MSNBC liberals are hilarious. Well, sometimes anyway. The rest of the time they are horribly, horribly depressing. But this time: hilarious.

Guns are loud you guys. Also meat comes from animals that used to walk around and eat stuff. And there is no Easter Bunny. These are things that grown-ups should know.

But even better than watching is this side-splitting transcript from Newsbusters:

ANDREA MITCHELL: Kerry, first to you. Donald Trump is so far ahead that there is very little question as to who is going to come out on top of this Nevada caucus late tonight.

KERRY SANDERS: Well, there is a lot of attention. I’m right now at Reno Guns and Range. And I put myself here because as you see over my should here, there are lots of folks here who believe that Second Amendment in this country is under attack. And they’re saying that [inaudible] — A short distance away later today [ inaudible] Donald Trump [inaudible] — protect the Second Amendment.

All the Republicans support [inaudible] — Donald Trump has said in speeches past, he supports the First Amendment and he supports the Second Amendment. [Inaudible] — from the crowd when he says that. As we look [inaudible] — focusing on Ted Cruz, saying in a tweet earlier today, saying, “Wow, was Ted Cruz disrespectful to his very capable director of communications. He used him as a scapegoat. Fired like a dog. [Inaudible] — Talking about [Inaudible] Ted Cruz has fired his spokesman. We’re probably going to hear a lot more later today. [Inaudible.] Andrea?

MITCHELL: Well, Kerry, I’m afraid we could not hear most of that because the fire power was a little too great. Sorry, we didn’t know you were going to be there today.

Dude. Bwa ha ha ha ha.