VIDEO and TRANSCRIPT of Trump’s Announcement of New Afghanistan Strategy

Teri Christoph

One of the little known facts about US military involvement in South Korea, during the Korean War and thereafter, was that there were several American defectors to North Korea. Twenty-one GIs refused to return to the United States from North Korean and Chinese prisoner-of-war camps though most of those ended up in the US eventually. Since the armistice there have been other US defectors: Larry | Read More »

Donald Trump's Mar-a-Lago Resort

Unforeseen political fallout is starting to have a direct affect not only on the President politically, but professionally. Given the controversies, contradictions, and the growing number of firings and defections, it is perfectly excusable if you felt compelled to describe Trump’s administration as a zoo. What is rather stark is when this description becomes unacceptable to an actual zoo. In light of many of the | Read More »

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