WKOW in Wisconsin ran this local news story this week about Wisconsin residents who have purchased plans through Obamacare but will soon find out they are not covered.

So, not only has HHS erroneously informed people that they are insured, the Department has no way of identifying or notifying these residents that they are not insured. All HHS can do is ask the private insurance companies to pick up the slack and hopefully find and notify the residents instead.

That means that thanks to the disaster of a program that the administration has foisted on Americans – the unready, unprepared, poorly designed, poorly implemented, Frankenstein of a program – at least 52 people in Wisconsin have no coverage, even though they were told by the government that they have it. God forbid something happen to any of them.

Obamacare was supposed to stop people from falling through the cracks. Instead, it has managed only to create more and bigger cracks. And for each one we now know about, how many more are there where thing simply haven’t fallen through yet?

This is government at work, folks. Just more bad government you can thank the Obama administration for.