Dean Obeidallah’s Last Resort is Hither

Dean Obeidallah's Last Resort is Hither

It started out as a typical Saturday morning. Wake up, get some coffee, check Twitter, see outrage of the day, move on. Today, it was stand-up-turned-pundit Dean Obeidallah's turn to ...

Communist China is still Communist

As America and Japan inch closer to confrontation with China over competing interests in the South China Sea, it’s useful to remind people that, contra the Left’s attempts whitewash the Chinese Communist Party’s actions, the communist party is still communist. If anything President Xi Jinping’s regime represents a turn back to the hardline Communism that had been somewhat papered over since the days of Deng | Read More »

Tech at Night: Internet anarchist and Silk Road founder gets life

Ross Ulbricht, aka the Dread Pirate Roberts, founded an online crime syndicate using the Tor network. Drugs, human trafficking, guns, and even possibly murder for hire were traded in the network. He was caught, and he got life in prison. These are the threats, not monitoring terrorists.

Bill Clinton sends fundraising damage control letter

Going back to the point I made earlier in the day, I don’t have to make up lies about Democrats. If I can’t develop a migraine by the end of the day just seeing what they are doing in the open I’m just not trying. Case in point. To commemorate the 10th anniversary of the 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami, Petra Nemcova, a Czech model who | Read More »

The Title IX witch-hunt of Laura Kipnis, presented in real-time.

Laura Kipnis made a mistake: she’s an academic who publicly challenged the idea of Title IX. Now she’s being sued… under Title IX.

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Labor Department Preparing Blacklist Rule for Government Contracts

As their previous actions have shown, the Obama administration has proven it has no idea what a functional economic policy looks like. Obamacare is the biggest example of this, but the Department of Labor has just given us another. They are creating what amounts to a blacklist rule to help determine which private businesses are awarded government contracts. Using a 2014 executive order, here’s what | Read More »

The American Public: You Know, Hillary is Pretty Much a Liar and We’re Okay with That

I found an interesting fact nestled amongst the data contained in this latest Q-Poll. Many people are focusing on the fact that it shows a 5-way tie for the GOP nomination at this point, or the fact that Hillary is easily beating everyone except Rubio and Paul in head-to-head matchups. This is all interesting, but it is far too early in the process to draw | Read More »

SCOTUS to Decide Meaning “One Person, One Vote”

On today’s edition of Coffee and Markets, Brad Jackson is joined by Chad Flores to discuss a controversial case before the Supreme Court that will decide the meaning of “one person, one vote,” the legal complexities of the case, and how a win for the challengers may cause even more chaos for redistricting.

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Why I am more honest and less biased than Politico

RedState is an unabashedly conservative site and I, myself, have been serving up hot, dripping red meat freshly torn from the butts of Democrats and Communists, to the extent there is a difference, for over a decade. Yet after the past couple of days I’ve come conclusion that by any objective standard I am both more honest and less biased in my coverage of national | Read More »

This Way Comes

“The difference between Bush’s mistakes and his disappointments may just be that he hasn’t yet taken ownership of the latter,” Massimo Calabresi wrote in Time as he covered President George W. Bush’s final press conference in January of 2009. Four years earlier, left-wing journalist John Dickerson had begun a trend among the Bush White House press corps, demanding from the President a recognition of his | Read More »








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