Variety Tells Us There Is No Santa Claus

    A pompous jerk named Brian Lowry, who is billed as a “TV columnist” at Variety and carries the Freudian Twitter handle @blowryontv, has written a column called Dear ‘Duck Dynasty’ Fans: You Do Know It’s All Fake, Right? In it he does the equivalent of telling us rubes in flyover country that a television show is, get ready for it, STAGED. IT IS FAKE, YOU BIBLE THUMPING | Read More »

    The Gaystapo and the Delegitimization of Religion and Logic

    GLAAD's Board of Directors celebrates the suspension of Phil Robertson
    The attack of Phil Robertson for quoting the New Testament is a case study in how the homosexual celebration movement use language as a method of cultural warfare.

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    National Review Editor: Mark Steyn Is A Big Meany

    Mark Steyn wrote a impassioned essay on the importance of the fascistic attack on Duck Dynasty’s Phil Robertson by the homosexual goon squad, GLAAD. For his trouble he was attacked by his own editor.

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    Republicans Will Totally Kick Butt On The Debt Ceiling

    After throwing away the hard-fought success that was the sequester for fairly dust and unicorn farts twenty years down the road, Paul Ryan and the House GOP leadership is now trying to convince us that they will TOTALLY GO TO THE MATTRESSES ON THE DEBT CEILING.

    We all know that isn’t going to happen.

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    The Tragic Self Beclowning of Speaker John Boehner

    Speaker Boehner’s budget deal, rammed through the House in violation of his own promise, has been rejected by nearly all GOP Senators. His legacy will be a budget deal that passes the Senate will only Democrat votes.

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    Politifact Gives Itself “Lie of the Year” Award

    After rating the “if you like your plan you can keep your plan” claim as True during the 2008 presidential campaign, the fraudulent “fact checking” group, Politifact, now gives it the Lie of the Year award.

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    GOP Aided by Democrats Attack Conservatives

    Close ally of Speaker John Boehner, Steve LaTourette, has created a Democrat funded super PAC dedicated to attacking conservative candidate. Is this a coincidence? Do you believe in leprechauns?

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    A Winning Issue: Abortion and Pascal’s Wager

    Many GOP candidates have elected to observe a “truce” on abortion where they are attacked by Planned Parenthood while refusing to respond in kind. There is evidence that the pro-life issue can be a winner for any candidate.

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    Paul Ryan Plays Us For Chumps

    Paul Ryan has played us all for chumps. He’s coasted to a very conservative voting record by making meaningless votes to defund Obamacare all the while pushing the increased federal spending he professes to abhor.

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    Obama Offers The GOP Distractions

    As the Democrats become ever more desperate as Obamacare melts down, they are offering the GOP a wide variety of distractions. The GOP should refuse to be drawn away from our real focus.

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    Dana @Milbank Makes A Case For Ignoring Him

    The Washington Post’s Dana Milbank tries to make a case for a return to the draft and succeeds in beclowning himself on yet another subject.

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    The Case for Evidence Based Government

    While the medical profession is moving towards the standard of Evidence Based Medicine for practice standards, the federal government adheres to the “It Makes Me Feel Good” standard. We conservatives need to start demanding that at a minimum programs do no harm.

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    Mark Cuban Takes On the Security and Exchange Commission

    Texas billionaire Mark Cuban was fortunate, he had enough money to defend himself against a publicity driven prosecution by the Securities and Exchange Commission. He’s now trying to hold them to account for their abuse of power. Most of us would not be that lucky.

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    DHS Admits Iraqi Terrorists As Refugees

    kentucky terrorist
    The admission of known Iraqi terrorists to the United States as refugees is just one more accomplishment that is the sorry legacy of Janet Napolitano and the Department of Homeland Security.

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    Medicaid: A Placebo for the Poor

    While conservatives and the GOP are being criticized for opposing Medicaid expansion, there is a conservative critique to be made of Medicaid that has nothing to do with money or politics. There is no evidence that it is better than no coverage at all.

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