What Did Congress Do About Hurricane Sandy? Rape it for What It’s Worth!

    When Michael Crichton wrote the novel Eaters of The Dead I doubt he had the current US Senate in mind. He could have, and it wouldn’t have required him to alter the title. The sickening opportunism these elected public servants displayed when presented with the opportunity to pass an emergency relief bill for Hurricane Sandy was an exercise in calculated and cynical ghoulishness. Jon Fleischman of lays out some odious examples of the pork contained in the US Senate Hurricane Sandy relief bill.

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    Progressives Seek To Impose the Iron Cage on America

    Sociologist, Max Weber famously wrote about the good, the bad and the ugly facets of bureaucracies. He saw them as a necessary evil that needed to be kept in check. He feared a technocratic dictatorship of Nietzchean Last Men. Weber’s argument is described below.

    Iron cage, a sociological concept introduced by Max Weber, refers to the increased rationalization inherent in social life, particularly in Western capitalist societies. The “iron cage” thus traps individuals in systems based purely on teleological efficiency, rational calculation and control. Weber also described the bureaucratization of social order as “the polar night of icy darkness”.


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    The Fork In The Road Which Lead Us To The Fiscal Cliff

    The Fiscal Cliff is a problem. We typically blame people not named us when problems occur. It’s easier and less painful than solving the problem. Here the problem is that the current US President and Congress (The US Senate in particular)* have both spectacularly failed in their management of the national fisc.

    If we decided to solve America’s fiscal issues, it wouldn’t hurt to mine some historical data. Since 1950, the United States Government has averaged expenditures proportional to 19.61% of the same year GDP with a standard deviation of 2.25%. Our government has booked revenues equivalent to 17.65% of same year GDP with a standard deviation of 1.26%. If both events occurred at random, we’d have a 6.07% chance of a Federal Budget actually balancing if the spending and the revenues were determined at random.** This would suggest that we’ve set up a systemic and nasty spending problem despite pious insistence otherwise.

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    2012 and Amerika – On The Night Train To The Big Adios

    Well, well, well, it’s December 21st. I was promised an Apocalypse and I even had the pop-corn standing ready beside the microwave oven. Stinkin’ Mayans – they don’t estimate worth a darn!* It doesn’t mean they didn’t have a point. It’s just that this year really stank, and I was excited over the prospect of it actually ending ten days early. I was prepared to chalk up the blown use-or-lose leave and the death of Modern Civilization (if any?) as a couple of negative externalities.

    We’ll have to hold off on that Apocalypse. The Yellowstone Caldera hasn’t shown enough seismic activity to make it worth the trip lately. Fear not, doom-mongers and pessimists. Winter is coming. It’s just a crutch-walk instead of a sprint race. You can take a leisurely stroll to the foothills. Here’s how RMJ thinks it will all end.

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    Lyric Control – How Dr. Righteous Would Have Prevented The Newton Massacre

    It was just last week when Egyptian President Muhammad Morsi came up with the perfect method of morale-conditioning that would prevent unfaithful or disloyal behavior among Egyptians. He banned songs from the radio that weren’t suitably patriotic and morally upright. Mayor Bloomberg, Senator Schumer and Congressman Nadler (HT: Streiff) turn their animus against fire arms instead of Romantic Music. However, each would agree with President Morsi that having too much free will running around loose allows sick people to make iniquitous choices and visit the misery of their inner demons on the rest of us.

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    The Great Benghazi Butt-Fumble – If The US State Dept Were An NFL Franchise

    Sometimes professional sports provide us the perfect metaphor for the utterly Darwinist and unfair world into which we all are hurled at birth. Those who do well, work together. They go all-in like brothers-at-arms and never accept less than the best. We can watch what transpires for the rest below.

    The end result of such tomfoolery is loss of one’s status and livelihood. Results matter, money talks, bull-bleep runs the marathon. You must deliver if you want the pay-wad. If you loaf, you learn the hard way what St. Paul meant in 2 Thessalonians (3:10). That is what is right. That is what is good in life. On the other end of the spectrum we get the US State Department.

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    I Don’t Like Mondays – How A Failed Society Produces Mass Shootings

    People want there to be a reason for everything. People should have a logical reason for any significant thing they do. Life should make sense. Humans so strongly feel the desire for ratiocination to triumph over chaos and that Charles Williams once remarked that “Hell is (the) indefinite.” No matter how bad a tragedy occurs, we try to find a reason or a purpose behind it.

    It is only when we give up trying to figure it out that we call it senseless or lapse into evil satire as Bob Geldof famously did when he heard of the Cleveland Elementary School shooting spree in 1979. So we look for a reason for the seemingly inexplicable things such as Adam Lanza’s shooting spree in A Connecticut Elementary School.

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    Radio Censorship – Egypt Bans Romantic Songs

    The dystopian Science Fiction novel A Canticle For Liebowitz featured one of the best and most articulate examples of what happens when a society rejects modernity en masse. The “Simplication” involved the destruction of all things part and parcel to modern society. This element of destructive rejection resonated amongst the Egyptian grassroots that propelled Muhammad Morsi and The Muslim Brotherhood to power during the tragically misnamed Arab Spring. I predicted this would not be a Renaissance but rather a Bonfire of The Vanities.

    And so here goes your proof. The same people who actually debate whether or not to blow up those idolatrous pyramids at Luxor, are now banning all music from Egyptian State Radio accept “patriotic” tunes. Details of Egypt’s “Day The Music Died” followed below.

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    America Longs For A King

    It was way back in Once-Upon-a-Time Time and the people of Israel grew tired of the anarchy that reigned when they were loosely ruled by individuals known as Judges. They desired order and material benefit, even if it came at the expense of their personal liberties. Thus, the people of Israel asked their current Judge and High Priest Samuel for a king in the following manner.

