An industrial nation of prosperity, opportunity and achievement.

    Obama needs us to think he is a leftist, because it our opposition to him on those grounds that gives him the support of the leftist and socialist supporters. But his behavior is not socialist. Socialists build factories, and coal plants. They dam rivers, level forests, pollute the air and water to build huge sterile cities to house factories and houses for the working class. People being put to work in industry comes first to Socialists regardless of the cost to the environment. Obama is no socialist.

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    Putting the cart before the horse, why a third party may evolve.

    From the diaries by Erick. Well done piece! For those of you that never actually had close contact with equines the term means that if you have something to pull with, you can get something to pull. The horse provides the energy, not the cart, and first you need a source of energy. Erick Erickson takes a brave stand given the clear intent of this | Read More »