Will Trump’s Approval Rating Hurt Republicans in 2018?

Seton Motley | Red State | RedState.com

America ratified the Eighteenth Amendment to the Constitution – which banned alcoholic beverages – in January 1920. It would have been obscenely obnoxious – and an unbelievable governmental overreach – to have then begun arresting people for drinking in December 1919, and then working your way back through the calendar. Because in Reality, you can’t punish people for deeds that were legal at the time | Read More »

Kat Von D Constest

Gypsy Freeman won the “Saint + Sinner Contest” sponsored by Kat Von D beauty, but then had her win revoked when the contest runners found out Freeman had posted on Instagram in support of Donald Trump. The contest winner was supposed to be flown to Los Angles to attend the launch party for a new Von D makeup line, and would also receive a $500 | Read More »

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