Yesterday morning on Fox & Friends Lt. Gen. McInerney once again called for the United States to move to DEFCON 1, which is our highest state of readiness and implies an attack on the homeland is imminent. Not only did call for this move a second time, he expanded on what he knows and the capabilities that ISIS has.

McInerney lists several key indications of the danger we now face, a warning from King Abdullah which sent a signal to the U.S. and Europe that ISIS can reach them, the mesage from ISIS, sent by the beheadings, that they don’t fear us, Prime Minister Cameron’s move to upgrade the U.K. threat level to severe, the Sec. of Defense and the Chairman of the JCS calling ISIS an imminent threat, and last MH370 and the eleven airliners under the control of ISIS.

*Video via Digitas Daily*

While the Obama Administration has played strategy catch up and caused confusion, ISIS seems to have been hard at work. McInerney said, in a matter of fact way, that the the planes under the control of ISIS are prepositioned in South America waiting to execute a strike on the United State and Europe.

For weeks McInerney, among others, has been sounding the alarm on the threat of ISIS. Unfortunately the Obama Administration, and much of the left, have either been absent, golfing, or calling those who see the threat for what it is “hillbillies”, as was retweeted by Donna Brazile.

On September 11, 2001 our nation lost thousands due to an attack by Islamic extremists left unchecked by the Clinton Admin throughout the 90’s. This September, we should not allow ourselves to be taken by surprise.

It is time for a strategy, Mr. President.

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