HOLY CRAP! WaPo Says Couric Response On Fake Documentary Is “Weaselly”

I rarely have much good to say about the Washington Post and its staff, but today at least one of them put ideology aside and did what was right

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House Oversight Committee Demands Criminal Investigation into Cover Oregon

From the diaries … The House Oversight and Government Reform Committee Chairman Jason Chaffetz (R-UT) released a staff report titled, “How Mismanagement and Political Interference Squandered $305 Million Federal Taxpayer Dollars.”  The report details findings from the Committee’s year-long investigation into the collapse of Cover Oregon that included the review of over 170,000 pages of emails and reports. Cover Oregon was to be the shining | Read More »

How American Decline Led to the Rise of an American Caudillo

Who would stop a President Trump who overstepped his Constitutional authority?

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Everyone, Welcome Barack Obama and MSNBC to the Vast Right Wing Conspiracy

The Clinton campaign has responded to the devastating State Department report on her email practices, and the response a doozy (although a predictable one). The basic gist of the response is that the report validates her email practices and that anyone who says differently is obviously a part of the vast right wing conspiracy arrayed against her: “The report shows that problems with the State | Read More »

PROOF! Tennessee Senator Bob Corker Will Be Trump’s VP

Tennessee Senator Bob Corker is rumored to be a front runner for Trump’s VP, this newest development makes it a lock

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How Elizabeth Warren Trafficked In Shattered Dreams To Turn A Quick Buck

Hillary Clinton surrogate, Elizabeth Warren, criticized Trump for the housing crisis. However, it is Warren, not Trump, who made money off foreclosures

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Apple makes key hire in effort to block government phone snooping

After Apple refused to create a back door to its iPhone security protocols, despite Obama FBI demands, the US government set itself to finding ways to break those security protocols. Apple is striking back by strengthening the iPhone, and hiring experts in the field to do it.

Obama Takes Thinly Veiled Pot Shots at Sanders during Asia Press Conference

Obama Takes Thinly Veiled Pot Shots at Sanders during Asia Press Conference

Via Realtimepolitics, President Obama gave a press conference during his Asia trip this morning, and he was asked for his opinion on the increasingly contentious Democratic primary. Obama has been ...

Can Smart Gun Technology Be Used To Cure Gun Grabbers Of Stupidity?

President Obama, in one of his latest attempts to remain relevant in his final year in office, is once again embracing “smart gun” technology as some sort of magic elixir to cure society of criminals committing crimes with guns. Obama and his ilk employ the term “gun violence” as if an inanimate object can somehow injure or kill on its own. Perhaps that’s why the | Read More »

Trump’s Unfortunate Wording and the Worker’s Party

The world has already dealt with the worker’s party.

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Oops. Donald Trump lost the lead again, and probably never had it.

Much attention was given to Donald Trump having a remarkably good polling week, one just barely good enough to give him a less-than-1% lead in the polling average. But that’s gone, as a freak outlier poll that gave him the lead, was retaken. Result: Hillary Clinton on top.

Disney SLAMS Sanders With A Simple Question: “How Many Jobs Have You Created?”

The Magic Kingdom will take no belittling from other rulers

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BREAKING: Donald Trump Officially Clinches Republican Nomination

Well, this just makes official what we all knew would be true: the AP is reporting that according to their count, Donald Trump now has 1,238 delegates, one more than the 1,237 he needed to clinch the nomination. In honor of this occasion, here is video of one of the hundreds of times that John Kasich promised that no one was going to get 1,237 | Read More »

Manafort: Don’t Expect Trump to Pander to Women or Minorities with his VP Pick

If there is one thing that has become apparent, it’s that no one really knows who is running the asylum when it comes to picking Trump’s VP. One thing we know is that Ben Carson is out, but beyond that there is a more or less constant war via leak going on between Manafort and Lewandowski about everything, including who is in charge of the | Read More »

Rust Belt Poll Of Middle Income Voters Show Trump In Deep Trouble

We know Donald Trump is about as popular with minorities and women as a flamboyant gay man is in Saudi Arabia. Recently, Trump’s approval numbers with married women — a usually very solid GOP voting bloc — was in the 70’s….on the negative side. Where Trump is supposedly going to make his play is with middle class working white people. There have been pro-Trump dunderheads | Read More »

Trump Top Advisor: VP Will Do the Part of the Job Trump Doesn’t Want

In other words, Trump is Ronald McDonald.

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Has Donald Trump Accidentally Hit Upon His Own Contract With America?

Donald Trump’s wildly changing positions on many issues may have more of a design than we’d realized, and that design may have its roots in the Contract With America

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Sen. Tom Cotton Calls Out Harry Reid for “Cancerous” Leadership

Somebody get that man some ice for that burn.

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DUDE: Trump ADMITS to Jimmy Kimmel that he Used to Use the Infamous Alias

Kimmel is a lot better at interviews than Sean Hannity.

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Get Over It: Some Republicans Just Will Not Vote for Donald Trump

Some folks just can’t focus on the big picture and what’s at stake.

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BREAKING: Bernie Sanders Accepts Trump’s Challenge to Debate Before California Primary

. Donald Trump appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Wednesday night on ABC, and both made and sparked news. For one thing, he challenged Senator Bernie Sanders to a debate. Shortly afterward, Bernie accepted the challenge and Tweeted about it, saying “game on.” From CBS: Kimmel asked Trump if he’d be willing to debate Sanders, given that Hillary Clinton had turned her primary opponent down for a | Read More »

Eleven More States File Lawsuit Against Obama Administration’s Overreach

Let the push back begin.

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PURGED: Donald Trump Fires His National Political Director Over “Loyalty” Clash, Sources Say

Walker campaign refugee and theoretical Trump “establishment” bona fides-boosting Rick Wiley is out at the Trump campaign. Wiley was part of the crew brought on by Paul Manafort to make Donald Trump legit and establishment-friendly. There have been several such rebranding efforts for the Donald in the last many weeks, all of them huge flops as the candidate continues to China Shop Bull his way | Read More »








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