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    Se habla ‘moratorium’? Tengo ‘$1 billion’, amigo!

    With the backing of the Obama Administration, the U.S. Export-Import Bank intends to guarantee $1 billion in loans to PEMEX, the Mexican government’s national monopoly oil company. The reason for the loans is to encourage PEMEX to buy supplies and services from American providers. Despite President Obama’s moratorium on U.S. deepwater drilling in the Gulf of Mexico, the U.S. Export-Import Bank intends to guarantee $1 | Read More »

    Robert Reich: Economic Illiterate

    There’s no better day than Labor Day to examine the nonsense that passes for high-minded economic policy proposals among the cognoscenti on the Left. To assist our examination is the erstwhile Secretary of Labor himself, the diminutive Robert Reich, who happens to be flogging a new book, “AFTERSHOCK: The Next Economy and America’s Future”, to be published in a couple of weeks. I can’t wait. | Read More »

    Sorry to confuse the hysteria with, you know, facts…

    …but the rate of OSHA recordable incidents in the oil and gas extraction industry is considerably less than most industries, including retailing, libraries and tortilla manufacturing. [As an aside, yesterday’s fire on Mariner’s Vermilion Block 380 A Platform sparked renewed calls for the higher levels of government regulation of the rigs (it wasn’t a rig), with some calling for an outright end to offshore drilling | Read More »

    LA-02: Meet Cedric Richmond (D – Cand)

    In a Times-Picayune opinion piece, columnist James Gill introduces us to State Rep. Cedric Richmond, the Democratic nominee in Louisiana’s Second Congressional District. Richmond will square off against freshman incumbent Rep. Joseph Cao (R) in November. LA-02 is a gerrymandered black-majority district, comprised of Orleans Parish (minus the mostly white enclaves of Uptown and Lakeview) and select precincts of neighboring Jefferson Parish. LA-02 was Bill | Read More »

    Wind Energy Blows

    Wind energy, the crown jewel of President Obama’s green revolution, seems to be encountering a stiff headwind of its own. As we shall see, wind energy is a highly inefficient technology for reliable power generation. The industry which supports it depends entirely on direct tax credits and federally-mandated consumption for its profitability. This week in wind energy news: Wind farms exposed as a threat to | Read More »

    Louisiana Primary Results

    In the U.S. Senate race, incumbent David Vitter will face Democrat Charlie Melancon, as expected. In LA-02, State Rep. Cedric Richmond is the Dem’s choice to face incumbent Joseph Cao. In LA-03, Jeff Landry narrowly missed the nomination with 49.6% of the vote. He will face Hunt Downer in a runoff on October 2. The winner will face Dem Ravi Sangisetty in November. Times-Picayune coverage.

    Memories of Katrina and W. Brooks

    It was a sunny Friday afternoon just five years ago. My wife was in New Orleans helping her sister move into her new Warehouse District condo. At lunch, they noticed that a storm had moved into the Gulf, and was threatening the central Gulf Coast. It was the “K” storm, already 2005’s eleventh named storm, too many for late August. It would be a solid | Read More »

    The Oil, The Bugs, and Climate Change

    Scientists have discovered a hitherto-unknown oil-chomping microbes in the cold, briny depths of the Gulf of Mexico. As a result, it’s difficult, if not impossible, to find free oil out in the Gulf, either on the surface or in a subsurface plume, a little more than a month after the flow from the Macondo well was controlled. If you’re a bacteria, the BP spill was | Read More »

    Admin. Estimated 23,000 Jobs Lost to Moratorium

    The Obama Administration has filed some 27,000 pages of documents in Federal court which disclose the process by which it decided to forge ahead with a deepwater drilling moratorium in the Gulf of Mexico, in spite of expert advice, public opinion and a Federal judge’s ruling. The documents also show that the Administration stonewalled a U.S. Senator’s request for information, a point apparently lost on | Read More »

    Georgia Scientists: 80% of BP Oil Remains in Gulf

    A group for researchers from the Georgia Sea Grant grabbed headlines yesterday by challenging NOAA’s claim that 75% of the BP oil is accounted for – that it has been captured, burned, evaporated, degraded, dissipated or munched by microbes. The study by the Georgia group claims that 80% still lurks somewhere in the environment. Who’s right? First off, the numbers aren’t comparable because the Georgia | Read More »

    BP Spill: How to Have Your Cake and Eat It, Too

    On one hand, Mr. Obama’s “Worst Oil Spill in History” theme serves as pretext for eviscerating the offshore petroleum industry, an industry that, until this spring, was relatively healthy despite the recession. By doing so, he may suck the economic life out of four very red Gulf States. On the other hand, Energy Czar Carol Browner has joined the “Where has the oil gone?” chorus, | Read More »

    The Mosque: What Would King Solomon Do?

    Is the Islamic community within its rights to build a mosque near Ground Zero? Probably so. But is justice served when we focus on rights? Consider the story of King Solomon in 1 Kings Chapter 3. The wise king was confronted with the case of two mothers; when the baby of one mother was accidentally smothered during the night, that mother switched babies. From Solomon’s | Read More »

    CSI: Macondo

    Remember back when BP severed the riser, so they could install the cap, the one that finally controlled the spill? Here is a photo taken by an ROV just after the severing was completed. The photo shows the outer shell of the riser, at one time a 21-inch cylinder, collapsed like a Coke can by the severing tool. Inside the collapsed riser are what appear | Read More »

    Reid: Back to the Drawing Board for Energy Bill

    As reported by Politico, Harry Reid has decided not to advance the Democrats’ Senate energy bill prior to the body’s scheduled August recess. The matter will be reconsidered when the Senate returns after Labor Day. Senate Democrats punt on spill bill “It’s a sad day when you can’t find a handful of Republicans to support a bill … that would hold BP accountable for the worst | Read More »

    The Shallow Water Non-Moratorium

    Interior Secretary Salazar imposed a moratorium on deepwater drilling until November 30, contrary to the recommendation of a panel of experts from the National Academy of Engineering. For operations on the shallow water Shelf, the administration maintains, no official moratorium is in place. After all, the Shelf still enjoys a forty-year history of relatively safe and clean operations that is still intact, being several orders | Read More »