“You’re going to have to help me out here,” said Senator John McCain to former FBI Director James Comey today during Capitol Hill hearings. And that is exactly what everyone who listened to his line of questioning was thinking. Take, for example, the faces of the other Senators listening.

Here’s Senator Rubio’s face in case you couldn’t see it:


Okay, but what was it that Senator McCain said that confused everyone? It’s hard to describe it exactly. It’s sort of the whole thing.

Here is the full video:

On the surface it would be a rather typical question. Why did you do X for Democrats but do Y for a Republican. I mean, I think that’s what the gist was. Although he seemed to think Hillary was being investigated about … Russia? Whatever the case, it obviously didn’t work and he definitely seemed to be completely confused.

Perhaps Senator Rubio said it best when asked about it afterward.

“I didn’t follow that line of questioning very well, to be honest with you.”

That does seem to be the general reaction, Senator.

Oh and the quote in the headline? Yeah, that was from another line of questions from Senator McCain:

This one I understood. If President Trump told me we had “a thing”, I’d definitely want to know what the hell that thing was. And how to get rid of it.