GOP Moderates: fighting Obama is a clown strategy, bro

GOP Moderates: fighting Obama is a clown strategy, bro

There is perhaps nothing more craven and disgusting than a man (or woman) who believes in nothing more substantial than their own self-aggrandizement put in the position of having to ...

A Title II Internet

On today’s edition of Coffee and Markets, Brad Jackson is joined by Francis Cianfrocca to discuss the FCC vote to reclassify broadband internet into Title II, the inevitable legal challenges and what this means for the future of the web.

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Can We Impeach Now?

First Barack Obama decided to overreach and extend amnesty by executive order. One judge in Texas has told him no and Republicans are hanging their hat on that judge’s order. Then the FCC decided to declare internet a public utility. They overreached, rushed it through, and committed to as little transparency as possible to make it happen. Congress did nothing on this front and the | Read More »

The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Friends: DHS, the Export-Import Bank, and Scott Walkerpalooza

Welcome to the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Friends! Tonight, Casey Mattox of the Alliance Defending Freedom joins Jay Caruso of Pocket Full of Liberty, F. Bill McMorris of the Washington Free Beacon, Neal Dewing of the Federalist, and Scott Lincicome of the Cato Institute to discuss the ongoing DHS showdown, the Export-Import Bank, the Scott Walker mediapalooza, and more. Join the gang on Google | Read More »

Jeb Bush: Americans are losers

If the nascent Jeb Bush presidential campaign has a central message other than “I am entitled” it is that Americans are pretty stupid and they need their betters to run things for them. Take, for instance, Jeb Bush’s comments on the egregious loser-ness that being American entails. I touched on Jeb Bush’s stated ambivalence about the Americans and their ability to succeed in this piece. | Read More »

An Ill-Advised Non-Compromise: “Get the Government Out of Marriage”

  Over the last several years I have often heard well-intended folks on both sides of the marriage debate throw up their hands in exasperation and say something along the lines of, “Why don’t we just get the government out of marriage? Just let churches do what they want and keep the state out of it.” The latest example of this is Heather Wilhelm’s column | Read More »

I hope that Gov. Bruce Rauner (R, Illinois) knows what a blood oath is…

It looks like Bruce Rauner might actually have meant it when he talked about reform.

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John Kerry: disingenuous blowhard

Yesterday, our alleged Secretary of State, , accused Israeli Prime Minister of doing something akin to cheerleading America into war with Iran. This is the kind of blood-libel-lite the left uses. Just as conservative Jews are accused of having “mixed loyalties,” Israeli officials who are trying to prevent their nation from being destroyed as part of a liberal Democrat undergraduate seminar in international relations regularly | Read More »

Why I’m Signing Wisconsin’s Freedom to Work Legislation

When I took office as governor of Wisconsin in 2011, I called together our new Republican majority in the legislature and told them it was time to “put up or shut up.” As the elected leaders of our state, we owed it to our fellow Wisconsinites to follow through with our promises and to tackle the big issues head on. Our first order of business | Read More »

Lindsey Graham vows to save crony capitalism because it is conservative








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