HEARTBROKEN: Ariana Grande Apologizes To The World

Susan Wright

Social media accounts that support the Islamic State were very active leading up to the Manchester bombing that killed 19 and injured more than 50 others. According to the Daily Caller, many of these accounts were calling on supporters to “hunt your prey” in the hours leading up to the attack. The accounts provided information on U.K. community centers, government buildings and tourist areas, according | Read More »


By now, you’ve likely seen the countless media reports about Vice President Pence having students walk out of his commencement speech this past weekend at the Notre Dame Commencement. The mainstream media feverishly covered it, as though this was a large scale protest indicative of growing opposition to the Trump-Pence Administration. In reality, that just wasn’t the case. In reality, that just wasn’t the case. | Read More »

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