What Cordell Hull Could Tell Hillary Clinton About Free Speech

    In 1934, Secretary of State Cordell Hull was confronted by a demand from the German government to prevent a group of Jewish students in New York from conducting a mock trial of Adolph Hitler. Hull let them know in no uncertain terms that freedom of speech was an American right and the government would not intervene to silence Americans. Hillary Clinton would have done well to emulate him rather than follow the craven path of dhimmitude she chose.

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    Administration Quits In Afghanistan. Blames Internet Video For Defeat.

    Today’s press release claiming it is suspending training of Afghan forces because of the internet video sensation “Innocence of Muslims” is dishonest on its face and can only be designed to give cover to the ineptocracy the Obama administration has put into place. This is the second suspension of training of Afghan forces this month and reflects the failure of ISAF to adequately screen recruits and to run a counterintelligence program to detect potential attacks.

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    Obama Negotiating Release of Omar Abdel-Rahman

    Having been completely out maneuvered in the Middle East the Obama Administration is doing what weaklings always do: they try to buy their way out of their difficulties. The impending deal to release Omar Abdel-Rahman to Egypt is a stunning repudiation of American power and lays the groundwork for the next 9/11 just as surely as Clinton’s inaction did for the last.

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    An Opportunity To Appease

    Never one to miss an opportunity to kowtow to any potentate or strongman, Obama should take advantage of Hezbollah chief Hasan Nasrallah to repudiate the First Amendment for once and for all.

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    What A Tangled Web We Weave. The Administration’s Benghazi Story Unravels.

    What A Tangled Web We Weave. The Administration's Benghazi Story Unravels.

    As the Administration struggles to pin the foreseeable outcome of our bonkers Middle East policy, the sacking of two diplomatic missions and the slaughter of at least four diplomatic personnel, on a YouTube video, the truth begins to trickle out. The first substantial fissure appears today. An intelligence source backs up the claim of a wounded Libyan security guard that there was no demonstration prior | Read More »

    John Kerry Is An Ignoramus. But You Knew That.

    John Kerry goes to the pages of Foreign Policy magazine to claim that Democrat foreign policy is, counter to all evidence, not a disaster but represents a new Age of Aquarius. In fact, Obama’s foreign policy has been an unmitigated disaster: gains in Iraq have been tossed away, Afghanistan has been abandoned, Israel is on the verge of striking Iran, China is attempting to achieve hegemony over the South China Sea. All because of the weakness and fatuousness of this administration.

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    Barack Obama: The Anti-Midas

    In overseeing an economic policy that is just as effective as his foreign policy, Barack Obama has now presided over only the second downgrade of the US credit rating in modern history.

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    Barack Obama: A Profile In Asshattery

    After mismanaging our Middle Easter policy, ignoring warnings, and generally kowtowing to anyone who thought they deserved it, the administration is reaping the whirlwind of its own blinding incompetence.But never before in our history has an administration set out to portray a nearly criminal misfeasance in its foreign policy as the singular fault of a private citizen living in the United States.

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    Free Speech Sacrificed to Irrational Violence

    We should be appalled that our government was tweeting denouncements of a US citizen instead of defending American freedoms and values and we should be aghast that the left wants Terry Jones and Sam Bacile prosecuted.

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    Libya and Egypt Are The Price of Ineptocracy

    Far from being a surprise, what happened yesterday on the 11th anniversary of 9-11 was an easily forseen outcome of the dangerous and feckless game the Obama Administration has been playing with American foreign policy.

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    Quote a FactChecker Earn a Ban

    Fact checking groups have become little more than partisan hacks in service of the Administration and various Democrat politicians. Today the Washington Post’s Fact Checker distinguished itself by a level of duplicity rarely achieved by anyone in the media earning itself the first ever award to the Heady, for torturing the truth in the service of a partisan political goal. And it makes me consider banning, out of hand, anyone who quotes one.

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    Dave Weigel: Conservative Journalism = Trolling

    During the Democrat Convention we were entertained by prominent Democrats calling Republicans Nazis, God and Jerusalem being dropped from the Democrat platform and soundly booed by delegates, and of course huge fuzzy pink house shoes that were supposed to represent the endangered vaginas if Romney and Ryan are elected. Reporting on that, according to dunderkind Dave Weigel is not journalism it is the equivalent of internet trolling.

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    General Dempsey Tacitly Endorses Barack Obama

    Two weeks ago Joint Chiefs of Staff Chairman Martin Dempsey criticized a veterans group for opposing Barack Obama’s re-election for using “the uniform for partisan politics.”. Two nights ago a retired admiral was a featured speaker at the Democrat convention and not a word was said about it. This points to a deeply compromised and co-opted military leadership that is actively supporting Obama’s re-election.

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    Obama’s Solution: Cargo Cult Economics

    While the Democrats often deride conservative economic policies as “trickle down”, trickle down at least has the virtue of working. What the Democrats are proposing is Cargo Cult Economics based on building idols and waiting for results.

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    Barack Obama and the Rise of Ineptocracy

    The new Bob Woodward book is a damning profile of a Barack Obama out of his depth and with only a tenuous grip on reality. He is silly, arrogant, vain, incompetent and irrelevant. He is truly our first ineptocrat and one hopes his style of governance vanishes with him.

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