Enough with Benghazi Already

Enough with Benghazi Already

Let me say at the outset that I understand that what happened at the embassy in Benghazi was a tragedy for everyone involved, especially for the families of those who ...

Enough is Enough: John Boehner Must Go

Allow me to add my voice to that of my RedState colleague Bill S: after the events last week, must step down as Speaker of the House. He has stabbed conservative Republicans in the back too many times, and the votes over funding the Department of Homeland Security, including Obama’s illegal executive amnesty, are merely what has finally pushed me over the edge. Ever since | Read More »

LIBRE smacks HuffPo back on Latino outreach.

LIBRE will not be defined in the way that progressive prefer, thank you very much.

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Hillary Clinton’s Sleaze of State

(Image Credit: Ed Driscoll) Hillary Clinton violated the professional ethics of her office as Secretary of State. She used a personal email address for official business. This is unethical because the official work emails of a Federal Civil Servant or Executive Appointee are supposed to belong to the government and be archived for posterity. The furor over the Department of Justice and their deliberate obstruction | Read More »

Bill and Hillary Clinton Have Financial Anorexia

When Bill and Hillary Clinton look at themselves in the mirror, they see poor people. They are rich. They have a huge house in a wealthy neighborhood. They do not have to fly commercial. Their daughter has married into a wealthy family. They’ve done quite well for themselves. But the richer they get, they still see themselves as poor. So they are greedy. That is | Read More »

Stacking the Deck in Fight Over Online Gambling Ban

After the FCC’s radical decision to regulate the Internet as a public utility through the misuse of a 1934 law, the last thing we need right now is even more government control over the Internet. Yet, that is exactly what Rep. Jason Chaffetz (R-Utah) is attempting to do by proposing legislation that would federally prohibit online gambling. New Jersey, Delaware, and Nevada have all recently | Read More »

Unions Win Obama Veto Threat Over GOP Effort To Curb NLRB’s Ambush Election Rules

On Wednesday, the GOP-led U.S. Senate will vote to undo the National Labor Relations Board’s announced rules enabling unions to “ambush” companies with so-called “quickie elections.” According to the Hill: Republicans are using the Congressional Review Act that allows lawmakers to undo regulation through a motion of disapproval, which needs a majority vote in both chambers. The motion can’t be filibustered or amended, which will | Read More »

The White House sort of admits that this Hillary Clinton email thing has legs.

Hillary Clinton kind of got abandoned by the White House over this email thing.

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The Constitution has Failed

Give the framers of the Constitution a lot of credit for having an understanding of human nature that was surprisingly perceptive and ahead of its time. They understood well that, all other things being equal, men will more often act in their own perceived self interest than in the interest of others. They therefore understood that the key to establishing a long-lasting form of government | Read More »

Replace John Boehner as House Speaker

As my colleague streiff wrote a while ago, (alleged) Republican Speaker of the House just pushed through a “clean” bill to fund the Department of Homeland Security and funded Barack Obama’s plan to grant amnesty to millions of illegals.  Boehner has once again flipped the bird to the conservative base and shown his cowardice in the face of the Democrat meanies who threaten to throw | Read More »








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