Winners and Losers from Tonight’s CBS GOP Debate

The debate tonight started on a grim note, of course, with the tragic death of Justice Antonin Scalia. Each candidate gave a good answer on the implications of the vacancy on the court, and CBS tipped their hand early, going hard after Cruz during his answer about Scalia’s death. Classy move, CBS. On that alone, CBS moderators are definitely the biggest loser tonight. But it | Read More »

My take on the CBS debate.

This CBS debate was something else.

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Watch Debate Moderator Attack Ted Cruz Over His CORRECT Scalia Answer (VIDEO)

This was amazing. John Dickerson is supposed to be the debate moderator and instead he starts getting into a debate with Ted Cruz regarding the appointment of Supreme Court justices during an election year. Cruz rightly pointed out it’s been precedent for 80 years not to do this. Dickerson then started arguing with Cruz about when Justice Anthony Kennedy was appointed and confirmed. Watch this: | Read More »

OPEN THREAD: The South Carolina GOP Debate

Tonight, the remaining GOP candidates will take the stage once more and debate on (hopefully) the issues that really matter. The debate comes mere hours after the news that Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia passed away at the age of 79 years. This will undoubtedly lead to questions about the nomination process, who they would pick to replace Scalia should the Senate hold its ground | Read More »

How The Newest Classified Emails Show State Is Defending Hillary Clinton

This latest batch of emails is an attempt the State to sabotage the case against Hillary Clinton, not help it.

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¡No Pasarán! The Senate Must Not Give Obama A Supreme Court Appointment!

Just like Mitch McConnell promised to repeal ObamaCare, he has promised no new nominations. We have no reason to believe him and every reason for heightened vigilance.

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Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, PROPERLY, comes out against USSC replacement this year.

Mitch McConnell has correctly told Barack Obama that he gets no more Supreme Court nominations.

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Cruz Hits Trump On Planned Parenthood Funding

Cruz Hits Trump On Planned Parenthood Funding

During Saturday’s CBS Republican Presidential debate in South Carolina Sen. Ted Cruz was able to get Donald Trump to admit that he supports taxpayer funding for Planned Parenthood. ...

Of The 22 Veterans Groups Trump Raised Money For, Only 3 Have Received Checks

When the money is due, suddenly, things change. Several weeks ago, just before the Iowa caucuses, Donald Trump had a hissy fit because Megyn Kelly was still going to be a moderator for Fox News at the debate, despite Donald’s bleating about her being “unfair.” So he boycotted the debate, and instead decided to hold some sham event he claims he was doing all for | Read More »

Trump Backtracks, Doubletalks, and 9/11 Truthers on the Sunday Shows (VIDEO)

Trump had a rough debate performance by any standard last night. Today, he made the rounds of the Sunday shows and had a series of yet more embarrassing interviews. Watch him backtrack, lie about what he said, and go full 9/11 truther. Take a look:  

(VIDEO) Watch As Ted Cruz Makes Donald Trump Run From His Own Support Of Planned Parenthood

Watch as Ted Cruz makes Donald Trump blow blood from his whatever when he’s forced to confront his own support for Planned Parenthood

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Donald Trump Is So Dumb He Doesn’t Know WMD WERE Found In Iraq

Donald Trump is wrong. Thousands of chemical weapons were recovered in Iraq. This is a reflection of his only source of foreign policy information being far left talking points.

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Water Cooler 2/14/16 Open Thread – A pathetic Dem fundraiser, Troops want their K9s, Tens of thousands of…

Really Dems?  From the “Keep it Classy” file we discover Democrats felt last night was the perfect time to do some fundraising. They could have gone after one of our candidates on a policy point or some area where they felt particularly aggrieved but no – The Weekly Standard shows how they decided to fundraise off the death of a SC Justice: “Breaking news from the | Read More »

Donald Trump praises Saddam Hussein as… a terrorist fighter? Wait, WHAT?

Saddam Hussein paid the families of Palestinian suicide bombers. This is known, although apparently not to Donald Trump. …I HOPE.

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Senator Elizabeth Warren needs to learn what consent means.

‘No’ means NO, Elizabeth Warren. Not ‘keep trying.’

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Trump Was the Biggest Loser during the South Carolina Debate

Donald was whiney, uncivil and so very un-presidential. He threw Trumpertantrum after Trumpertantrum, interrupted again and again and was booed over and over.

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Charles Grassley Says No Nomination For Obama

Senate Judiciary Chairman Charles Grassley is the latest Republican to say that Obama will not be allowed to replace Antonin Scalia.

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Valentine: A Saint for Today’s Challenges in America

Valentine of Rome was a Christian priest in the 200s. His holiday, February 14, at some point became credited with “courtly love” and has morphed into a holiday today associated with dating both in and out of marriage. I think liberty-minded Americans can look at his traditional story, and use Valentine’s Day to learn something about the way our society is going today.

(VIDEO) Obama Smirks And Trolls His Way Through His Tribute To Justice Scalia

Barack Obama’s tribute to Justice Scalia was a metaphor for his administration: petty, inappropriate, and mean spirited.

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Get Ready to Go to War with Your Senator

Here is the bottom line: Barack Obama cannot be allowed to name the replacement for Antonin Scalia. A man who has at every turn ignored Congress’ constitutional prerogatives and unconstitutionally rammed his own agenda down the throats of Americans cannot be allowed to pick the person whose influence shaped the Federal judiciary more than any other over the last 30 years. Obama’s reckless unilateral attempts | Read More »

Donald Trump Goes Full Radical Left Winger Over 9/11 During GOP Debate Code Pink. International ANSWER. Congressman Pete Stark. You might be forgiven for thinking any of those were on the stage last night at the GOP Debate when, in his frenzied and repeated attempts to destroy Jeb, Donald Trump went 9/11 troof about George W. Bush. First, he goes after the war, the intel, the WMDs, and basically the entire Bush presidency. “Bush lied, people | Read More »

Donald Trump Was Particularly Orange Tonight

Look, this isn’t a political discussion. It’s an aesthetic one. I will be called petty here, but this needs to be addressed: It was ill-advised for Donald Trump to re-apply a spray tan so close to a debate where he would be standing in front of a red background. He looked like John Boehner blushing. Look at that. LOOK AT IT. If it weren’t for | Read More »

The CBS South Carolina Debate: Jeb Bush’s Night

Inbetween a number of nasty (and at this point tiresome) exchanges between Cruz and Rubio, one guy on the stage stood calm and collected in the face of constant attacks and immature interruptions from Donald Trump. Apart from one criticism of Kasich on Medicaid expansion, Bush stayed focused on the prize, and came out the clear winner. Unlike the other debates, where Bush always looked | Read More »








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