Harry Reid Coins An Evil Fallacy

    So the law is THE LAW when Senator Reid says it’s the law. When it becomes a political convenience to get rid of it, he can argue against and vote against THE LAW that he previously voted in favor of. When the President finds parts of a law hard to implement or remarkably unpopular, he can enforce it piecemeal. When a person Harry Reid likes (himself for example) is harmed or inconvenienced; he can get waivers because in his case it is “different.” But if you oppose the law itself, there is no need for discussion. It’s THE LAW.

    Under a similar set of circumstances to Socrates, if I were confronted by a law like Obamacare in argument, I’d want to drink too.

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    The Cancerous Lie of Unbounded Positive Rights

    An alliance of Progressive Organizations is attempting to counter 23+ hours of truth from Senator Cruz with thirty-one seconds of disingenuous horse-hockey. They rail at Republicans who vote to deny other people healthcare. They rail at Republicans who vote to deny other people food stamps. It’s as if being an American implies that you have a natural right to have the government give you goods and services that originally belonged to, or are produced by somebody else.

    In the bizarre world of “Positive Rights,” we get logical constructs that would totally destroy the social contract of any society that attempted to fulfill them. There is never any logical limit to what can be claimed as a so-called Positive Right. In the real-world, to all of these limitless demands are attached similarly limitless costs. It’s analogous to the Work-Energy Relationship in Physics.

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    The Un-President-ed Lies of Barack Obama

    So Our Deceiver-In-Chief seems to believe the latest reporting on Obamacare involves “unprecedented scare tactics.” This is garbage. This administration has involved nothing but scare tactics since the day it took office. Anything less may have allowed a crisis or three to go to waste. I think were all a little sick of hearing about how each new sunrise is unprecedented. It’s as if Barack Obama spent his entire tenure as a Harvard Law Review Editor and only remembered one quarter-dollar word that was longer than three syllables.

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    Going Bananas As The Fiscal Year Ends

    I can imagine Inigo Montoya sipping his rum. He contemplates, then chuckles. He pulls a bit on his mustache as President Obama’s teleprompter bromides blare out of his television. “He uses this phrase banana republic.” Inigo muses. “I do not think he knows what it means.”

    You can use the term in a number of ways. As catchy bits of jargon get run through the political mill until shopworn, it’s perhaps quite accurate of Montoya to question whether anyone knows what banana republic means. I tend to think their clothes are overrated. My wife, on the other hand, always appreciates a $100 gift card. All jesting aside, when the American author O. Henry invented Archuria, he had a very specific type of dystopia in mind.

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    My Understanding of Ben Bernanke And The Taper

    The Federal Reserve gets accused of many things. The Chairman of The Federal Reserve, Ben Bernanke gets accused of many things. Is he E-vil? Nope. Is he a Great American? Probably not. So just what is Bernanke doing? My theory of Ben Bernanke’s mysterious objectives goes as follows.

    Ben Bernanke is presiding over what he hopes will be the successful retirement of the largest demographic cohort in contemporary America. The Post WWII Baby Boom is far larger than the generation ahead of it (The Silent Generation) or behind it (Generation X). Boomer columnist and political observer Peggy Noonan once described the Baby Boom Generation as “America’s basketball in the python.” This is not their fault, per se, but it does make them pose a challenge to the rest of us as they drift towards the bottom of the actuarial charts. The current $85Bn per month of QE is the periodic glass of Metamucil-Juice prescribed by Dr. Bernanke to help the python pass the basketball.

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    The Navy Yard Shootings Had Nothing To Do With Gun Control or Race

    A lot of people have raised pet political issues in the wake of the terrible Navy Yard Active Shooter Incident. Senator Feinstein and David Frum both seem to believe it couldn’t have happened had the government controlled all firearms and prevented the little people from owning any. Others diametrically opposed argue that a workplace full of guns would prevent Aaron Alexis and those of his ilk from ever having the guts to try.*

    I’m of the somewhat iconoclastic opinion that arguments over whether there were enough guns, too many guns or the right type of guns available at The Washington Navy Yard have very little bearing on the tragedy that took place at that facility. I’ll set forth the proposition that what happened to the twelve shooting victims who died in Washington, DC is not directly related to how our government interprets 2nd Amendment Rights. It relates instead to how poor a return on investment the American People are receiving for our security expenditures.

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    ObamaCare and The Way of The Whig

    The tendency of “Conservative” institutions to gutlessly defend a big-government statis-quo program like ObamaCare can often leave much to be desired. It’s like sending up The Bat Signal and having Ben Afflek respond. It’s like watching The Washington Redskins’ Defense attempt to stop a NFL offense from putting up 30+ points.

    At times I’m left thinking that National Review could shorten their name a wee-tad for the sake of brevity, and continue peddling boilerplate Leftism under the masthead “The Nation.” Give or take an occasional copyright infringement suit, I’m not sure readers of this NRO article by Avik Roy would notice much philosophical difference.

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    Federal Workers Make Me Embarassed To Be One Myself: ObamaCare Edition.

    US bureaucrats are not as dumb as they seem. When asked if they wanted Glorious ObamaCare or the plan they had now they choose predictably. The Blog FedSmith is a good read if you work for the government or want better intel on the enemy. They figure prominently in today’s adventure in hypocrisy.

