HAVE SOME CHEESE WITH THAT WHINE. Donald Trump: I Can’t Support Meaney Pants Paul Ryan Either

After Paul Ryan said that he was not prepared to endorse Trump, Trump puts his great social skills to work to change Ryan’s mind

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Petition Seeks to Force Trump to Receive a Mental Evaluation

He doesn’t seem “well.”

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Let it Hurt

The Donald Trump nomination has brought to our lives a moment we never thought we would see – a whirlwind week where prominent Republican politicians had to engage in serious soul searching before deciding whether to support the Republican nominee. Some have already done the right thing, at tremendous political risk. Paul Ryan is not perfect – in fact, he is far from it. But | Read More »

It’s Time To Assume We’re Already Dead

I’ve been beating the drum of #NeverTrump everywhere I go the last several days and have been fortunate enough to have some networks offering me the air-time to do it.  Interestingly, many on the right side of the aisle keep “warning” me that I’m being used by the lefty media who wishes to co-opt my message to fulfill their own dirty narratives. The problem with | Read More »

Pathetic: Rick Perry Supports Donald Trump and Open to Being His VP

It’s pathetic how quickly some people will change their minds. Rick Perry was one of the first Republicans to stand up and say, “No” when Donald Trump burst on to the scene. He recognized Trump for the fraud that he is and although he had to drop out early, he knew told people what damage Trump would do to conservatism. Back in July of 2015 | Read More »

The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Friends: What’s the Point Anymore?

Two days after the Republican Primary basically ended, the #BATF guys will be on live to basically just drink and see who can die of alcohol poisoning first. As we slowly begin to lose our minds and our lives, watch us talk about Donald Trump’s win, the lessons we have all learned, Bernie Sanders, Hillary Clinton, and so much more. Even though it’s all meaningless. | Read More »

Trump Could Consider a Democrat VP According to Carson

Birds of a leftist feather will flock leftist together.

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John Kerry Says Assad Has To Leave Syria Or Else… Or Else What???

John Kerry Says Assad Has To Leave Syria Or Else... Or Else What???

Just like in 2011, the US has demanded that Syrian strong man Bashar al Assad leave power. It is better than even odds that we get the same result ...

Hillary Clinton Has Come a Courtin’…the Right.

Recently, Hillary Clinton and her supporters have been making interesting moves that might bring some of the disaffected right to her side.

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My Interview with Curly Haugland: A Way to Stop Trump?

The delegates choose the nominee Back in March, long-term member of the RNC Standing Rules Committee and unbound delegate from North Dakota, Curly Haugland told CNBC’s “Squawk Box” that: “’The media has created the perception that the voters choose the nomination. That’s the conflict here,’” He said. “The political parties choose their nominees, not the general public, contrary to popular belief,” he added. When Mr. | Read More »

WE ALL FEEL SAFER NOW. Sen. Bob Corker To Advise Donald Trump On Foreign Policy

Bob Corker, the architect of the mechanism that is making Iran a nuclear power, has announced he will be advising Donald Trump on foreign policy. It think I befouled myself

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God help me. I #StandWithGraham.

In times of conflict and even all out war, you will occasionally find yourself siding with people you never once dreamed of agreeing with. Everyone’s had those alliances in their lives, and today, many conservatives find themselves one again: Lindsey Graham will never support Donald Trump. Graham said he’d “absolutely” not support Clinton, the overwhelming favorite for the Democratic nomination, saying she’d represent President Obama’s “third | Read More »

Water Cooler 5/6/16 – Third Party Edition

Erick Erickson Working the Phone Lines for a 3rd Party Candidate Today Erick’s been holding conference calls to gather momentum for a 3rd Party candidate, and is planning two more today, according to an interview in The Hill. Even though May 9th is the deadline to get over 79,000 signatures to get on the Texas ballot, Erickson believes the time is right for a 3rd party | Read More »

Donald Trump Thinks Defaulting On US Bonds Is A Good Way To Handle The National Debt (VIDEO)

Trump learned how to manage the US national debt from Trump Air, Trump Steaks, Trump Wine, Trump Mortgage, Trump University, Trump Vodka, Trump Casinos, Trump Magazine, and

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Hillary Clinton Withheld Documents from State, Possibly Committed Perjury

One of the things Hillary Clinton has insisted repeatedly – including under oath – is that she turned over all work-related documents that were on her private homebrew email server for the State Department to review for possible production. The group that forced the release of these documents, Judicial Watch, has now released numerous documents which were not released by State Department in their document dumps from | Read More »

Is Mike Huckabee Quitting the GOP? Or Is He Going To Attend Remedial Math? (VIDEO)

Mike Huckabee just told the 60% of GOP primary voters who rejected Trump that they have no place in the GOP

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Priebus on Trump’s Minority Outreach: “He’s Trying” (Bless His Heart)

Reince Priebus isn’t from the South, so the “Bless His Heart” part is really just implied instead of explicitly stated.

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Donald Trump Tells His WV Supporters To Not Vote In the Primary (VIDEO)

Donald Trump telling his supporters to not vote in the primary and “save their vote” for November was predicted in 1972

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Dissecting the CNN “Perry Endorsement” Story

He’s not a traitor. He’s just wrong.

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Trump And Hillary Are So Ridiculously Unpopular It Makes This Election A Dumpster Fire

I am not sure if we have ever seen an election where the two candidates (Let’s face it: It’s Trump and outside of a miracle that boosts Bernie Sanders, it will be Hillary) were so reviled by the general public but that is where we are in 2016. This is going to be awesome. And by “awesome” I mean many of us would prefer to to | Read More »

Trump Spox: Paul Ryan Not Fit to be Speaker if He Doesn’t Endorse Trump (VIDEO)

I was on CNN New Day this morning along with Donald Trump’s national spokesperson, Katrina Pierson. At first I thought the newsiest item out of it was that she denied voting for Barack Obama in 2008, something she should correct on her Wikipedia page. And at Politico. And here. And here. But then, host John Berman asked Katrina about Speaker Paul Ryan’s decision to wait | Read More »

Killing our Own with Friendly Fire

These aren’t Vichy Republicans like Christie and Rick Scott; they’re more like Ukraine in WWII – stuck between Stalin’s Russia on one side and the Nazis on the other.

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BREAKING. Rand Paul Endorses “A Delusional Narcissist And An Orange-Faced Windbag”

It isn’t very often that you see a politician endorse someone who they have declared to be unfit for office. But this is Rand Paul we’re talking about

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