Operations Manager for a small Gulf of Mexico Gulf Coast oil & gas explorer & producer.


    Energy Policy Outrage: ‘OPEC Has Plenty of Oil.’

    The Bureau of Ocean Energy Management of the Department of the Interior published a 33-page Interim Final Rule covering new oil and gas drilling regulations for the Offshore. Buried within the bowels of this beast is a perfunctory assessment of the impact of the rules on the economy and on small business in particular. The impact on domestic deepwater hydrocarbon production as a result of | Read More »

    Party Switch in LA: Lt. Gov. Scott Angelle (D to R)

    Louisiana’s interim Lt. Governor Scott Angelle has announced that he is changing his party affiliation to Republican. BATON ROUGE – Lt. Gov. Scott Angelle of Breaux Bridge today dropped his long-time Democratic ties and joined the Republican Party. Angelle, who will return to his appointed position as secretary of the state Department of Natural Resources when a new lieutenant governor is seated after the Nov. | Read More »

    Uprising of the Small-c conservatives

    It’s a blatant “tell”. The Big Lie, that the current anti-statist uprising is composed of extremist ideologues, is a media favorite, but they hammer it knowing full well the opposite is true. Their message is designed to frighten and discourage the average voter from joining the uprising. In reality, the movement largely comprised of “small-c conservatives”, and their large numbers and sudden vocal activism scare | Read More »

    Speak Truth to Idiots, Lose Your Job

    The East St. John Wildcats (Reserve, LA) dedicated last night’s 49-14 football victory over Destrehan to Coach Larry Dauterive, who abruptly resigned Friday. In doing so, the team showed more class, wisdom and respect than their supposed role models in the community can muster. Coach Dauterive resigned under pressure from the St. John the Baptist Parish School Board over supposedly racially insensitive remarks he made | Read More »

    Judge Rules Against New Drilling Regs

    In the aftermath of the BP spill, federal regulators promulgated sweeping new rules governing the drilling and operation of offshore wells. These new rules apply not only to the operators of deepwater wells, like BP’s Macondo, but to shallow water drilling as well. Largely as a result of these new rules, and uncertainty among regulators and the oil and gas operators as to their meaning | Read More »

    BP Spill, Six Months Later

    Six months have passed since the Transocean drilling rig Deepwater Horizon, contracted to BP, exploded in a catastrophic and spectacular blowout, ending the lives of eleven brave crew members. The Macondo well would continue to flow, essentially unabated, for the next three months. Environmentalists predicted disaster. Let’s look at reality. Federal leaders of Gulf of Mexico oil spill response report only a few lingering trouble | Read More »

    ‘The Un’ vs The One

    What a scary world we live in. Who would have guessed that in the 21st century one of the world’s largest military powers, a nuclear state no less, would contemplate handing the reins of power to an untested neophyte? The exact details of his birth have been kept under wraps. The details of his elite private education are shadowy, too. He’s the ultimate product of | Read More »

    For the EU, It’s Still ‘Drill, Baby, Drill’

    In spite of a vote by its committee on the environment to ban all deep sea drilling in the aftermath of the Deepwater Horizon disaster, the European Parliament has rejected a moratorium on deep sea drilling for oil and gas. By doing so, the EU finds itself in a rather unfamiliar position: being farther to the right on an issue, more pragmatic and more firmly | Read More »

    LA-03 Update: It’s Landry (R) vs. Sangisetty (D)

    Landry Defeats Downer in Third District Runoff In Saturday’s Republican primary runoff for the Third Congressional District, attorney and businessman Jeff Landry defeated Hunt Downer. Landry had fallen 160 votes short of securing a primary victory, netting 49.6% of the vote four weeks ago. (The Third District represents the southeastern boot tip of Louisiana, outside of the Greater New Orleans area. The incumbent, Charlie Melancon | Read More »

    Sen. John Kerry, Climate Expert

    John Kerry in the Huffington Post (9/21) goes off on a “Climate is Not Weather” riff, and then says something quite revealing: It’s next to impossible to attribute any single natural disaster or weather event entirely to climate change. But the pattern of recent events provides insights into the challenges we will face in a warming world. We may not know if flooding in Pakistan | Read More »

    Se habla ‘moratorium’? Tengo ‘$1 billion’, amigo!

    With the backing of the Obama Administration, the U.S. Export-Import Bank intends to guarantee $1 billion in loans to PEMEX, the Mexican government’s national monopoly oil company. The reason for the loans is to encourage PEMEX to buy supplies and services from American providers. Despite President Obama’s moratorium on U.S. deepwater drilling in the Gulf of Mexico, the U.S. Export-Import Bank intends to guarantee $1 | Read More »

    Robert Reich: Economic Illiterate

    There’s no better day than Labor Day to examine the nonsense that passes for high-minded economic policy proposals among the cognoscenti on the Left. To assist our examination is the erstwhile Secretary of Labor himself, the diminutive Robert Reich, who happens to be flogging a new book, “AFTERSHOCK: The Next Economy and America’s Future”, to be published in a couple of weeks. I can’t wait. | Read More »

    Sorry to confuse the hysteria with, you know, facts…

    …but the rate of OSHA recordable incidents in the oil and gas extraction industry is considerably less than most industries, including retailing, libraries and tortilla manufacturing. [As an aside, yesterday’s fire on Mariner’s Vermilion Block 380 A Platform sparked renewed calls for the higher levels of government regulation of the rigs (it wasn’t a rig), with some calling for an outright end to offshore drilling | Read More »

    LA-02: Meet Cedric Richmond (D – Cand)

    In a Times-Picayune opinion piece, columnist James Gill introduces us to State Rep. Cedric Richmond, the Democratic nominee in Louisiana’s Second Congressional District. Richmond will square off against freshman incumbent Rep. Joseph Cao (R) in November. LA-02 is a gerrymandered black-majority district, comprised of Orleans Parish (minus the mostly white enclaves of Uptown and Lakeview) and select precincts of neighboring Jefferson Parish. LA-02 was Bill | Read More »

    Wind Energy Blows

    Wind energy, the crown jewel of President Obama’s green revolution, seems to be encountering a stiff headwind of its own. As we shall see, wind energy is a highly inefficient technology for reliable power generation. The industry which supports it depends entirely on direct tax credits and federally-mandated consumption for its profitability. This week in wind energy news: Wind farms exposed as a threat to | Read More »