No Bush Endorsement for Nominee Trump

Neither Bush 41 nor Bush 43 feel compelled to support the presumptive GOP nominee, this time.

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Trump Super PAC Official Convicted Of Campaign Finance Violations

Only the very best people are attracted to the Donald Trump campaign, so it was no surprise with former Ron Paul campaign chairman and Mitch McConnell campaign manager, Jesse Benton, was convicted today of campaign finance violations.

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BRO: Trump Hires New Finance Chair Who Was Partner at Goldman, Gave to Clinton, AND Worked for Soros!

Goldman AND Soros AND Hillary!!! You cannot make this stuff up.

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Former RNC Staffers Believe the Rumor That Staff Was Told to Get on Trump Train or GET OUT

Were RNC staffers who don’t support Trump given the heave-ho?

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Melania Trump Causes A Thrill To Another Part Of Chris Matthews’s Anatomy

Chris Matthews’s anatomy was pleased to see someone besides Barack Obama

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The Trump Effect: 13 States Shift Towards Democrats With Trump As Nominee

Did you ever think you’d hear Nebraska being bandied about as a “toss up” state in a Presidential election? Mitt Romney won the state by 23 points in 2012. Well thanks to Donald Trump, Nebraska has now gone from a Solid Republican state to a Toss Up in the latest Cook Report scorecard ratings. That’s not all of it. Twelve other states have shifted as | Read More »

Trump Open To “Lyin'” Ted Cruz As His Pick for VP

Looks like “Daddy” might be looking to get his loyalists a step-Daddy, and in the form of none other than Lyin’ Ted.

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HAVE SOME CHEESE WITH THAT WHINE. Donald Trump: I Can’t Support Meaney Pants Paul Ryan Either

HAVE SOME CHEESE WITH THAT WHINE. Donald Trump: I Can't Support Meaney Pants Paul Ryan Either

After Paul Ryan said that he was not prepared to endorse Trump, Trump puts his great social skills to work to change Ryan’s mind ...

Petition Seeks to Force Trump to Receive a Mental Evaluation

He doesn’t seem “well.”

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Let it Hurt

The Donald Trump nomination has brought to our lives a moment we never thought we would see – a whirlwind week where prominent Republican politicians had to engage in serious soul searching before deciding whether to support the Republican nominee. Some have already done the right thing, at tremendous political risk. Paul Ryan is not perfect – in fact, he is far from it. But | Read More »

It’s Time To Assume We’re Already Dead

I’ve been beating the drum of #NeverTrump everywhere I go the last several days and have been fortunate enough to have some networks offering me the air-time to do it.  Interestingly, many on the right side of the aisle keep “warning” me that I’m being used by the lefty media who wishes to co-opt my message to fulfill their own dirty narratives. The problem with | Read More »

Pathetic: Rick Perry Supports Donald Trump and Open to Being His VP

It’s pathetic how quickly some people will change their minds. Rick Perry was one of the first Republicans to stand up and say, “No” when Donald Trump burst on to the scene. He recognized Trump for the fraud that he is and although he had to drop out early, he knew told people what damage Trump would do to conservatism. Back in July of 2015 | Read More »

The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Friends: What’s the Point Anymore?

Two days after the Republican Primary basically ended, the #BATF guys will be on live to basically just drink and see who can die of alcohol poisoning first. As we slowly begin to lose our minds and our lives, watch us talk about Donald Trump’s win, the lessons we have all learned, Bernie Sanders, Hillary Clinton, and so much more. Even though it’s all meaningless. | Read More »

Trump Could Consider a Democrat VP According to Carson

Birds of a leftist feather will flock leftist together.

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NC Gov McCrory’s Office Responds to Obama Administration’s Threats

Cultural Marxism doesn’t care about your family.

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Bill Shuster: The Perfect Trump Endorser

Remember Pennsylvania Republican Rep. Bill Shuster? The head of the House Transportation Committee who is pushing a bill to hand air traffic control to a bunch of airline industry cronies and unions, and doing it in a way that looks like it would allow them— not Congress— to raise your taxes if they think that’s neat and cool? The guy whose girlfriend just so happens to be a | Read More »

Ben Carson: Hey, Ted Cruz Could Be Donald Trump’s AG, Put Clinton In Jail, And Then Move To SCOTUS

In Donald Trump’s world, everyone could be bought. He has made Ted Cruz two public offers to join his campaign. The last one is both laughable and offensive but it tells us a lot about Trump

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Trump Lamely Panders to Hispanics With What Appears to be a Wendy’s Taco Salad

I would not have thought it possible than anyone could engage in lamer hispandering than Hillary Clinton, but I was wrong. I forgot to take Donald Trump into account.   Happy #CincoDeMayo! The best taco bowls are made in Trump Tower Grill. I love Hispanics! — Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) May 5, 2016 What? I can’t… I can’t even. I’ve been reduced to | Read More »

AWESOME PARTY UNITY. Bob Dole Will Be Only Former GOP Nominee At Cleveland Convention

Bob Dole will be the only former GOP nominee attending the Cleveland Convention. He’s still searching for the outrage he was asking about in 1996

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BREAKING: Paul Ryan Can’t Support Trump.. at Least not Yet (VIDEO)

Just now on Jake Tapper, Paul Ryan was asked if he could support Donald Trump now that he is the Republican nominee. Speaker Ryan did not say that he would never support Trump, but he made it clear that the burden to heal the rift between Trump and the Republican party is not on the party, it’s on Trump. Watch: Rough transcript follows: Tapper: So Mr. Speaker, | Read More »

LGBT Movement Wants to Give Disney Princess a Girlfriend

If you have a small child, you have been subjected to the tyranny of Queen Elsa of Arendelle, a lonely queen who froze over her kingdom in an emotional outburst on her coronation day. The movie Frozen follows the story of Elsa and her younger sister, Anna, as they come to grips with the strange magic within the queen and learn the power of love. Elsa gains | Read More »

BREAKING. Donald Trump Renounces His Own Tax Plan

Showing that courage of his convictions that has led him to take numerous positions on every issue, Donald Trump has officially abandoned his own tax plan

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Watercooler 5/5/16 Open Thread:No Cookie For Donald:Dems Attack Bill Of Rights:AL Quaeda To Attack Forests:Hillary Being Hillary

Bush The Elder, And Bush The Younger Both Won’t Be Endorsing Trump President George H.W. Bush and his son President George W. Bush have no plans to endorse Donald Trump, their spokespeople told ABC News.”President Bush does not plan to participate in or comment on the presidential campaign,” the younger Bush’s spokesman, Freddy Ford, said. Jim McGrath, spokesman for the elder Bush, said the 41st | Read More »








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