IT’S OFFICIAL: Kasich Formally Suspends His Campaign, Only Trump Remains [VIDEO]

That’s the ballgame folks. Donald Trump’s meteoric rise is complete. Here is Kasich’s official statement: There you have it. Kasich, who seems like a contender for Trump’s VP pick, is officially out. Like Sherman marching to the sea, Trump has successfully burned, destroyed, maimed and killed his way through the GOP, to what is probably stage one of the party’s ultimate demise. Nothing lasts forever.

Trump Defends Detestable Comments About Cruz’s Father

It was detestable, low, unbelievably uncouth, and typical Trump.

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Clinton and Trump are The Same to #Nevertrump, And You’re Stupid if You Don’t Get That

Our abandonment of the party is not picking up our toys and going home out of spite. We’re picking up our toys and going home because you keep breaking them.

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Meet the New, Not More Presidential, Even More Senile, ‘Presumptive Nominee’

You would think the victorious Donald would start the rest of his presidential campaign by being, well more presidential, than the amoral, misogynistic and lying candidate he has been. You might think that, but you would be wrong.

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BYE GOP: Libertarian Party Registrations DOUBLE In Mass Exodus After Trump Win

It seems that a lot of people actually meant it when they said they would not support Donald Trump. And contrary to the bleating from Trump fans, that’s a perfectly legitimate position to which they have a right. Thus we are seeing a frenzy online of people abandoning the party, burning their GOP registrations and, in a few cases, joining a brand new gang. From | Read More »

The 2016 Primary Kingmaker will be at RSG16…will you?

Remember the days when only Iowa, New Hampshire, and South Carolina mattered in the primary process? Those three states were unnecessarily given so much power to de facto pick the Republican nominee that by the time other states began to vote, the field had already narrowed to in many cases just a single candidate. Not very democratic when the majority of Americans have no say | Read More »

Conservative Security Experts Maintain #NeverTrump Status

“You could surround Donald Trump with 10 Henry Kissingers, and it wouldn’t matter, because Trump does not have the personal qualities to be a good, serious commander in chief. “

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The Trump Effect: 13 States Shift Towards Democrats With Trump As Nominee

The Trump Effect: 13 States Shift Towards Democrats With Trump As Nominee

Did you ever think you’d hear Nebraska being bandied about as a “toss up” state in a Presidential election? Mitt Romney won the state by 23 points in 2012. Well ...

Trump Open To “Lyin'” Ted Cruz As His Pick for VP

Looks like “Daddy” might be looking to get his loyalists a step-Daddy, and in the form of none other than Lyin’ Ted.

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Why Senator Ben Sasse Misses the Point. And Why John Adams Did Not.

Ben Sasse’s Facebook post laying out a path forward for American is great but misses a key point. Americans had that opportunity this year and rejected it.

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It’s Not What Donald Trump Will Do. It’s What Donald Trump Has Done.

At this point, it is fairly well established that Donald Trump is the Republican Party Nominee for President of these United States of America. Go us. If it turns out we aren’t, in fact, being Punk’d, then this is a reality a lot of people are going to have to come to terms with. Donald Trump may very well end up being a half-decent president. | Read More »

The Death of the GOP and the Need For a Third Party NOW.

Our loyalties should be to our principles, and not any party.

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Is Ben Sasse Considering a Third Party Run?

Nebraska Senator Ben Sasse, who has been the spirit animal of the #NeverTrump movement since almost the moment of its inception, penned a heartfelt letter on his Facebook page last night. Sasse’s thoughts are always clear and refreshing, and it’s a nice change of pace to hear from someone who speaks his true convictions without fear of the consequences in Washington, DC. Interestingly, though, Senator | Read More »

This important precedent can save the Republican Party from Donald Trump

Historically, political parties in this country had an important check on raw majority rule. If one faction tried to ram through a nominee or platform that didn’t represent the whole party, and offered no form of compromise, then the rest could bolt. That is, they could leave the convention, withdraw their support, and put their own nominees on the ballot in their states. Honorable Republican | Read More »

Actually, No. Hillary Clinton Isn’t Better Than Donald Trump

The contest between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump not only deprives us of a good candidate for president, we no longer even have the ability to choose the lesser of two evils

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The GOP’s Non Compos Mentis Nominee

The United States has a nuclear arsenal that is large enough to destroy all human life on the planet.

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Trump Refuses to Condemn Supporters for Sending Death Threats (VIDEO)

Add this to the million existing reasons for the #NeverTrump movement. Donald Trump spoke with Wolf Blitzer today on CNN and did what he always does: talks incoherent circles around a point because he’s too intellectually challenged to formulate complete sentences. Then, of course, when forced to answer a question, he seems to always choose the answer most morally corrupt.  Which is totally a weird | Read More »

“Different Kind of Republican” Trump Is Now Open To Raising the Minimum Wage

Now that there isn’t a challenger to sway people from, Trump is free to court whosever vote he needs to win the general. So why not Bernie supporters? In an interview on Wednesday with your new Republican presidential candidate, Wolf Blitzer told Trump that Bernie Sanders has been attacking him for wanting to keep the federal minimum wage at $7.25/hr. Trump’s response? “I’m looking at | Read More »

OH SNAP: Ben Sasse’s Masterful Burn on GOP is Perfection

Holy mackerel this hurt my lungs.

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Trump Is Terrible. So Is Hillary. Count Me In As #NeverHillary

I will never vote for Hillary Clinton. I just want to make that clear. There will never be a ballot in my name with a checkmark or a hole punched next to the name Hillary Clinton. Or any Clinton. It just isn’t going to happen. People are abandoning the GOP after Trump’s victory, a move I applaud. They are looking at third party candidate, which | Read More »

BREAKING: Nikki Haley Says, “Cross Me Of The VP List”

Trump’s search for a running mate is going to be fun to watch. Fun in that it’s going to be hilarious watching person after person after person after person after person say “No.” And we are seeing the first, officially. While Trump hasn’t asked Nikki Haley (and he will no doubt now attack her and claim he never considered her at all), she has gotten | Read More »

OBAMA’S URINATION ADMINISTRATION: New Video SLAMS President For Stupid, Reckless Priorities

There is a lot going on in the world. Just yesterday, a Navy Seal was shot and killed by ISIS terrorists in Iraq. A combat death, you see. Russia is challenging our authority, and will do so even more with their pet candidate taking the nomination. Terror on the rise. Jobs. The economy. The debt. Even American drinking water. All under threat. So what is | Read More »

Here’s Why I Can’t Unite Behind Trump, Even to Beat Hillary (VIDEO)

Today I had the privilege of being on CNNi opposite Matt Schlapp of the ACU, who made what I thought was the best possible case for uniting behind Trump. Unfortunately, it was utterly unconvincing to me, because it doesn’t really address the core concerns that many #NeverTrump people have with Trump.   The problem isn’t that Trump is a liberal, because Schlapp is right that | Read More »








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