Tom Price Is Okay If We Keep Discussing Obamacare Overhaul Before Voting On It

Joe Cunningham
Seton Motley | Red State |

After Congressman Steve Scalise was shot at baseball practice by a deranged leftist gunman, you would think that Democrats would cool their rhetoric about Republicans being murderers. Liberal rhetoric has reached a fever pitch over Obamacare repeal, ranging from the constant drumbeat that Donald Trump is a Russian puppet to Sen. Elizabeth Warren claiming that money saved through Republican attempts to reduce healthcare deficits is | Read More »

bernie and jane sanders

Senator Bernie Sanders, who is enjoying relevancy he’s never before experienced, is also having to deal with the fact that his wife’s (and, subsequently, his) legal predicament is now being discussed by a lot more people. For those unaware, both Jay and I have covered this story in the last few days, because it’s getting a lot of attention. Politico Magazine wrote a huge piece on | Read More »

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