    4 So all the elders of Israel gathered together and came to Samuel at Ramah. 5 They said to him, “You are old, and your sons do not follow your ways; now appoint a king to lead[b] us, such as all the other nations have.”

    1 Samuel (8:4-5)

    Samuel responded to such concentrated and direct disrespect in a predictable manner. What follows is one of the more amusing epic rants in the entire Old Testament.
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    Detroit, Michigan – America’s Ghost of Christmas Future

    Detroit, Michigan shows us the ruins of a once-great civilization. It does us an even better favor than that. It shows us these ruins as a precautionary warning – while our civilization actually embarks upon collapse. You can view the very artistic now vs. then photos of Cass Technical High School, and see the crash that awaits the rest of America if we continue to believe in impossible things.

    This crash will certainly take place, and Detroit’s future will certainly become yours if you remain foolish enough to believe in Government Claus. Libertarian Author James Payne explains the foolish fallacy of Government Claus below.


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    General Screwtape Gets His (Expletive) Chewed

    It was Zeero-Dark-30 on a bleak December Morning. General Screwtape kind of knew this was coming since the first Tuesday in November. His rather unique and stylish “Master of Puppets” ringtone awakened him. He was not too surprised when he recognized the number as Brimstone HQ.* It wasn’t going to a pleasant morning. The (expletive) – chewing began with gusto.

    “Screwtape! You misbegotten spawn of Beelzbubba! I sent you to America to wage a half-way decent War on Women, and the best you could do is have that idiot Romney put them in binders! And those deals where they only get paid $0.70 for every $1.00 the men get – you’ve seen what’s happened to Male U6 Unemployment, you (expletive)! Sandra Fluke is sending you the tab for her birth control. I’m ordering you to pay it as penance for your pathetic screw-ups! Now I’m feeling particularly jolly this fine morning.**Because of that, I’m sending you a file to read that might save your wretched and villainous career. This here tells you how China keeps the Little Ladies in their proper place!”

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    Hijacking the Senseless Brutality of a Selfish and Iniquitous Man

    If I were to write an obituary for deceased Kansas City Chiefs Linebacker Jovan Belcher, I would suggest he was a talented athlete with poor impulse control who threw away the opportunity to live a happy and fulfilling life by refusing to properly marry the mother of his child. He instead argued with her, chased other women, went home intoxicated and shot her nine times with one of his weapons. He then drove his Rolls Royce to his workplace and deliberately killed himself in front of his coach and the GM who hired him. The child, the girlfriend, The Head Coach and the team GM all suffered the murderous and suicidal tyranny of the selfish.

    But many other people have reasons why Jovan Belcher, shot himself and the mother of his 3-month old baby on Saturday 1 December. They have nothing to do with any decisions made by the 25-year-old adult and generally dove-tail conveniently with ideological causes that these individuals believe in. For example, according to Congresslady DeGette from Colorado, Javon belcher killed neither himself, nor the mother of his three month old baby. The gun leapt out of his hand both times and did it for him.

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    Events get driven by something. The motive power behind what happens in policy and politics can often lie hidden like the mass of an iceberg underneath the sea. Those who bother wondering why President Obama refuses to compromise on anything in order to avoid the “Fiscal Cliff” theorize two primary things. Barack Obama plays the PR angle to make Rethuglicans appear as the political subsumed class* of lackeys to the E-Vil Rich. Others assume he’s Richard Roundtree** and he’s sticking it to the man.

    Both of these conjectures see only the tip of the iceberg. There are two possible errors in assuming either explains our President’s behavior in total. The first mistake is to assume that Barack Obama completely drives this train. The second is to assume that he reacts totally based on his ideological battles against Conservatism. Assuming a bond fealty between Barack Obama and his committed core of followers causes me to realize that President Obama (and much of the rest of the professional left in America) has strapped himself in for a ride on the tiger. He’s driving the bus from the movie “Speed.”

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    Getting The Revenge They Voted For – Practical Uses of The Fiscal Cliff

    Well, well, well. We have another crisis. It’s called “The Fiscal Cliff” and it just can’t go to waste. Somewhere, probably in the same non-descript warehouse that the GOP stores Dick Cheney’s old weather control ray, Evil Republicans are plotting….They want to steal MY2K!*

    Well, no. They don’t want to steal anyone’s 2K and they lack the power to if they tried. This is not MY2K. This money belongs to people who generally (but with some hideous exceptions) are among the smartest, hardest-working and capable in America. I wrote earlier concerning the morally detestable class-warfare Democrats.

    Any person who voted for Barack Obama for the express purpose of having him utilize the US tax and regulatory apparatus to take money away from the rich and give it to them personally, is the moral equivalent of a bank robber. Neither I, nor any other person alive, is entitled to two red cents out of another person’s stash just because we don’t have as much.

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    The GOP Sugar-Daddy

    The General Accounting Office estimated that domestic sugar producers reaped about $1 billion in 1998 as are result of this policy. However, 42 percent of the total benefits to sugarcane and sugar beet growers went to just one percent of all producers; indeed, just seventeen sugarcane farms collected over half of all the cane growers’ benefits.

    (HT: Café

    So let’s say someone on your Christmas List is lucky and up there in The Iniquitous 1%™. Let’s furthermore assume that She/He/IT cares about the 99%™ almost as much as Senator Warren and Ward Churchill bleed Indian Red, but not quite. What do you get the ruthless, plutocratic (expletive) that has everything for Christmas? The answer is obvious. !More Government!

    Here’s how Proud Republican Congressman Tom Rooney helps fill the stocking of Amerikan Agri-OPEC.

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