The Sandy Show and The Tragedy of NYC

    To return to office a narcissistic amateur who seeks to ride this nation’s economy and international esteem to oblivion, like Slim Pickens riding the nuclear bomb to its target at the end of the movie “Dr. Strangelove,” would be disastrous.

    (HT: Las Vegas Review Journal)

    While Barack Obama preens and acts committed to saving the victims of Sandy in the mode of a heroic Chief Executive, a deeply caring leader, there is another side to the entire Hurricane Sandy aftermath that isn’t hitting the air. Here hungry people dig through a dumpster for a meal. I’m guessing this won’t be on the screen during BHO’s Situation Room Photo-Ops.

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    Al Gore V. Al Qaeda on Why We Had Hurricane Sandy

    It seems that Al Qaeda has a sudden fascination in Tropical Meso-scale Meteorology. It involves large, convective, cyclonic systems that involve low barometric pressure and vast amounts of flooding and rain. They actually became cheerleaders for greater destruction. Like Medieval Japanese who believed that typhoons were sent from heaven to destroy Mongolian invasion fleets*, they cheered for injuries as Sandy roared ashore. Some examples of their enlightened follow below.

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    MACT – The End of Affordable Coal.

    We have two different candidates who could win the US Presidential Election in six days. One claims that he favors “All of The Above” as an energy policy, but as you’ll see below, that comes with a caveat. The other candidate favors US Domestic Energy Independence as a method of economic revival. To determine which man is serious, look closely at how they react to the idea of reliance upon coal-fired energy.

    Let’s say you saw the number one goal of the current US President is domestic energy independence or an all of the above energy policy. Would that include a major environmental regulation that threatened to take nearly 30KMW of electrical power generation offline in the immediate future? Would it involve specifically preventing mining and development of a major source of available domestic energy? If so, your candidate is already in office. The Hill describes the Obama Administration’s stance on coal energy below.

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    Barack Obama’s Halloween Theatrics

    Barack Obama’s Presidential Campaign would like the children to sing to you. Relax and enjoy.

    Mitt Romney may have nothing left to fear from his challenger, Barack Obama except fear itself. Barack Obama could run for reelection using all the wonderful things he’s done for America in his first term of office. He could fill us all to the inebriated brim with hope about his ambitious, progressive, forward-looking and unprecedented 2nd term agenda. Oh, wait…Nope, he’ll be scaremongering from here until we go to the polls.

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    Monday Morning Quarterbacks Bother Poor Leon Panetta

    You know what? SECDEF Leon Panetta is way too important for any of you to criticize. Unlike the rabble, he knows about running operations. He manages risk. He bristles at the Monday Morning Quarterbacks who deign to question his perspicacity and strategic brilliance in how he handled the tragic events of September 11, 2012 in Benghazi, Libya. He also has a rather pompous 4th point of contact in need of cover and concealment. He throws General Ham, and General Dempsey under the bus below.

    “(The) basic principle is that you don’t deploy forces into harm’s way without knowing what’s going on; without having some real-time information about what’s taking place,” Panetta said, according to The Associated Press. “And as a result of not having that kind of information, the commander who was on the ground in that area, Gen. Ham, Gen. Dempsey and I felt very strongly that we could not put forces at risk in that situation.”

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    It’s Ground Game Time For The Win In 2012

    Not a lot remains about which to philosophize. Two weeks remain, the debates have finished and Campaign 2012 is down to the brass tacks of game-day execution. Having read everyone’s polls until I’m sick of the concept, I can boil election 2012 down to the following if/then/else statement.

    If turnout >= D+5, then Barack Obama is re-elected
    Else, America is liberated.

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    The Spirit of Community Organizing – When Corruption Gets Treated As A Manageable Risk

    You can always trust the government. They practice morality on a much higher plane than the money-mongers grubbing for the filthy lucre down in the private sector. It’s a good thing they exist to be morally pure and impartial to all sides. Oh, Wait! They don’t. They are just as likely to be corrupt, duplicitous, and falsely self-seeking in the name of the commonweal. In Iowa they have mechanized corruption so that it happens efficiently as a manageable risk of governance.

    The Des Moines Register reports that for five years ending in February 2011, the Iowa Civil Rights Commission shook down landlords for “voluntary contributions” in exchange for dropping discrimination complaints. The Register obtained copies of 27 settlement agreements involving about $20,000 in contributions.

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    Why Todd Akin Should Win

    Senator McCaskill should be proud of Craig Woods. She said the following about whistleblowers back in 2009. “[w]histleblowers are our first line of defense against waste, fraud, and abuse. We’ve got to do everything possible to protect them,” McCaskill said then. “Whistle-blowers who raise the alarm about waste, fraud, and abuse should be commended — not punished,” McCaskill said in an April 26, 2012 press | Read More »

    Barack Makes A Funny – Four Americans Remain Quite Dead

    A lot of people are angry about a lot of things concerning Barack Obama’s ongoing SCOAMF*-Fiesta in the nation of Libya. I addressed what it reinforced to me about his administration in a recent diary. Barack Obama exists at altitude and distance from the results of any decisions that he makes. He takes responsibility for his leadership decisions as President about as much as I take responsibility for playing the wrong guy on my fantasy football team.

