Trump Administration Okays Keystone Pipeline


The AHCA — better understood as the GOP’s watered-down-like-an-Applebee’s-cocktail version of Obamacare — has produced the worst kind of political silliness from the Republican Party. Not only is the bill unserious, despite the fact that the party had seven years to put something serious together, promising the entire time to do so, but it’s so unpopular among conservatives that bribes and threats are apparently being | Read More »

By now you have heard about the horrifying rape of a 14-year old student at Rockville High School in Montgomery County, Maryland. Two illegal immigrants, one 18 years of age and one 17, attacked the girl in a bathroom. Both alleged attackers were detained by immigration authorities but released prior to trial. Both made their way to Montgomery County, which has been a sanctuary county | Read More »


I Hope He Fails

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