Obamacare Demonstrates Why Socialists Need Both Hammer and Sickle

    So President Obama has issued executive orders that directly contradict passed legislation bearing his signature. Firms employing 50-99 workers are now exempt from the penalty fines for not insuring all of their full time staff under the “Affordable” Care Act. This was as deeply generous and caring as it was constitutionally legal. But, as President Obama explains. “The great thing about being President is that I can do anything I want.”*

    Firms that are larger than 99 employees aren’t President. They encounter the following restrictions to their corporate free will.

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    The One Year Obamacare Waivers Are A Trap!

    We now have a President who is issuing executive orders that directly contradict passed legislation. A large number of people are relieved. They are small business people who have been granted two consecutive stays of the Obamacare provisions effecting business operations that employ between 50 and 99 workers. To wit, the president has suspended by fiat the legal requirement that every small business enroll every full-time employee in an Obamacare approved plan or pay $2,000 per un-enrolled employee. The Wall Street Journal describes this order below.

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    Obamacare And The Freedom To Do Nothing

    There’s an irony in the GOP complaining that ACA lets people quit jobs. I mean, what’s wrong with freedom?

    – (HT: The Huffington Post)*

    So what is wrong with freedom? I’m not sure. There hasn’t been too much of it running around loose lately. Most people who think otherwise haven’t gone through DCA around 1PM any time in the last 12 years. I kid. It’s a quote from the Huffpo. I had a hard time taking that rhetorical question above any more seriously than I’d take an old Andy Kaufman routine. The important question to ask would be this: “What in the name of Glorious and Sacred Obamacare has brought forth such a bilious wellspring of Progressive brain waste?”

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    The State of Immigration Reform: Mark Zuckerberg Buys Himself A House Speaker

    The latest GOP bubble of fratricidal support for Comprehensive Amnesty Reform is all about the Benjamins. It’s about who has the Benjamins, and more importantly, who you have to ask if you want some for yourself. Let’s say you’re a mainstream, middle-of-the-road Republican this election cycle. You want money to continue your career. Not only that, you’d like greater control over who within the party has money so that you can control what version of American Conservatism reaches the media. This helps you define what the average unaffiliated voter thinks of the GOP.

    In past election cycles, this was never really a problem. Self-identifying Conservatives who felt aroused enough about political conditions in America would cut a check to the GOP. They would generally trust the party to move the country in a direction that seemed about right. Now, Conservative donors have grown savvier and reject the blanket Null-Hypothesis that a Republican will automatically equal a small-government ideological Conservative. Thus, your friendly GOP Establishment™ now has to replace newly minted Tea Partiers as a donor class because of this lack of blind loyalty. Enter “Conservative Entrepreneurs” like Mark Zuckerberg.

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    Whither or Wither The House Democrats?

    Shares of Speaker Pelosi A subtle change has occurred in The House of Representatives. Some Democrats and some Republicans have decided to back away from the pork barrel one last final time. This happens every two years and usually doesn’t inspire much in the way of notice. Yet to see which Democrats have decided or may be deciding to call it | Read More »

    What President Obama Will Predictably Get Wrong About Global Warming In Tonight’s State of The Union Show

    Where Emissions Occur Matters. Do the scientists and politicians that strongly seek to reduce Greenhouse Gasses want this goal enough to badly jeopardize US relations with Russia, China, South Korea and India? Are they so concerned about this problem that they would willingly pursue a diplomatic and trade strategy that would potentially provide any nations casus belli similar to that cited | Read More »

    So Just How Evil Is Abortion Anyway?

    So just how bad is abortion? Fair question. Let’s engage.

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    Real Feminism Vs. Realpolitik in Texas

    Wendy Davis needs a man like a fish needs a rich bicycle that will pay its way through fish law school and take full custody of its spawn.

    (HT: Exjon via Instatpundit.)

    Hard luck stories provide emotional cover to incompetent fools. These are the type of bad, faithless people who should not be elected to any office greater than being a local dog-catcher. We discover that as people have begun to delve into the tear-jerking reproduction of Les Miserables being presented as a Curriculum Vita by Texas Gubernatorial Candidate Wendy Davis. The good news story here is that we learn of these inconvenient truths about poor Wendy Davis before she gets empowered to make any important decisions. After all, it probably isn’t wisdom to entrust great power to somebody because you feel sorry for them.

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    Douglas Ruskkoff And The Luddite Left

    Wow! I thought I was the political reactionary. When did Archie Bunker register as a moss-backed Democrat and start work at some predictably Lysenkian font of mainstream media bed-pan wisdom? This apparently took place because Progressive jet-fuel geniuses have just now figured out that a free-flow of information will make it harder for them to control what people are currently thinking or what they say.

    I’ve just read an example of this Progressive Neo-Reaction in a Politico Magazine article entitled “How Technology Killed The Future.” Author Douglas Ruskkoff, like the PTSDed space marine in the movie “Aliens” tells us its game over. He explains the nature of our ineffable damnation below.

