No To Extending Robert Mueller In Office

    On September 4, FBI Director Robert Mueller’s statutorily limited ten-year term comes to an end. The Obama Administration has said it will ask the Congress to amend the law to allow Mr. Mueller to stay in office for two additional years. Congress should decline the offer.

    The Strategic Wisdom of Barack Obama

    The killing of Osama bin Laden has been characterized by two distinct phases. In Phase I the White House simply could not tell us what happened during the raid and eventually just decided to stop talking about it. Phase II has been a demeaning and unseemly grubbling for credit on the part of the administration under the guise of Obama having made a “gutsy call.” | Read More »

    Obama Made A “Gutsy Call” And He’ll Tell You So

    UPDATE: it seems that still points to Obama 2012. Last week my colleague, Dan McLaughlin, noted that the website referred visitors to the Obama 2012 campaign  website If you click on the URL, you will notice that – as of this writing – it redirects you to the Obama 2012 re-election campaign website. The URL was apparently purchased yesterday, although the purchaser seems to | Read More »

    Obama Winds Down the War on Terror

    The killing of Osama bin Laden has created a series of dilemmas for the left. My colleagues have detailed the debt owed the Bush Administration which the current administration juvenilely and churlishly refuses to acknowledge ( here | here). And many on my side are willing “to give the president credit” for doing his duty. According to reports bin Laden’s location has been known to | Read More »

    Did Pakistan Aid the Bin Laden Raid?

    We will probably never know a lot of what transpired in that shabby villa in Abbottabad but what we do know is that the release of information has been dreadfully mismanaged by the White House and calls into question whether anyone there is interested in much more than making themselves look good or damaging someone else. The number of stories emerging from the White House | Read More »

    Obama vs. Panetta In The Kill Osama Decision?

    I don’t stand by what follows because I don’t know the author or the website. It also falls into the “too good to check” category. But read and decide for yourself which has a greater ring of truth: the cool, analytical Obama of the developing White House hagiography (or to quote the notorious catchfart Howard Fineman, “President Barack Obama just proved himself — vividly, in | Read More »

    Obama and Staff Claim For Credit Everything

    Good job, Obama. You got bin Laden. Now back to our regularly scheduled programming. The most unseemly thing about the entire killing of bin Laden is the pathetic scrabbling about for credit that we’re seeing on behalf of both Obama and his staff. From Obama’s statement last night: I directed Leon Panetta… I was briefed… I met repeatedly… I determined… at my direction… I, as Commander-in-Chief, As the Washington | Read More »

    On Bin Laden’s Death

    A lot of ink will be spilled announcing and analyzing the death of al Qaeda leader Usama bin Laden. According to the Newseum, this story has graced 719 newspaper front pages as of Monday morning with more likely tomorrow. The islamofascists with whom we have been contending since the streets of Mogadishu have predictably threatening a to “unleash hell” if bin Laden is killed. Our | Read More »

    The Obama Doctrine and Syria

    Over the past weeks we’ve been very critical of the administration’s alleged policy in Libya. Under the guise of a rather exotic theory called Responsibility to Protect — also known by its cute acronym R2P — the United States, acting as part of a NATO force which seemingly only includes countries with financial interests in Libya, has undertaken a rather meaningless pseudo-intervention in Libya. Our | Read More »

    On The Budget Compromise

    My initial inclination last week was to support Speaker Boehner’s compromise efforts to gain passage of the continuing resolution. As I’ve written before, my interests are much less in making a political statement than they are in what kind of country my kids will inherit. At first blush, I was willing to accept the compromise as a way of moving the the ball forward to the | Read More »

    Obama’s Deficit Reduction Speech

    The entire speech is below the fold but everything you need to know about Obama’s plan to pull us out of our crash dive into bankruptcy is here: Today, I’m proposing a more balanced approach to achieve $4 trillion in deficit reduction over twelve years. It’s an approach that borrows from the recommendations of the bipartisan Fiscal Commission I appointed last year, and builds on | Read More »

    Fort Sumter Bombarded. April 12, 1861

    The Administration Claims The Senate Approved Libyan Intervention

    The Obama Administration is trying to avoid the inevitable fallout from their decision to intervene in the civil insurrection in Libya without so much as a by-your-leave to Congress. While the Administration has taken time to consult with the UN and the Arab League, apparently similar consultations with the Legislative Branch are just déclassé and an affront to the dignity of our demigod at 1600 | Read More »

    Politico’s Ben Smith Sees Red People

    From a post at Ben Smith’s blog at Politico titled Wrong Army?: [Referring to the image above] We live in an age, as Michele Bachmann illustrated recently, in which veneration of the Founders isn’t always matched by a profound grasp of historical fact. And an amused reader forwards on an email he got from the Louisville Tea Party, under the image above. Those are, he | Read More »

    A Failed Speech By A Failed President

    I am not a fan of the ill considered military action we are currently participating in. As I’ve written earlier the only logical outcome of our actions is to increase civilian casualties by prolonging the conflict, to create unsustainable pockets of resistance within Libya governed by al Qaeda, and to Carterize American foreign policy. I had low expectations for Obama’s speech last night. Incredibly I | Read More »