The Strategy for Defending Obamacare: Misrepresentation and Diversion

    Washington Post columnist E. J. Dionne laughably misrepresents the conservative critique of Obamacare but he advocates a two point strategy for drowning out our message by using shiny objects and squirrels.

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    Mitch McConnell: Spoiled Brat

    Because of Mitch McConnell’s go-along-get-along style and lackadaisical leadership he is facing a serious primary challenge. And he reacts like one would expect. He is bullying the consulting firm running ads against him.

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    Immigration Reform: One Tiny Step at a Time

    John McCain is pressing for action on comprehensive immigration reform. Conservatives should resist. If Obamacare has taught us anything it is that large solutions cause many more problems than they solve and that the Administration is too dishonest to be trusted.

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    House Is About To Cave On The Farm Bill

    When an egregious porker like Thad Cochran proclaims the House members of the conference committee were “well behaved” you can be sure the Treasury is about to be tapped.

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    Obamacare: End it, don’t mend it.

    Over the next weeks we will hear more and more calls from the left and from the Vichy Caucus of the Republican party to take action to un-screw Obamacare. Don’t be deceived, the people advocating cooperating in finding fixes to Obamacare are no different than the Democrats who wrote and passed the bill.

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    We are all amused by the epic level of incompetence by the administration in the roll out of This is a side show. The real issue is the damage done to the nation by Obamacare.

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    Solitary Confinement: A Punishment In Need Of Reform

    The first supermax facility opened thirty years ago. Since then the number of facilities and the number of prisoners confined there has expanded by orders of magnitude. Now is the time to examine the practice and take it from the control of prison bureaucrats.

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    Obamacare and the “Governing” Trap

    reid mcconnell
    We are being told that we have to learn how to “govern.” Governing is not possible when you control half one branch of government and does not requiring betraying your principles.

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    Marc Thiessen, George Washington, and the Tea Party

    Marc Thiessen contends in the Washington Post that the Tea Party needs a George Washingtons. He’s right. But in addition to mangling history he loses sight of the fact that the GOP is pretty short on him, too.

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    ENDA: Another Assault On Liberty

    Sir, your new job applicants are waiting outside
    If you like the assaults on liberty and civil society produced by Affirmative Action and the Americans With Disabilities Act you’ll love what the Democrats have in store for you with the Employment Non-Discrimination Act (ENDA).

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    The Abortion Truce Trap

    We social conservatives are constantly told to put a sock in it when talking about abortion. This “truce” the GOP has called on using abortion in campaigns is killing us… along with about a million unborn children each year.

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    The Budget Shutdown Was About Ideology Not Tactics

    Much of the conservative media has insisted that the fighting inside the GOP over the budget shutdown was about tactics not ideology. That view is wrong and it is dangerous for conservatives to take it seriously.

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    The Shame of Chuck Hagel

    There is exactly one man to blame for the refusal of the Defense Department to pay death gratuities and provide transportation to the families of the fallen to Dover AFB. Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel. He has both the money and the authority to act but he won’t.

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    The Little Eichmanns of the Government Shutdown

    During the course of the government shutdown no federal agency has been more petty and vindictive than the National Park Service under Jonathan Jarvis. When this is over, Job One for Congressional Republicans should be making Jarvis’s life as unpleasant as he has made it on American citizens.

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    Tom DeLay’s Exoneration And Democrat Abuse Of The Judicial Process

    Sliding under the radar on Thursday was the announcement that former House Majority Leader Tom DeLay had been exonerated of all charges stemming from the politically motivated prosecution orchestrated by Democrat shill and former Travis County (TX) district attorney Ronnie Earle.