The Score on Iran: Howard Dean 1 – John Kerry 0

The Score on Iran: Howard Dean 1 – John Kerry 0

If I were a psychiatrist, what I’m about to tell you would cost me my license to practice. Howard Brush Dean is not completely, bit-flipped, bat-feces. Ok, ok, let me ...

Deadly Decades: Roe at 42

In January of 1973, the Supreme Court decided that women have the right to an abortion, and the legality of such a procedure was granted. To “celebrate” this decision’s 42nd birthday, NARAL Pro-Choice America recognized it with an event called “Realizing the Promise: Roe at 42″ on Monday, March 30. Throughout the day, the hashtag #RoeAt42 appeared, as women celebrated, congratulated, encouraged, honored and cheered each | Read More »

Wow. A petition (on Wall Street returning $300 million to Denver schools) worth signing.

This petition is worth signing, albeit mostly because it will embarrass Senator Michael Bennet of Colorado.

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@AsaHutchinson assumes fetal position

I posted earlier today about the Arkansas legislature voting overwhelmingly for a state version of the RFRA, a law that would permit people of faith to live their faith publicly. Governor Asa Hutchinson (@AsaHutchinson) has said he won’t sign the current bill. Arkansas Gov. Asa Hutchinson said Wednesday he would not sign the Religious Freedom Restoration Act passed by the Republican legislature Tuesday as it’s | Read More »

Border Patrol ignores illegals and begins harassing citizens

I’ll used this opening graf from the Houston Chronicle because it says it all: No drugs or would-be immigrants were hidden in the sedan that rolled up to a Border Patrol checkpoint on a Southern California highway last week, but within 90 seconds the driver was handcuffed. His 4-year-old boy was crying. And a video camera mounted on the car’s dashboard captured the moment. The | Read More »

I Congratulate Trevor Noah For Being The Perfect Daily Show Host

The Daily Show plays an important religious role in Post-modern America. It is the temple in which American Progressives echo the prayers of the Iranian Mullahs calling out “Death to America.” When Jon Stewart stepped down to enjoy the luxuries of the country that has spent over a decade insulting and belittling over at Comedy Central, they had to get a new host that would | Read More »

The Great Liberal-Conservative Divide

On today’s edition of Coffee and Markets, Brad Jackson and Allysen Efferson are joined by William Gairdner to discuss his new book, the issues that divide Liberals and Conservatives and if we can ever get along.

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The New Yorker Calls GOP ‘Opportunistic’, ‘Fear-Mongering’ Over Iran Opposition

The Obama-worshipping sycophantic media always presumes his motives are pure and conservatives are crass and evil.  And they just keep proving it over and over again. The New Yorker penned this piece titled “A Calculated Risk” which lays the blame for Iran’s nuclear ambitions on Henry Kissinger and Brent Scowcroft.   No kidding. Ford’s talks failed, as did negotiations undertaken by the Carter Administration. In | Read More »

Arkansas passes a state RFRA

Mike Pence is a happy man this morning. He can stop backing and filling in the hopes of placating the militant homosexual lobby and their pathetic fanbois in the media and let Arkansas governor Asa Hutchinson take some heat. Arkansas passed a religious freedom bill on Tuesday that is similar to an Indiana law that has faced national backlash for legalizing discrimination against lesbian, gay, | Read More »

Two Years Later, You’ll Still Be Made to Care

In the last twenty-four hours, much of the mainstream media has shown itself perfectly willing to serve as agents of Satan (or should I use Moloch to make you feel better?). Most of the news anchors, reporters, and opinion writers of the press are perfectly fine forcing you to violate your conscience as long as they do not have to. They have suddenly discovered Jesus | Read More »








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