Ron Paul Supporters Boo, Heckle Rumsfeld and Cheney

    Below I have a story applauding the decision by Young Americans for Freedom to expel Ron Paul thereby taking a small step at excising this particular tapeworm from the conservative body and foreshadowing an action that all responsible conservatives and Republicans should consider. Paul promotes a fiscal and security policy that would be disastrous to the nation for reasons no more substantial than self aggrandizement. | Read More »

    Young Americans For Freedom Expel Ron Paul

    In a statement evocative of William F. Buckley, Jr. when he excoriated Robert Welch and the John Birch Society as being “far removed from reality and common sense”, the Young Americans for Freedom, a conservative/libertarian youth group founded in 1960, has given Ron Paul (Crank – TX) the boot from its board of directors. “Rep. Paul has strayed to the left of Obama and allied | Read More »

    Winning The Future With High Speed Rail

    “For too long we’ve stayed on the sidelines and watched the rest of the world eat our lunch in the high speed passenger train game,” he said. “Well, let me tell you something Mister and Mrs. John Q. America, we’ve had our Sputnik moment wake up call and we’ve stopped hitting the snooze button. When I go flying up that ramp and across that canyon | Read More »

    CPAC’s Failure

    The ongoing kerfluffle over the high profile participation of GOProud in CPAC raises an interesting question for any advocacy coalition or movement: just how large do you make your tent before your movement is diluted and distorted to the point of fatal weakness? What started out as a merely edgy move by CPAC’s organizers, including a self-proclaimed gay conservative organization, quickly mushroomed out of control | Read More »

    Egypt Approaches The Abyss

    Egyptian president Hosni Mubarak’s son who is considered as his successor has fled to Britain along with his family, US-based Arabic website Akhbar al-Arab reported. [...] The report came as violent unrest broke out in Cairo and other Egyptian cities and hundreds of thousands of people reportedly took to the streets in a Tunisia-inspired day of revolt. The long reign of Hosni Mubarak seems to | Read More »

    Ehrenreich: Giffords Shooting Meant To Intimidate The Left

    The desiccated feminist, Barbara Ehrenreich, poses this question in an op-ed in today’s LA Times: Why are Americans such wusses? Threaten the Greeks with job losses and benefit cuts and they tie up Athens, but take away Americans’ jobs, 401(k)s, even their homes, and they pretty much roll over. Tell British students that their tuition is about to go up and they take to the | Read More »

    Tom Ridge: Unindicted Co-conspirator

    A lot of coverage, outside the mainstream media, has been devoted to the story of Dr. Kermit Gosnell and the abattoir he ran in Philadelphia. As we observe the anniversary of a blight on our national honor and a travesty of the judicial process we need to focus more attention on the enablers of this systematic slaughter of innocents. Gosnell did not happen in a | Read More »

    Ezra Klein Defends the Congressional Budget Office

    In today’s Washington Post, noted poseur and presumed future WaPo editor Ezra Klein takes a shot at Republicans for daring to challenge the patently phony Congressional Budget Office scoring of Obamacare. For instance, Klein rails against GOP insistence that “doc fix,” that is, increasing Medicare payments to physicians, be considered part of Obamacare even though it is included in the bill because, he reasons, Republicans | Read More »

    Gun Control and the Tucson Shootings

    As we’ve witnessed over the past five days the left has pulled out all the stops to gain political advantage from the tragic shootings in Tucson. We’ve endured the spectacle of the leftist punditocracy shrilly blaming opinions opposed to the Obama Administration for the actions of an obviously schizophrenic young man who has been described by his friends as a left wing doper who was | Read More »

    Wikileaks on Iraqi WMD

    During the Iraq War much was made by the left of the failure to locate stockpiles of chemical agents or nuclear materials. Despite the obvious duplicity of the Saddam Hussein regime and the childlike incredulity and fecklessness of Hans Blix and his merry men we were supposed to believe that the failure to find these weapons and materials meant they didn’t exist. Now enters Wikileaks.

    Susan Collins Folds Like A Cheap Suit

    A week ago the Senate Republican caucus sent a letter to Harry Reid telling him that they would not support acting on any legislation until the Congress vital business had been taken care of: For that reason, we write to inform you that we will not agree to invoke cloture on the motion to proceed to any legislative item until the Senate has acted to | Read More »

    Flashman on Obama

    But I still state unhesitatingly, that for pure, vacillating stupidity, for superb incompetence to command, for ignorance combined with bad judgement – in short for the true talent for catastrophe – [Elphinstone] stood alone. Others abide our question, but Elphy outshines them all as the greatest military idiot of our own or any other day Flashman George MacDonald Fraser I’m a fan of George MacDonald | Read More »

    Wikileaks and the Limits of Law and Patience

    The ongoing de facto declassification of hundreds of thousands of formerly secret documents by Wikileaks and it’s leader, the androgynous accused sex offender Julian Assange, has received a lot of attention in the past weeks. After being generally unconcerned when military secrets were revealed in the first document dump which was accompanied by the launch of the website Collateral Murder the press and the Administration | Read More »

    Stealth Tax Increase Fails

    From the New York Times WASHINGTON — The Senate on Saturday rejected President Obama’s proposal to end the Bush-era tax breaks on income above $250,000 for couples and $200,000 for individuals, a triumph for Republicans who have long called for continuing the income tax cuts for everyone. The Senate also rejected an alternative proposal, championed by Senator Charles E. Schumer, Democrat of New York, to | Read More »

    Stopping START. Part II

    MR. CHEREMUSHKIN (Interfax News Agency):  For a long time, U.S. and Russia were rivals.  Does United States view Russia as a continuing threat to its national security?  And are you concerned about Russian new build up of more powerful ICBMs? SEC. GATES:  No.  I think that we are — we have — I don’t see Russia as a threat.  I see Russia — Russian-U.S. relations | Read More »