This is breathtaking. Brilliant.


I really can’t believe how amazingly that matches. Like, you know it will? But then when you see it .. holy mackerel.

The video is from Heatstreet, where they add:

A political outsider is defying the odds, slaying establishment foes, and attracting huge crowds of rowdy supporters, enthralled by his slogans and his pledge to restore American prestige.

The insurgent candidate travels the country making bold denunciations—of the Iraq War and China’s treachery on trade; of the special interests and lobbyists corrupting the will of the people—while promising to save Social Security, to put an end to government waste, and rebuild our crumbling infrastructure.

Sound familiar?

Uh, yes. That does sound familiar. It sounds terrifyingly familiar. And there are about a million other ways Donald and Obama are the same, including the legions of worshipful cult-members.

Un. Dang. Canny. But I guess, when you really think about, one democrat is the same as any other.