    The result for institutions—especially political ones—has been profound. This transformation has dramatically degraded the ability of political operatives to set long-term plans. Thrown off course, they’re now often left simply to react to the incoming barrage of events as they unfold. Gone, suddenly, is the quaint notion of “controlling the narrative”—the flood of information is often far too unruly.

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    Watermelon Environmentalists Cause Global Warming

    Brett Stevens was both humorous and thought-provoking when he announced a while back that “Liberalism Caused Global Warming.” I have political evidence that suggests that he may have even had an empirical point. You see there are two types of environmental activists. Honest ones believe that the government should assume greater powers in order to prevent environmental pollution from doing terrible things to people and places they care about. Dishonest environmental activists (AKA Watermelons*) just believe the government should get more power over the lives and wallets of the citizenry. The environment provides an excellent vehicle to usurp power and control the property of other citizens.

    United Nations Climate Chief Christiana Figueres is clearly a dishonest environmental activist. She informs us that Communist China, the world’s leading source of CO2 pollution for several consecutive years since 2007, has the right type of governmental system to fight Global Warming. This can only bring me back to questioning why Christiana Figueres calls herself an environmentalist. If she wants to reduce the extent to which human pollution could potentially warm the terrestrial climate, she should not encourage the world emulate a nation that emits 25% of the world’s industrial CO2 pollution on an annual basis. Not only that, they get about 25% as much GDP per ton of CO2 as the United States and about 13% as much GDP per ton of CO2 as Germany or Japan.

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    In Honor of Jim Moran’s Retirement – Yet another Call to End Gerrymandering in the House of Representatives

    Elbridge Gerry -His Ghost Still Haunts American Democracy I’ve long felt that the Congressional Districts comprising the US House of Representatives were so badly gerrymandered that a large cohort of corrupt or incompetent people got elected to Congress that had no business being there. I believe that if we could solve this problem our nation would have a more qualified and | Read More »

    Data Suggests That Deliberate Voter Fraud Is 97% Likely To Succeed In New York City

    The New York City Department of Investigation recently examined the integrity of the New York City election process. During the 2013 New York City Mayoral Election, they had undercover investigators deliberately attempt to cast fraudulent write-in ballots in the name of 63 legally ineligible voters. The undercover agents of the DOI* were told to write in the name of fictional candidate “John Test.” The votes were tallied on 61 out of 63 deliberately corrupt ballots.

    A certain portion of the blogosphere reads about things like the easy voter fraud and therefore describes the current state of American Democracy as being a terminal failure. They go further and suggest we should just spurn the clever ideas of George Washington and admit that KG III had the whole thing right from Jump Street. I personally think the whole Monarchist Movement has truly gone fishing. The various Kennedy Family by-blows are as close as I ever hope to see America come to being ruled by The Spanish Hapsburgs or the declining end of the Romanov Dynasty. As for American Democracy degenerating, I am not as easily able to dismiss the reactionaries. A voter fraud success rate of 97% is not a positive development. In order to prevent this continued negative outcome, the Congress of the United States of America needs to pass a national Voter ID Law.

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    US Job Market: Cloudy With A Chance of Expletive

    The December 2013 jobs report was about like the December 2013 weather. It was cloudy with a chance of Expletive. Depending on whose estimate you trust more, the models missed reality by 113 to 151 thousand. I’ll credit the BLS with not hiding the decline and admitting this one was a stinker. Contrary to expert opinion, I think it would have been a stinker regardless of what fell out of the sky. If the current set of conditions indicates recovery, God preserve me from an economic relapse. I’ll detail my reasoning below.

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    Barack Obama Hangs Iraq Out To Dry Like The Wash

    “We will need to retain some forces in Iraq and the region,” Obama said. “We’ll continue to strike at al-Qaeda in Iraq.” Obama made the point repeatedly: “In ending the war, we must act with more wisdom than we started it,” he said a month earlier. “That is why my plan would maintain sufficient forces in the region to target al-Qaeda within Iraq.”

    (Time Magazine)

    The quote above was a strong position held by Candidate Obama during the 2007-2008 Democratic Presidential Primary. We now flash forward to 2014, because President Obama now has a golden opportunity to honor that pledge he made while he sought to establish himself as a credible steward of America’s commitments to the world. You see, Al Qaeda is still very much in Iraq and has taken up dominion over the City of Fallujah.

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    Antarctica Freezes Over Despite the Global Warming Jabberwocky

    The Akademic Shokalskiy ventured forth to show the world that there just wasn’t enough ice around Antarctica during the Austral Summer. This would demonstrate beyond any reasonable doubt that Earth had a fever. We then, yea verily would have to put up with self-congratulatory lectures from the mighty Nobel prize winners like Al Gore or Michael Mann.*

    Then reality intruded when the Akademic Shokalskiy got stuck in the imaginary ice.** China’s Xue Long attempted to be neighborly and pull the benighted Climate Scientologists out of the ice which the IPCC proved could not possibly exist in an atmosphere with rising CO2 levels. Xue Long got bogged-down amidst the torpor of steaming climate change and won’t be going any further south this summer without a friendly assist.

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