

Trigger warning. Expect flags and crosses This should suffice as a trigger warning for lefties that you’ll probably see flags and crosses when you’re out this Memorial Day weekend. Deal with it. WSB from Atlanta says a memorial of crosses is back up in Hiram, GA. It had been taken down because a few people complained about the crosses being up on a small piece of city owned land at an intersection. Dozens of residents | Read More »

The Most Important Libertarian Party Convention in Years Kicks Off this Weekend in Orlando

We’ve had a lot of stories over the last month or so here at RedState about the Libertarian Party, which should tell you all you really need to know about the humongous opportunity the Libertarian Party has this year to increase their size and influence. We’ve had articles about Gary Johnson and Austin Petersen, but I’ve avoided really taking a firm side in the intra-party | Read More »

Sarah Palin has Helped Paul Ryan to a Huge Lead over His Primary Opponent

You may or may not have heard, but Paul Ryan has a primary challenger this year, and all of the worst, most garbage human being early Trump adopters have thrown everything they have behind him. Their efforts are not working out so well, as Ryan is currently leading his challenger by the largest amount even possible – 73 points. House Speaker Paul Ryan is easily | Read More »

Hillary’s Fundraisers are Desperate: Donald Trump Isn’t Scaring their Donor Base

Politico has a schadenfreudelicious bit this morning on how Hillary’s troubles putting Bernie away have affected her small donor base, and the panic her fundraising team is privately venting that the nomination of Donald Trump hasn’t led to a massive rush of donations like they expected. With Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump running neck and neck in national polls, the former secretary of state is | Read More »

Sanders Dodges Socialism’s Effects On Venezuela During Interview

Sanders Dodges Socialism's Effects On Venezuela During Interview

Sanders danced away from the question so fast, I was actually impressed. I wasn’t even mad. ...

Pakistan Considers a Huge Leap Forward by Only Allowing Husbands to Beat their Wives “Lightly”

Here’s another healthy reminder that the real war on women does not occur anywhere in America. Not even at the hands of Donald Trump. Pakistan is considering a measure that would allow husbands to beat their wives “lightly,” – which, if enforced, would actually be a huge step in the right direction. Of course, this was in response to a group that proposed a law | Read More »

A Lesson from 2016: Politicians Will Always Act Like Politicians

The 2016 election cycle has taught us a lot about ambition, celebrity, substance, and policy. Elections shouldn’t be taken lightly nor treated as a reality show. Increasingly, though, they feel like these things. This week when I mentioned my #NeverTrump stance on social media, someone responded by chastising me for choosing conservative principle over party. They even said “Good luck with that. You’re never going | Read More »

Water Cooler 5/28/2016 – Open Thread – 3pm. Memorial Day. Stop for 1 minute. Remember Not to Forget.

National Moment of Remembrance – Memorial Day, 3pm local time The first unofficial National Moment of Remembrance was Memorial Day, May 1997 at 3pm. “Taps” was heard by Americans across the country on radio and television stations as a reminder not to forget the men and women who committed themselves with their lives to protect and defend our borders and our American Way of Life. | Read More »

Trump Attempting to Book Cleveland Browns’ Stadium for Nomination Acceptance Speech

Well, here’s yet another thing that many people criticized Obama for doing but will doubtless call Trump a genius for doing the exact same thing. Trump feels that his acceptance speech for the nomination should be a much bigger deal than a typical convention hall speech. So he is going to try to book the Cleveland Browns’ stadium for his speech. Donald Trump’s campaign is | Read More »

Gary Johnson Courts Sanders Voters and Lost Republicans Before Slamming Trump

The Libertarian may have a significant showing this election season if Johnson can woo both disaffected Republicans and Democrats

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Donald Trump Disparages Judge in Trump University Fraud Case

He hasn’t seen “hostile” yet. Wait until the general election.

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Donald Trump Offers Solution to California’s Drought Problem

Why didn’t anybody think of that before?

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I DIED AND AM DEAD: Frank Caliendo Mixes Viral Video Parody with Trump Impression [VIDEO]

I’m serious, you will thank me.

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Mexican Flag Waving Provocateurs Clash with Trump Supporters

Another Trump rally, more violence from provocateurs. After Donald’s Trump trump rally at the San Diego Convention Center Friday, as many as 7,000 Mexican Flag-waving anti-Trump provocateurs shouted, “Dump Trump” and, “F*** Trump”.

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LIVE STREAM: The Libertarian National Convention

Watch live. The most watched Libertarian convention in … well, ever.

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Donald Trump’s God Fraud is Revealed, Exposed, and … Sigh

Exposed as a liar. Again. You should get used to this feeling.

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Louisiana Democrat Attacks the Declaration of Independence (VIDEO)

Representative Barbara Norton, a Democrat from Shreveport, Louisiana, has gained a bit of infamy this week during the legislative session by taking to the floor to protest a bill that would require students be taught the Declaration of Independence. Here are the words she actually said about our founding document: REP. NORTON: Representative Hodges, I’m not really sure what your intent is, but one thing | Read More »

Dear LGBT Community, Resistance to Your Community Has Nothing To Do With Being “Phobic”

If it’s not phobia, then why would we resist the LGBT community’s march on the culture? The answer is simple.

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LUCKY 13: Kentucky Joins in Lawsuit to Battle Obama Administration Overreach

Lucky 13.

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Guess how Hillary Clinton worked around her fax problems

Hillary Clinton is an old woman who is inept with technology. She’s helpless and stumbles along with help from Huma Abedin (her, uh, personal assistant). >New information has come out that suggests how Clinton worked around her problems with a fax machine. Hillary Clinton didn’t know how to receive a fax. She literally had to be walked through it step by step by Abedin. Apparently | Read More »








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