The Idiotic Sanctimony over Nazi Comparisons is Making a Second Holocaust More Likely

Apparently, former Massachusetts Governor (and current Libertarian Party VP contender) William Weld said last week that Donald Trump’s plan to deport 11 million immigrants in less than a year reminded him of Kristallnacht. That pronouncement, which I completely missed even though I follow the news pretty obsessively, was enough to provoke some personal injury lawyer in Pennsylvania to pen this hyperventilating column on CNN about | Read More »

Donald Trump Likely To “Further Define” Position As He Courts Muslims

The Donald Trump campaign is actively reaching out to Muslim groups

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Confirmed: Bad News For Trump Supporters: He’s Not Bringing In New Voters

Donald Trump is getting a lot of votes in the primaries. There is some debate as to whether or not he already has the most amount of votes of any GOP candidate in the primaries or if he is still behind George W. Bush from 2000. The data reported for GWB differs. Regardless, Trump will likely wind up with around twelve million votes. It is | Read More »

HOORAY: Clinton’s Cigar is Back in the News! (VIDEO)

Trump has ramped up his attacks on both Clintons in his latest ad, an 18 second Instagram video featuring voice-overs of women from Bill Clinton’s sordid past, including Kathleen Wiley and Juanita Broddrick.

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Water Cooler 5/23/16 – OPEN THREAD – Peace Prize Prez, Tooth pics, Fastball, Quickhits

 Might as well have it out Friday, Erick Erickson encouraged Mitt Romney to go ahead and run third party.  It’s about nine lines of copy. Not a lengthy tome by any stretch. He admitted to not backing Romney in previous White House runs, but argued this time is different. Today, Daily Caller Senior Editor Jamie Weinstein has taken up the flag also suggesting Mitt Romney might be | Read More »

Obama Diverted Real Zika Money to Fight the Fake Problem of Climate Change

Over at the Daily Signal, Oklahoma Senator James Lankford has a great op-ed about how Barack Obama took $500M that could have been used to fight the real problem of Zika and diverted it to fight the fake problem of climate change. Granted, that amount of money is kind of a drop in the bucket in the federal budget, but it does illustrate the casual | Read More »

Hillary Clinton Is The Most Anti-Second Amendment Candidate Ever [VIDEO]

Sen. Jeff Sessions was a reliable conservative until he decided to jump on board the Trump train for whatever insane reason. But that doesn’t mean he can’t still be right about some things.

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Guess Who Else was an Enabler of Bill Clinton’s Rape? Donald Trump. (VIDEO)

Guess Who Else was an Enabler of Bill Clinton's Rape? Donald Trump. (VIDEO)

Since January, Donald Trump has attacked Hillary Clinton as an “enabler” of Bill Clinton’s sexual misadventures, including Clinton’s alleged rape of Juanita Broaddrick. He has repeatedly said that the reason ...

Donald Trump, China, Trade – and Intellectual Property Theft

We are in the midst of a presidential race that is fundamentally changing how many view – and thought they knew – politics. Donald Trump especially is radically altering that map. What many thought were permanent lines – turned out to be drawn on an Etch-a-Sketch. That the presumptive Republican nominee has spent the last year shaking into oblivion. Much of what Trump has altered | Read More »

Why Does the Left Think Donald Trump Might Win?

It has hardened into an article of faith among conservatives that Trump will lose in a landslide. I’ve seen talk of Clinton winning 500 electoral votes. Having looked at my own record of predictions this election cycle (my only correct one was predicting that Rubio would flame out) and those of other folks, I think that, no matter how much we loathe Trump, we need | Read More »

SAD: Poll Shows Neither Party Happy With Their Nominee

This election season has devolved into a situation where Democrats and Republicans alike can agree on one thing: Both sides are pretty dissatisfied with the candidate they’re getting saddled with.

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In Venezuela, Net Neutrality Does In Fact Mean Internet Censorship

Venezuela is an official Socialist Utopia disaster area. (It would be nice if Team Bernie Sanders and his Democrat cohorts were paying attention – but who are we kidding.) The United States State Department issued a travel warning back on September 18 (which still appears to be in place). The news, meanwhile, is chock full of horror stories for the people of Venezuela – the | Read More »

The Time Has Never Been Better For A Third Party Run

People don’t like Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton. Both of them are likely going to be the nominees for the Republican and Democrat Parties respectively. It really is something to witness as poll after poll shows both of them with very high unfavorable ratings. When asked people are saying their votes are being driven in large part by voting against the other candidate instead of in | Read More »

Is Fox News Purposely Mischaracterizing #NeverTrump?

It seems after all this time there is still some confusion about what #NeverTrump is and what the majority of people who tweet under its hashtag intend this elections season. Check out Brit Hume and Howard Kurtz on Fox News over the weekend trading thoughts on how much they should purposely marginalize any news from #NeverTrump because it is, as Howard Kurtz described it, “desperate.” | Read More »

Called it: Trump Implies that Hillary Clinton Killed Vince Foster

Like Ron Paul, there’s no such thing as a conspiracy theory that Donald Trump will not believe. There’s a reason that people like Alex Jones exist, and that’s because a person who believes one insane conspiracy will most likely believe them all. Which is why, the day after Indiana, I said this:   Dear Media, Someone ask Donald Trump if he thinks Hillary Clinton killed | Read More »

Large Portion of Polled Voters Uncomfortable With a President Trump

He doesn’t have the kind of experience they want in a president.

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Hillary Still Working Gender Card, But From a Different Angle

Hillary the Unaccomplished is still playing the gender card. At this point, that’s all she has left in the campaign. She’s been in the public eye for years, but name recognition is not the same as being qualified for the job of president. Since she saw Barack Obama use the race card so victoriously in 2008 (and even 2012), I’m sure Hillary believed the gender card | Read More »

BOOM: Disney Responds to VA Secretary’s Comments About Measuring Wait Times

Perhaps the VA could take a page out of Disney’s book instead of trying to compare themselves to them.

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OK, Mr. Art-of-the-Deal, Let’s Negotiate.

When your only tool is a hammer, every problem is a nail; to Trump, everything is a negotiation. An election is nothing more than a protracted negotiation with various interest groups (“the blacks”, “the Hispanics”, “the evangelicals”, etc.), not a competition among statesmen vying to win the support of voters. In a negotiation, every party has its own motives; a good negotiator works to understand each | Read More »

You Won’t Believe Why Hillary Bagman Terry McAuliffe Is Under Federal Investigation

Shocking news from Virginia.

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Pro-Trump Super PAC Brags: A Trump-Newt Ticket Would have Six Ex-Wives!

Yeah, “brags” is the right word there. I’m not even exaggerating a little bit.

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PANIC: Florida Planned Parenthood Evacuated Due to Unknown Substance Called “Baby Food”

While no details are currently available as to the kind of substance, it could be anything from apple sauce, to mashed peas.

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Trump Looking for Evangelicals to Finance His Campaign

And he points.

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