Gas Tax Vote Leads Voters to Attempt Recall of Freshman CA State Senator

Jennifer Van Laar

When the things that get you outraged are indistinguishable from parody it might be time to reassess your worldview. Enter the new hotness. The segregation of blue and pink children’s birthday cards in blatant display of acceptance of gender stereotypes is now “depressing.” That’s right. Feminists are narrowing their eyes at retailers who dare to color coordinate their shelves. Children's card rack @johnlewisretail We see what | Read More »


You’ve probably heard by now of The Handmaid’s Tale, a dystopian novel by Margaret Atwood set in a theocratic future where women are greatly mistreated, as well as the screen adaptation, which is Hulu’s latest offering. The left is acting as though the story is somehow a reflection of our current society and they are, predictably, collectively salivating over the comparison. Let’s see what they’re | Read More »

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