VIDEO: Democrat Lawmaker Wastes Time On House Floor Defending Hateful Anti-Police “Art”

Susan Wright
FILE - In this June 6, 2013 file photo, the National Security Agency (NSA) campus in Fort Meade, Md.  Allegations of retaliation against a whistleblower at the NSA have left its top watchdog fighting for his job, according to an intelligence official and another individual familiar with the case. The case could offer some credence to Edward Snowden’s claim that he could not have reported the government’s domestic surveillance program without facing reprisals. George Ellard, the NSA’s inspector general, was placed on administrative leave after he refused to give the whistleblower a certain job assignment.  (AP Photo/Patrick Semansky, File)

Funny how this happened right now, isn’t it?

Vice President-elect Mike Pence, center, points to former Sen. Jim DeMint, president, The Heritage Foundation before addressing the Heritage Foundation's 2016 President's Club Meeting in Washington, Tuesday, Dec. 6, 2016. (AP Photo/Cliff Owen)

The rumored departure of Jim DeMint from the Heritage Foundation is a shot across the bow to Constitutional conservatives. My friend, the former U.S. Senator from South Carolina, is one of the key reasons that we have complete Republican government in Washington today. DeMint was Tea Party before Tea Party was cool, and he began the Conservative wave that elected Ted Cruz, Mike Lee, and | Read More »

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