Kermit Gosnell, Nihilism, Tolerance, and The Evil of The Blur

    She once had to kill a baby delivered in a toilet, cutting its neck with scissors, she said. Asked if she knew that was wrong, she said, “At first I didn’t.”

    – Nurse Moton, Gosnell’s Abortion Clinic (HT:NRO)

    Wow! Mrs. Peacock, in the toilet, with the scissors. I don’t think they have all the cards for that in your typical edition of Clue™. Should she not have done that? Let’s stop and evaluate…Is the average American still decent enough as a human being to even figure that out anymore? I’m disgusted enough to have to stop and wonder. Is America still a civilized enough nation to teach its citizens that this is a bad thing?

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    Explaining The Minimum Wage To Harvard Law Professor Elizabeth Warren

    Being the profoundly intellectual and curious individual we all know her to be, Senator Elizabeth Warren is on the warpath for answers.* Her null hypothesis clearly remains that there is no such thing as a stupid question. Otherwise, she never would have asked the following:

    “If we started in 1960, and we said that, as productivity goes up — that is, as workers are producing more — then the minimum wage is going to go up the same,” the Massachusetts senator said during the hearing. “And, if that were the case, the minimum wage today would be about $22 an hour. So, my question … is what happened to the other $14.75?” she asked University of Massachusetts professor of economics Arindrajit Dube:

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    The Demon Behind the Benevolent Mask of the Welfare State II: Property Rights Edition

    “While assessing the proposed additional levy on bank accounts in Cyprus, Putin said that such a decision, should it be made, would be unfair, unprofessional and dangerous,” Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov told journalists.

    (HT: Yahoo News)

    It’s rare that I find myself admiring Vladimir Putin as a human rights visionary. It was a glaring omission from the syllabus back when the KGB used to train agents for USSR. Be that as it may, even Communists and Fascists sometimes make valid points. It makes their evil all the more pernicious, but it doesn’t make Vladimir incorrect in his assessment of the Eurozone’s behavior towards Cyprus this past weekend.

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    Delaying the Great, Green Luxury Tax

    Despite many improvements in air and water quality, the planetary environment on Earth remains less than perfect. Skeptics disbelieving this statement are inclined to point out the flawed and dishonest science of Michael Mann and his happy band of chic climate agonists. They then remind us all of the baronial arrogance behind such monstrous legislation as The Warmer-Lieberman Climate Stewardship Act. Defending my statement against these mockers is as easy as googling “China, drinking water, dead pigs.” The Tragedy of The Commons described by Garrett Hardin has truly come to pass in much of the Modern World.

    So the knee-jerk reaction to all of this is to assume the Left is right and that we have no hope of salvation without an industry-crippling carbon tax. One way to test the truth of this hypothesis would be to examine the actions of powerful, Left-leaning political figures empowered to work their will on environmental policy in the face of ineffective opposition. If they really had the answer, and the field was clear for Red Grange to run wild, then they would be off to the end zone with the latest Carbon Tax or regulatory ukase. Yet in both Europe and in America, such is not the case, and therein lies an interesting tale.

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    Pope Francis: A Simple Man For A Complex Time

    “Preach the gospel and when necessary use words.” – St. Francis of Assisi

    I am bad. I am sinful. I am utter, degraded moral filth*. I also exaggerate when I blog and haven’t been to confession lately. I am a living, breathing part of what could be termed as Christianity’s massive free rider problem. I have benefitted tremendously from everything that Christianity has given to the world and not given back even a tithing in return.

    To make wretched matters worse; I’m not even Catholic but intend to blog about the new Pontifex Maximus anyhow. To mitigate this somewhat, I intend to accentuate the positive. My initial impression is that he is the absolutely perfect choice to deliver a critical tandem of moral messages. Simple does not equal stupid, complex and modern do not automatically equal good.

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    By Hook Or By Crook, They Will Get Their Revenue

    In what had to be one of the more epic political understatements of the last five years, President Obama announced in his grandiloquent, condescending manner that he wouldn’t balance the budget just for the sake of balance. Well that’s a relief. Maybe our President could try balancing it so that we don’t wind up allocated a significant chunk of our GDP in the out years to paying off our current year ongoing spending binge. Oh, wait, I get it! The light bulb just turned on. President Obama doesn’t even intend to TRY and balance the Federal Budget. Wow! That makes it easy.

    So if we no longer care about balancing the Federal Budget in any way, shape or form, could we all just scrap the idea of jacking everyone’s taxes through the roof. I mean Ben Bernanke will just print us out of any trouble. The dollar is the world’s de facto currency. Our government’s spending is no problem. Therefore, we can all just keep our money and live happily ever after in our Post-Modern, Disney Consumption Land. Barack Obama is far too nice a gentleman to even consider another round of tax increases. Bwank! Thanks for playin’!

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    The “Good” Republicans Kill Conservatism

    Why We Need Great Republicans Not “Good” Ones. Step forward, Senators McCain and Graham: we hear That you are good men. You cannot be bought, But only because the McCain-Feingold Law prohibits those who would spend their money to inform the electoral process from speaking. You hold to what you said. But what did you say? Or do you even deign | Read More »

    The “Good” Republicans Kill Conservatism

    Why We Need Great Republicans Not “Good” Ones. Step forward, Senators McCain and Graham: we hear That you are good men. You cannot be bought, But only because the McCain-Feingold Law prohibits those who would spend their money to inform the electoral process from speaking. You hold to what you said. But what did you say? Or do you even deign | Read More »

    Citizens, Subjects and The Curse of Too Big To Fail Banking

    Celebrity CEO Jamie Dimon has made a compelling case against breaking up major US financial institutions. He cites the advantages inherent to economies of scale and claims that bigger banks are able to get better leverage out of their assets and thereby give average customers like little old me a better deal on financial products.

