The Washington Post calls bull***t on Hillary’s email excuses

The Washington Post calls bull***t on Hillary's email excuses

As my colleague, Leon Wolf, pointed out yesterday, Hillary can't rationally claim to not have sent classified material when she either knew or, due to a senior moment, should have ...

#WMATA Metro passengers stop a kidnapping in DC

Back in July, DC Metro riders did nothing as a man was murdered on the train. My reaction was that this is what happens when you disarm the honest population: armed criminals have their way. Fortunately this morning, an unarmed criminal was stopped attempting to kidnap a baby.

Sniffing Hillary Clinton Staffer Noses

“She is trying to run a campaign as her own woman when she originally got elected by being Bill Clinton’s kept woman.”A listener to my radio last night suggested that in New York City you can tell who Hillary Clinton’s staffers are because nearby dogs would rather sniff their noses than other dogs’ butts. There is probably some truth to that. Based on a reading | Read More »

More Flopsweat from Jeb Bush

To say that the Bush campaign is flailing about is being charitable and gracious. The campaign is in deep trouble and it has the defensive instincts of a baby harp seal. After being the target of a couple of months of direct attacks from Donald Trump, the Bush campaign has decided to hit back with this ad which highlights the various left wing positions taken | Read More »

Carly Fiorina’s Merit is Not that She’s a Woman

I like Carly Fiorina. She is a fantastic communicator with a precise, measured delivery. She appears firm in her resolve to be a leader, and not just an entertaining candidate. I believe she is an excellent addition to the race for the White House. Her inclusion is not just a positive addition to the GOP field, but to the idea of a presidential campaign as | Read More »

Mitch McConnell: sorry, we only have a majority, we can’t defund Planned Parenthood

Senate Majority Leader [mc_name name='Sen. Mitch McConnell (R-KY)' chamber='senate' mcid='M000355' ] talks to reporters after the Senate Republican weekly policy luncheon at the Capitol in Washington, July 8, 2015. REUTERS/Kevin LamarqueSen. Mitch McConnell (R-KY) 58% has announced that they do not have the votes to defund Planned Parenthood. I guess that cute little bill he gave [mc_name name=’Sen. | Read More »

As Global Growth Slows, The Dow Jones Industrial Average Goes Down

Cue The Drudge-Siren : The NYSE put Rule 48 in effect to “smooth” the market opening Monday morning. Oh, the glorious smell of idiots panicking in the morning. Dow Jones Industrial Average Futures were off by somewhere between 300 and 400 points Monday morning as the birds happily sang and the grass grew in its bedewed verdure. Last week they panicked because the mean, old | Read More »

Have We Not More Faith Than This?

“We cannot compartmentalize our faith. We cannot say I’m a Christian, but this is separate. We cannot tribalize Christianity”One of my favorite emails after the Trump situation at the RedState Gathering was this piece of hate mail, which I present to you in its entirety from email address to email signature line, lightly edited. From: heavenbound****@****.com Subject: What event? Date: August 8, 2015 at 3:40:49 | Read More »

Barack Obama is Paralyzed by Fear

Batman is one of my favorite superheroes ever. Among his many winning qualities as a comic book character is his spectacular Rogue’s Gallery, featuring personified neuroses and obsessions. The Joker, of course, is the standard-bearer of crazy. His insanity is truly top-notch. However, one of my favorites outside of the Clown Prince of Crime is Jonathan Crane, more commonly known as The Scarecrow. His obsession | Read More »

Hillary Knew Good and Well Those Emails Would Become Classified

Image Credit: JStone/ Let me bore you guys with a little bit of lawyer talk. Sorry to phrase stuff this way, but I think it’s important because the concept of confidentiality, work product, and privilege are intimately familiar to a lawyer, and Hillary Clinton was a relatively successful one for decades. The law has a concept called “attorney work product” which | Read More »









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