Hillary Clinton? Still Not Inevitable

Hillary Clinton? Still Not Inevitable

Are you exhausted yet? It's only October of 2015. We still have more than a year until the general election, and between now and then, much will happen. If you ...

Should House Republicans Draft Paul Ryan To Be Speaker?

The great subplot of the moment, with Rep. Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) 61% stepping aside from the race to replace Rep. John Boehner (R-OH) N/A% and become the 54th person to serve as Speaker of the House, is whether Boehner and others in the GOP caucus can convince Ways and Means Chairman Paul Ryan to step up and take the | Read More »

The Trans-Pacific Partnership Will Expand Freedom And Reward Excellence.

President Barack Obama has taken some valuable time off from wrecking the Middle East and fomenting cultural civil war within our nation. He has gotten bored enough with community organizing to actually accomplish something that could be in the long term best interests of The United States of America. That would be a free trade agreement known as The Trans-Pacific Partnership. I generally like free | Read More »

Obama’s Iran Deal Violates a Law Obama Signed in 2012

Wouldn’t you know it? Barack Obama’s Iran Deal promised things it legally can’t do: At issue is a passage tucked away in ancillary paperwork attached to the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action, or JCPOA, as the Iran nuclear deal is formally known. Specifically, Section 5.1.2 of Annex II provides that in exchange for Iranian compliance with the terms of the deal, the U.S. “shall…license non-U.S. entities | Read More »

Hillary flip flops on ObamaTrade and it doesn’t matter

Yesteday, Hillary Clinton announced that she opposed the Trans Pacific Partnership: Hillary Clinton announced her opposition Wednesday to the Pacific Rim trade deal, breaking with President Obama in another move to the left for her presidential campaign. The front-runner for the Democratic nomination gave Obama a heads-up of her opposition before announcing she’d oppose the Trans-Pacific ­Partnership (TPP) in an interview with PBS “NewsHour” host | Read More »

Trey Gowdy to Elijah Cummings: so, hey, Sidney Blumenthal profited from the Libyan civil war?

Trey Gowdy sent a remarkably savage letter to Elijah Cummings, and Rep. Cummings deserved every letter of it.

Read More »

State Department: Russia is only in Syria because we are winning

Sometimes you really hope that the Obama administration thinks we are all so stupid that we believe whatever they say, because if they actually believe the stuff they are saying we are really f***ed. The Russian airstrikes on Syria are a sign that U.S. policy is working, a senior State Department official told shocked Syrian-American advocates in a private meeting on Monday. The “Russians wouldn’t | Read More »

It is Time to Question Ben Carson’s Personal Diligence (VIDEO)

It is time to become concerned with the personal diligence of Ben Carson, with respect to the preparation he has put into running for President. In what is becoming a sadly familiar refrain, Carson was once again today unable to answer a very basic question about United States policy, or to even be prepared to discuss the subject knowledgeably (or even conversantly). In this instance, | Read More »

Technology Shall Be the Death of Hillary

As many people keep saying, “Drip. Drip. Drip.” WASHINGTON – A Connecticut company, which backed up Hillary Clinton‘s emails at the request of a Colorado firm, apparently surprised her aides by storing the emails on a “cloud” storage system designed to optimize data recovery. The firm, Datto Inc., said Wednesday that it turned over the contents of its storage to the FBI on Tuesday. The FBI | Read More »

The End Comes Soon for Trump

A little noticed event earlier this week brought ominous tidings to the Trump 2016 campaign, which spent most of the summer riding high on a wave of triumphalism and defiance against the GOP establishment machine. Donald Trump held a campaign event in Iowa, and CNN didn’t even acknowledge that it was happening. Indeed, while the assembled crowd waited to hear the latest Trump Brand Pablum | Read More »







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