Media Finally Goads Trump into Giving, errr, Pledging His Own Money to Vets

After months and months of hounding by the media, in particular the Washington Post, Donald Trump has finally been shamed into at least stating a hypothetical definition for the $1M of his own money he pledged to give to Veterans at his “Trump for Veterans” rally in Iowa. Over the months, Trump has dodged, waffled, and equivocated about this money, which he repeatedly claimed he | Read More »

Trumpidian Shocker: Donald Trump No Longer Self-Funding

He’s a typical politician. The horror!

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Did Donald Trump Lie About Giving $1 Million Of His Own Money To Veterans

Donald Trump claims he donated $1 million to veterans charities as part of his January 28 fundraising event. Why is he so resistant to providing documentation that such a donation was made?

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VA Secretary Refuses to Apologize to Disney for Lying about Disney

VA Secretary Bob McDonald is not going to let little things like facts, or the deaths of people entrusted to his care get in the way of a good political line. As we noted yesterday, McDonald blew off concerns that people were dying waiting for care at VA Hospitals with a line about how Disney doesn’t measure wait times when they consider when they have | Read More »

What The Hell? IRS Employee: Yes, I Am Going To Target Conservative Groups

When there are no consequences for actions, people can just brazenly say they’re going to come after you. Nobody has ever faced any kind of discipline for what went on at the IRS. While the justice department found there was no criminal activity as it related to Lois Lerner, there is no doubt IRS employees targeted conservative groups, making the process for getting tax exempt | Read More »

Why A Donald Trump Presidency Can Only End Conservatism If We Let It

There is an improbably claim floating about that Donald Trump represents a threat to conservatism. He doesn’t but some conservatives are.

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IRS Commissioner John Koskinen Tells Judiciary Committee To DIAF

IRS Commissioner John Koskinen told the House Judiciary Committee that they’d have to hold their impeachment hearing without him

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New Mexico Governor Susana Martinez is “Really Busy” and Can’t Campaign with Trump

New Mexico Governor Susana Martinez is "Really Busy" and Can't Campaign with Trump

So Donald Trump held a raucous rally in Albuquerque, NM yesterday, but one New Mexico Republican was, um, “unable” to attend: governor Susana Martinez. Her stated excuse was that she ...

John Kasich Not Ready to Ride the Trump Train

At this point, neither Kasich, Cruz, or Rubio have formally endorsed nominee Trump.

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BREAKING: State Department Audit Concludes Hillary Clinton Lied, Broke Federal Regulations with Private Email Server

An internal State Department audit which was just released has concluded that Hillary Clinton broke Federal regulations and record-keeping laws through her use of a private email server, and specifically refuted some of the claims Clinton has repeatedly made about her email arrangement. Specifically, the report refutes Clinton’s repeated assertion that her use of a private email server was approved for use by the State | Read More »

Are Rush Limbaugh and Talk Radio in Trouble?

Politico Magazine has a story right now that purports to show that Rush Limbaugh’s business model is in financial trouble. I am no expert on the radio business but I suspect that the article points out a real phenomenon that exists but gets the cause all wrong. The article posits a few interesting points that some of us here have been making for months – | Read More »

Rick Santorum Endorses Donald Trump (VIDEO)

In the latest of a cascade of defections by social conservatives to Donald Trump, Rick Santorum has formally endorsed him

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Riotous Anti-Trump Provocateurs Turn More Violent, Injure Police

Riotous provocateurs threw burning T-shirts, plastic bottles and other items at police officers, injuring several, and toppled trash cans and barricades. Police responded by firing pepper spray and smoke grenades into the crowd outside the Albuquerque Convention Center, which was packed with thousands of loud and cheering Trump supporters:

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Looks Like Trump Has Found Ben Carson’s New Job: Selling Trump as a Christian

Donald had to fire Dr. Carson from his post as Vice President picker, but only because he was terrible at it and also Trump has no respect for him. But they’re stuck together, and it looks like Trump has found a new job for the former candidate: Christianity. If you’re a Christian, you’ve probably noticed that Donald Trump is terrible at pretending to be a | Read More »

Ryan To Endorse Trump? Trump Camp Says Yes, Ryan Camp Says No

Paul Ryan outfoxed Donald Trump when he at first said he was not “ready” to endorse him for President. Trump went on one of his usual tirades threatening to have Ryan removed as the Committee Chairman at the Republican National Convention. Ryan responded by saying, “Hey if you want to me step down, I will.” He wasn’t drawn into one of Trump’s usual pissing matches | Read More »

VIDEO: Everyone Hates Debbie Wasserman Schultz (and She Might Be OUT)

Debbie Wasserman Schultz is a disagreeable, shrill, abrasive person. But don’t take my word for it. Take the word of everyone in the entire world.

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Let The Garment Rending Begin: Tuesday’s Vote Totals and Delegate Count Update Despair-a-thon

The bad, the ugly, and the very bad and ugly.

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Dear Romney, Coburn & Sasse. It’s time to step up.

Despite the stories that continue to make their way into the media, #NeverTrump is not circling the drain. It’s growing. As Donald Trump continues to show how unprepared he is to be president or, as some like myself claim, show how mentally unbalanced he is, more and more people are saying they’ll never vote for the guy. However, they’re also saying they won’t vote for | Read More »

Washington State Primary Open Thread

Tonight we tally up the votes from the Washington State Republican primary so we can see how many people voted for someone other than Trump. Then we’ll update the depressing delegate totals. Since he is running unopposed, it won’t be exciting. But you can be excited because this is an OPEN THREAD. Share your woes.

Carly Confirms for the RedState Gathering!

Yep, you heard it here first! One of the rockstars of last year’s RedState Gathering in Atlanta is joining us again in Denver this August. Make plans to join us today. Carly is a tested leader. She has battled breast cancer and buried a child. She started out as a secretary for a small real estate business and became a leader in technology, business and | Read More »

Disney vs Big Government: Sanders Takes a Swing At Mickey

Disney is efficient. Sanders is a liar.

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Sorry Religious Schools, Your Bathrooms Are Now A ‘Target’ Too

They have a goal in mind. They’re taking it one step at a time.

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Seriously, I’m Asking. What Is It With Hillary and Dogs? [VIDEO]

This is getting weird, you guys.

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