    What doesn’t get mentioned by Dimon and his entourage is the power of moral hazard, the implicit subsidy and the blackmail potential that all come implicitly with being a bank that is too big to fail. Without indulging in paranoia worthy of Beppe Grillo and looking for the Bankster under the bed, we still can make a reasonable case that bigger banks are given significant advantages that exempt them from the laws that mere mortals like little old me are forced to obey if we desire a peaceful life.

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    Citizens, Subjects and The Greatness of Rand Paul’s Filibuster

    There are two ways you can relate to the entity that governs you. You are either a citizen or you are a subject. There is a significant difference between the two. This difference involves the number of rights you enjoy and the amount of freedom of action and thought you get to exercise. Tupac Shapur sums it succinctly: Real n—– do they wanna do, b—- n—– do what they can.

    In a philosophical sense, Senator Rand Paul just asked Attorney General Eric Holder which class we, the average American fit. Can we do what we want or do we what we can? Or more directly; can the people in charge of the government do what they want? Because if the government can do what it wants, then the people are not citizens, they are subjects, they have to do what they can.

    This political moment of import erupted from a rather mundane Senate Hearing. President Barack Obama needed a new Director CIA Director. His former Director, David Petraeus was ummm, compromised. He selected John Brennan and expected that the Senate would advise, consent and go back to playing with their Power Ranger Action Figures instead of passing a Federal Budget. Then a wee fly landed in the ointment

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    Hugo Chavez Esta Muerta

    Time Magazine amazes me this morning. It prints one of the most intelligent and thoughtful descriptions of who and what Venezuelan Dictator Hugo Chavez was during his brief, frightening and frenetic life.

    Chávez called himself a “21st century socialist.” In reality he was a throwback to the dogmatic and authoritarian 20th century socialism of Castro, Cuba’s former dictator, and to the 19th century caudillo tradition of Chávez’s demigod, South American independence hero Simón Bolívar. Chávez hoped that being democratically elected would obscure the fact that he didn’t govern all that democratically. It didn’t. So it’s tempting to dismiss him as an anachronism, a vulgar populist famous for gratuitous yanqui bashing — for calling then U.S. President George W. Bush a malodorous “devil” at the U.N. in 2006 — an erratic and messianic retro-revolutionary whose country’s vast petrowealth let him indulge his Marxist nostalgia.

    For many, Hugo Chavez was a living, breathing throwback to the Cold War Era. A fitting reminder of how dead, backwards and bereft of original thought the so-called Progressives truly are. This was their icon, their Homo Universale. Ecce Homo! That man was Hugo Chavez.

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    Immigration, Unemployment, The Golden Dawn and The Not-So-Funny Side of Beppe Grillo

    So just how do we construct a valid set that that contains poorly-regulated immigration, unemployment, The Golden Dawn, and Beppe Grillo? If we’re lucky, here in America, we probably cannot. So, as Cliff Eastwood famously asked. “Are you feeling lucky?”

    Now given the nice, violent intro and the unresolved rhetorical queries above, I should explain this all a bit. I’ll endeavor below. The governments of what we typically refer to as The West are following a set of economic policies and a set of immigration policies that are accidentally making the rise of a politically influential fascist movement more likely in the Western World.

    If things work out really badly over here, we could easily be on our way to having people gain power in America like Governor Huey Long. We once had a President who thanked and congratulated Filmmaker D.W Griffith on his pro – Ku Klux Klan historical fantasy “Birth of a Nation.”

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    The Tears of a Clown Named Beppe Grillo

    You want to hear something funny? The most powerful guy in Italy right now is a former stand-up artist named Beppe Grillo. He went from being a joke for a living to leading a political movement that won 25% of the vote in Italy’s Parliamentary Elections. The temptation here is to write the whole thing off as an attention-grabbing stunt.

    Yawn! Grillo dubbed his 5-Star Movement a “non-party.” I’m amazed a smart guy like Ross Perot forgot to copyright that. Many of the people he won over were outsiders who were registering a protest vote against the status quo. Grillo got them out to the polls, and observers had the following reaction.

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    Harold Myerson Authors A Fireworks Display of Remarkable Unintelligence

    The Washington Post treats us to a particularly fact-free, faith-based, disingenuous sermon from the Secular Gospel of Keynes entitled Sequestration Stupidity. The preacher, Harold Myerson, perhaps has handled one snake too many and the venom has enstupidated his brain. It seems he doesn’t care for sequestration. It makes him sad that government just can’t spend whatever it bloody well pleases. He laments the evil of people who believe that governments should live within a budget.

    Like an uninspired, hung-over reverend, Myerson attempts to preach a set of moral values he does not practice using a parable that represents the world as the world is not. We get treated to homilies of the sort that follow below.

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    Maxine Waters Wins A Fields Medal

    Sequestration isn’t as bad as I exaggerated it to be yesterday. It’s worse. Out of the 143 Million people who work, Sequestration will cause 170 Million of them to lose their jobs. It’s Obamacare on steroids and it’s growing huge.

    OK, so that’s a wee tad inaccurate. It could even be argued that Congresswoman Maxine Waters respects the truth about as much as Occupy Wall Street demonstrators respect police cars. She sincerely has no clue what Sequestration will do or will not do to U3, U6 or U235 unemployment rates. But hey, look! A microphone! Journalists!

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