    He demonstrated his utter lack of concern about what happened by sending out Susan Rice and Stephanie Cutter to tell 1,001 Arabian Lies about what transpired on that fatal anniversary of 9/11 in Benghazi, Libya. When lying and blame shifting didn’t work, he ignored the first rule of holes** and continued his descent. He wants us to believe the whole thing is just a bump in the road – so inconsequential that he can poke a little fun at himself over at Comedy Central.

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    What If The Crazy Man Is Accurate?

    The crazy-man speaks. Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad predictably rails against the E-vil Amerikan Empire. The really bizarre and frightening aspect of this particular harangue is the utter lack of deracination. This time, the Nut-Job can back his assertions with quantitative data. This time the crazy-man may not be so crazy. Ahmadinejad delivers what he hopes to be a japing eulogy below.

    “How long can a government with a $16 trillion foreign debt remain a world power?” he asked at a press conference with Kuwaiti media personnel. “The Americans have injected their paper wealth into the world economy and today the aftermaths and negative effects of their pseudo-wealth have plagued them.”

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    What a Facebook Recovery Looks Like Vs. What A Real Recovery Looks Like

    To me, the Facebook IPO is a perfect metaphor for the Barack Obama Economy. It has the awesome sales-pitch. Everybody is excited and nobody had better dare talk it down. All the experts touted the cutting-edge science explaining why it was the best idea for the current situation. Then, we’ll let Christina Romer explain bluntly* what exactly happened next.

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    Two Faces and The Same “Death By Ideology”

    Maybe that Lasik Surgery I had a couple of years ago didn’t quite take. Maybe I just got shot in the face with a laser for nothing. I say that because I’m looking at both Louis Farrakhan and Paul Krugman and swear that the two men could be twins. OK, just kidding. The two men could be ideological twins. In fact, I respect Farrakhan more. At least when he hates your guts for being White and Middle Class, it comes from his heart and isn’t just his day job.

    I notice the confluence between these two unlikely figures because each has recently taken to the media to express their despicable hate speech. Farrakhan, I reiterate, extemporaneously speaks his deracinated mind and from his shriveled heart and his iniquitous soul. Krugman, however, writes carefully. He selects his words to reflect the malice towards individuals like myself. He has pickled his views in this hatred the way Korean grocers prepare a jar full of Kim Chi.

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    Roosevelt (T) and Jackson are History’s Guide To Solving “Too Big To Fail”

    We can statistically quantify “Too Big To Fail” in a number of different ways. George Will of the Washington Post is man familiar with the uses (and perhaps the nefarious uses) of quantitative data. He tells us 5 banks hold assets equal to 60% of the GDP. The top 10 banks hold 61% of all commercial banking assets; they only had 26% 20 years ago.

    Will’s basically Conservative bent leads him to not be fond of the Dodd-Frank Act inflicted upon American Industry by the current Obama Regime. I certainly agree and sympathize with this point of view. However, not liking Dodd-Frank is one thing, getting rid of it and the systematic problems that made its overreach tenable is a taller order than merely quantified complaining. To actually dismantle the TBTF Empire and the implicit guarantee it enjoys via Dodd-Frank, it may help us to indulge in some Presidential History involving too great men. President Andrew Jackson foresaw and attempted to prevent this problem. President Theodore Roosevelt solved TBTF in some industries other than banking.

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    Altitude And Distance Vs. Street-Level Reality On Libya

    Two women from two different perspectives have divergent points of view on why the attack of the US Embassy in Benghazi, Libya has remained news. One woman, Obama’s Mouth of Sauron, Stephanie Cutter, approaches the issue from altitude and distance. Another woman, the mother of the now departed Sean Smith, wants to know how her son died, and why the US Government doesn’t give her answers. The contrast is telling. It tells us just how far away the Obama Administration is from the actual concerns of the Little Guy they so piously claim to serve and defend.

    Jeff Emanuel gave Red State readers a good description of Stephanie Cutter’s spin. The spin shows an obdurate lack of basic human empathy for the dead. It shows just how utterly self-preservationist the administration has been concerning the events of September 11, 2012 in Benghazi Libya. Cutter is shown below claiming the issue only has traction because Mitt Romney is exploiting it.

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    Getting It Done Ugly at the Veep Debate

    I’ll raise some hackles this fine morning, but if you speak the truth, have one foot in the stirrup. So here goes. Joe Biden may have looked like a jerk, an ignoramus and a garrulous, intoxicated blowhard; but he almost had to. It was his job to be obnoxious. It was a professional foul, and he succeeded in making The Romney/Ryan ticket shoot foul shots instead of tearing the rim off with an easy slam-dunk.

    There was more positive news for Paul Ryan than I initially believed after I listened to the debate on the radio. I’ll get to Ryan’s positives later. Let’s start off with our friend™ VP Joe Bidenopolis.*, **

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