Brian Williams’s magical Iraq combat experience

    Brian Williams's magical Iraq combat experience

    The spray-tanned, blow-dried face of NBC News is in the spotlight. But one he’d prefer to be out of. It seems that for a decade he’s been flogging a story that a helicopter he was commuting on in Iraq in 2003 was shot down. Williams made the claim while presenting NBC coverage of the tribute to the retired command sergeant major at the Rangers game | Read More »

    Democrats may boycott Netanyahu speech… or not

    Democrats may boycott Netanyahu speech... or not

    This really isn’t news. I mean they are Democrats. And boycotting American allies is just how they roll. Politico does the stenography job for the White House in a story titled Democrats might skip Benjamin Netanyahu speech Dozens of House Democrats are privately threatening to skip the March 3 address, according to lawmakers and aides, in what’s become the lowest point of a relationship between | Read More »

    John Judis: About That Inevitable, Permanent Majority for the Democrats

    John Judis: About That Inevitable, Permanent Majority for the Democrats

    A few days ago, John Judis, the co-author of the book on every liberal’s bookshelf, The Emerging Democratic Majority, took to the pages of National Journal to write an article called The Emerging Republican Advantage. At the time, some commentators, including me, hailed the onset of an enduring Democratic majority. And the arguments in defense of this view did seem to be backed by persuasive evidence. | Read More »

    Chris Christie embraces Obama’s slur of pro-life movement

    Chris Christie embraces Obama's slur of pro-life movement

    Obama and his followers have long been fond of slurring the pro-life movement by saying pro-lifers don’t care about children or people once they’ve been born. This, of course, is patent nonsense. If you look at the organizations and the people who support the larger pro-life movement you generally find the same organizations and people actively involved in adoption, foster care, elder care, helping the | Read More »

    Muslim Brotherhood calls for ‘uncompromising jihad’ following visit to State Department

    Muslim Brotherhood calls for 'uncompromising jihad' following visit to State Department

    Earlier this week and mostly beneath the radar a delegation of Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood made an official visit to the State Department. In case your memory needs refreshing, the Muslim Brotherhood is a hardline Islamist group that gained control of Egypt after the ouster of Mubarak… and lasted until their rapacity and stupidity couldn’t be tolerated by the Egyptian army. The Muslim Brotherhood is a | Read More »

    Obama’s America is Iran’s newest client state

    Obama's America is Iran's newest client state

    There have been a lot of stunning things associated with Obama’s foreign policy but perhaps none is quite so dramatic as watching the administration  gradually becoming a de facto  client of Iran. You read that correctly. We have be come an Iranian client state because we are carrying out diplomatic and military actions that further Iran’s geopolitical strategy while getting us absolutely nothing in return. | Read More »

    White House: Taliban are not terrorists

    White House: Taliban are not terrorists

    I suppose that if Daniel Patrick Moynihan was right and we can define deviancy down, there is really no good reason why terrorism can’t be defined down, too. Via ABC’s Jon Karl: They act like terrorists, they regularly kill civilians like terrorists, but the White House does not consider the Afghan Taliban to be a terrorist group. “They do carry out tactics that are akin | Read More »

    Senate support for Iran sanctions are gathering steam

    Senate support for Iran sanctions are gathering steam

    Yesterday I posted a story covering an impending and large scale Democrat defection from the administration over its mismanagement of the nuclear negotiations with Iran. In that story, it looked like there were about 63 votes to override any Obama veto of a more aggressive sanctions bill by the Congress. Today it became obvious how fast support was slipping away from the administration: A Senate | Read More »

    Obama’s hard-nosed negotiating style bears fruit

    Obama's hard-nosed negotiating style bears fruit

    There was a lot of concern among conservatives earlier when Obama announced his major breakthrough in relations with Cuba. Many felt that Obama gave away the store, that he gave Raul Castro a lot and received precious little in return. President Obama will move as soon as next month to defang the 54-year-old American trade embargo against Cuba, administration officials said Thursday, using broad executive | Read More »

    Obama facing Democrat revolt over coddling Iran

    Obama facing Democrat revolt over coddling Iran

    The Obama foreign policy legacy will be a litany of blunders and missed opportunities but the salient achievement will be overseeing the development of an Iranian nuclear bomb through a strategy that seems calculated to ensure exactly that outcome (RedState coverage of issue). During the last session of Congress, Senators Mark Kirk and Robert (I swear, officer, that Dominican hooker looked at least twelve) Menendez introduced | Read More »

    Democrats suffer butthurt over Benghazi committee

    Democrats suffer butthurt over Benghazi committee

    It is difficult not to feel sorry for a mildly-addled and useless time-server like Elijah Cummings. He was named “stuckee” by the Democrat caucus and serves as the senior Democrat on the special committee Trey Gowdy chairs investigating Obama’s and Hillary Clinton’s malfeasance and misfeasance in the Benghazi tragedy. Given the facts in the case this would be a thankless task in the best of times. These are | Read More »

    Nancy Pelosi says a Hillary Clinton candidacy means the Democrats take the House

    Nancy Pelosi says a Hillary Clinton candidacy means the Democrats take the House

    Perhaps the only thing in Congress more bizarre that what goes on in Sen. Harry Reid (D-NV) 14%‘s bathroom (here | here) is Nancy Pelosi’s political predictions. Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) 16% says Democrats can recapture control of the House in 2016 by riding Hillary Clinton’s coattails. “Yes, we can win the House,” the California Democrat said during a | Read More »

    Obama tweaks Murkowski with proposed drilling ban

    Obama tweaks Murkowski with proposed drilling ban

    While the new GOP majority in Congress seems afraid to attempt anything they promised in order to get elected, Obama seems to have a rather definite strategy in mind for keeping Congress from focusing on real issues. He’s going to barrage them with meaningless distractions. For instance: The Obama administration will propose setting aside more than 12 million acres in Alaska’s Arctic National Wildlife Refuge as | Read More »

    Rick Perry’s Texas responsible for US job creation

    Rick Perry's Texas responsible for US job creation

    Obama’s media bootlicks have been pushing a story for weeks, if not longer, about the huge success of Obama’s job creation record and sniveling about how the stupid Americans and vicious, racist right-wingers won’t give him credit. For instance, inveterate Obama fluffer, Michael Tomasky, writing at The Daily Beast: And what about Obama’s numbers? I’d betting that even if you’re an Obama partisan, you think they’re | Read More »

    Russian official warns sanctions of “brink of war”

    Russian official warns sanctions of "brink of war"

    Russia’s elites have been feeling the bite of US sanctions coupled the the near halving of the price per barrel of oil. As the West starts to look at Russia more as a gigantic criminal enterprise rather than as a nation-state, everyone is becoming more comfortable with reducing economic ties to them. Naturally, those Russians at the top of the criminal oligopoly that runs Russia | Read More »