A Fund Has Been Set Up to Help Officer Ramos’s Son Pay For College

Though I realize the Yankees have offered to pay for Officer Ramos’s children’s education, a good friend forwarded the following to me and I pass it along now to you: ...

Shockingly, Salon hasn’t read the Bible

Salon hasn’t read the Bible. I know this because 1) of course they haven’t and 2) they’d know Mary actually gave her consent to carry the child of God. Powerful gods and demi-gods impregnating human women—it’s a common theme in the history of religion, and it’s more than a little rapey. [...] [I]n the Gospel of Luke, the Virgin Mary gets pregnant when the spirit of | Read More »

Gun control and the folly of abstract politics

Charles C.W. Cooke at National Review labels this PSA “the worst anti-gun commercial in the history of the United States.”  It’s more like a public disservice announcement, seeing as how it encourages children to commit multiple felony offenses.  I think I’d go so far as to rank it among the worst examples of issue advocacy ever produced, right up there with the classic Church of Global Warming ad | Read More »

Reacting to killing

I hate Twitter, mostly for politics. I use it for work, for which it is quite useful. But for discourse about controversial topics, it is a horrid medium. And with the deaths of Michael Brown, Eric Garner, Wenjian Liu and Rafael Ramos, Twitter and other outlets such as blog comments have again shown themselves to be atrocious places to converse about such events. There has | Read More »

NYT calls for prosecution of Dick Cheney

I’ll admit that I’m one of those Americans that Dick Cheney frightens. I also agree with comedian Christian Finnigan that he looks like the Penguin from the old Adam West Batman series (which is a delightful comparison and series overall). Still, while he may scare me, I fail to see what exactly he’s done that the New York Times editorial board would call for his | Read More »

They’re Coming for Mike Lee

It is extremely notable that Manu Raju of the Politico has written that the establishment intends to destroy . Raju serves as the court stenographer for the Senate GOP leadership. His pieces are routinely littered with the conventional wisdom and talking points of the Senate GOP leadership. He has more than once anticipated Senate GOP leadership strategy based on their conversations with him. So when | Read More »

How Bruce Rauner (R, GOV-ELECT, Illinois) can instantly become a Republican rock star.

I certainly hope that that gets his attention. Or that of his staff. Either will do. Anyway… once upon a time, in the far-off year of 2004, there was a Republican candidate for Illinois Senator called Jack Ryan. Ryan was widely considered to be an excellent replacement for retiring Republican Senator Peter Fitzgerald… right up to the point that the Chicago Tribune got tipped off | Read More »

That Girl From Nazareth

A good many years ago, a young woman of little significance lived in a small town in Galilee. This town, Nazareth, was one of those small towns where everybody knew everything that was going on. Everyone knew this girl. Everyone knew she was betrothed to a carpenter named Joseph, who was of the House of David. And this young woman of little significance was very | Read More »

The Latest Tea Party Scam Called From (202) 750-2399

This phone number has called my home repeatedly for the past week. I have an unlisted phone number and am on the national do not call list, yet the calling continues. They called again right at 9 o’clock this morning to my unlisted, “do not call” number. The “do not call” part apparently does not apply to political and charitable calls. The caller ID says | Read More »

Finding Meaning in the Meaningless

In the wake of the terrible assassination-style shooting of two NYPD officers over the weekend, a lot of commentators who have been opposed to the anti-police protests sought immediately to pin the blame for the deaths of the two officers on the protesters and on anti-cop sentiment that has been stirred up of late by the Michael Brown and Eric Garner cases. On the one | Read More »







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