    So anyways; FedSmith asked the obvious and received the obvious answer. Details follow below:

    This week, we asked their views on being included in the new health care exchanges. There is apparently little debate among the federal workforce. Federal employees do not want to be part of the new system. Instead, they prefer to keep their current health plan based on a survey with about 2500 readers responding.

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    Vladamir Putin Owns US Foreign Policy

    Has Barack Obama unofficially resigned? We wouldn’t get that lucky – at least not until he can figure out how the AACA effects his retirement healthcare. It only seems that way because of some White House Mouth of Sauron’s response to Vladimir Putin’s New York Times Op-Ed.

    “That’s all irrelevant,” the White House official said in response. “He put this proposal forward and he’s now invested in it. That’s good. That’s the best possible reaction. He’s fully invested in Syria’s CW disarmament and that’s potentially better than a military strike – which would deter and degrade but wouldn’t get rid of all the chemical weapons. He now owns this*. He has fully asserted ownership of it and he needs to deliver.”

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    Obama’s Syria Speech Shows What We Haven’t Learned From 9/11

    So what can we learn from all this going forward?
    1) Don’t draw a Red Line unless you’ve got a nice “or else” ready if the other guy snorts it up off the floor.
    2) People outside the constraints of Judeo-Christian morality will resort to WMDs, terrorism and anything else if force pays off better than Pacifism.
    3) Military action of too small an order of magnitude to enter into the risk-reward mathematics of a would-be terrorist will only piss them off instead of deterring them.

    President Obama failed all three of these lessons. As long as our nation remains this ignorant of the lessons of 9/11, we can expect more terrorism. It works like Hell.

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    Diary of A Climate Science Denialist: Global Cooling Skeptic Edition

    I’m soooo scared! Game over, Man. Game over. It’s done. Stick a fork in it and serve it with pickles and onions. Repent and stew in your hangovers for the hour is rightously nigh! Global cooling is the 5th Horseman of the Apocolies. The Earth has no fever. It has hypothermia the impending Maunder Minimum instead. Blessed Gea has blue goosebumps. Or not….

    America’s leading Climate Scientologists practice intellectual inquiry with the proximate rigor that Dr. Hook and The Medicine Show went after the elusive cure for cancer. These people started in the 1990’s with The Hockey Stick Curve and The Earth having a fever. The Canadian Pop-Band Smashmouth sang to us about we might as well be walking on the sun. Reality cast it’s veto and then the warmist arguments degraded to hiding the decline and doing “The Nature Trick.” Now we get The Great Global Cooling Scare of 2013.

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    Many Miles Away From Syria

    More Scary Than Bashir Al-Assad We can lay the viper-struck waste that is Syria aside for the nonce. Unless the House of Representatives holds an epic fold, we aren’t going to Syria with Congressional authorization. If we currently have 187 Neas, 33 Yeas and 215 Undecideds, a 435 vote session should end up about 290 Nea to 145 Yea. Also, we | Read More »

    Hammer’s Slammers and Secretary Kerry

    Science Fiction Novelist David Drake wrote a long series of novels about a future mercenary band called Hammer’s Slammers. If the price was right and the planet was within reach, you too could hire your very own column of armored vehicles to rearrange the terrain to something that better suited your personal tastes. Our present leadership in Washington, DC isn’t that crass and won’t be funding NASA quite enough to make that happen. Yet Secretary of State John Kerry made a comment to the US Senate that makes me wonder if our venal national leadership isn’t travelling that road in its hopes to get their Syrian adventure approved by a balking and angry Congress.

    You see, Secretary of State Kerry was attempting to get people to stop worrying about the cost of all the ordnance and OPTEMPO required to bomb targets spread throughout Syria. So he uncorked some comments that made me think he was a character from one of David Drake’s old pulp military sci-fi novels. Unless he was committing the Mother of All Gaffes, I’m now less worried about Syria than I am about how we intend to finance it.

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    James Carville is Still Blaming Bush

    It’s a tougher job these days, but James Carville still mans his post. He spins for the Democratic Administration. It matters not what that administration does or what he has to say in order to stay on point. James Carville spins for the Dems. His latest project involves spinning away the profound unpopularity of Barack Obama’s proposal to fire rockets and bombs at Syria for using chemical weapons to quash a rebellion against Bashir Al-Assad’s despotism. He shows the intellectual and moral bankruptcy of his bosses by doing what a Dem does when they run out of viable ideas: he blames George W. Bush.

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    The Clausewitz of Columbia Has Modern Problems In Syria

    The 1981 Slap-stick Comedy Film Modern Problems featured an exorcism scene. It involved a woman who was supposed to be a Caribbean Witch-Doctor and the main character, Max Fielder, that everyone had come to believe was possessed by demons. She stared down Fielder and the dialogue below ensued.

    Dorita: Now, we can do this easy, or we can do it rough. These is knuckles you is looking at.
    Max Fielder: [in demonic voice] Your mama.

    America is blessed with a Secretary of State John Kerry who dialogues at somewhat higher levels of discourse. This is good, because Bashir Assad’s charming and delightful son has posted the following to his Facebook page.

    “They may have the best army in the world, maybe the best airplanes, ships, tanks than ours, but soldiers? No one has soldiers like the ones we do in Syria,” the post’s author wrote of the United States military. “America doesn’t have soldiers, what it has is some cowards with new technology who claim themselves liberators.”

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