The IRS targeted conservative groups in order to silence the opposition during the 2012 election cycle. This isn’t really in dispute beyond the left wing progressives, the Obama Admin, and the media, but I repeat myself. Enough evidence, circumstantial and hard, has been presented, including the physical destruction of a government issued BlackBerry, that Republicans should demand a Special Prosecutor.

Just today the IRS let it be known that another 5 employees’ emails have been lost.

On Friday, the IRS said it has also lost emails from five other employees related to the probe, including two agents who worked in a Cincinnati office processing applications for tax-exempt status.

The agency blamed computer crashes for the lost emails. In a statement, the IRS said it found no evidence that anyone deliberately destroyed evidence.

How many times are we to buy this excuse? I worked in a government IT environment for over a decade. I know quite well how email systems, backups, desktop computers, and mobile devices work. These crashes, as they have been described, are extremely convenient. So convenient that one doesn’t have to swim the depths of conspiracy to think that something may be amiss.

The American people deserve to know whether or not this Administration used the IRS as a tool against its political opponents. More so, they deserve to know that those who did abuse the system will be punished.

It is time for a Special Prosecutor to come in and find all the “lost” emails, expose all who attempted to destroy the trail of evidence which prove their misdeeds, and jail those responsible.