found here. Also on this date, in 1864, Union troops reached Totopotomoy Creek, only to find that the Confederates had anticipated their move and beat them to it. All fighting ceased as everyone tried to figure out how to pronounce the name of the creek. On this date in 1913, Igor Stravinsky’s ballet Le Sacre du printemps made its debut, to jeers and catcalls from an audience unprepared for its weirdness. Coincidentally, Le Sacre du printemps is also the name of a creek in Virginia. And finally, today is “End of the Middle Ages Day“, when the world comes together to encourage Justin Bieber to retire so civilization can begin to advance again. Consider this an Open Thread.

J. Christian Adams Tells Tony Katz How DOJ Can End “SWATting” | All Patriots Media
“Radio host Tony Katz speaks with former DOJ attorney J. Christian Adams of the about how citizens can end “SWATting” and fight back against those who want to silence free speech.”

Four More Years? | WSJ
“If you think the first Obama term has been bad, just wait.”

NBC ‘Today’ Panel Rips Chris Hayes: ‘He Looks Like a Weenie’ | Newsbusters
“During a panel on Tuesday’s NBC Today, liberal pundits Star Jones, Donny Deutsch and Nancy Snyderman condemned left-wing MSNBC host Chris Hayes for suggesting fallen U.S. troops are not heroes.”

Obama Adviser: Voters Will Support ‘The Black Guy’ | Free Beacon
“An Obama operative claims that working-class voters would rather have a beer with ‘the black guy’ than the president’s Republican opponent Mitt Romney.”

Big Labor’s War on Wisconsin: Rally for Rebecca online fund-raising event today! | Michelle Makin
We were able to give her a considerable boost, but Big Labor is pouring a last-minute infusion of coerced dues-funding into the coffers of her challenger.

Unions threaten to ground the airline industry | Human Events
“A giant of the airline industry is weathering a quiet coup by labor groups, eyeing fatter checks and deeper dues. Big Labor wants to ground American Airlines.”

The Right Response to SWATting from Loren Heal.

varlet (VAHR-lit): noun; 1. A knavish person; rascal. 2. A. An attendant or servant. B. A page who serves a knight.